Planetside 2: grave condition

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  1. -Zlodey-

    I not believe in "freedom of speech" personally. Thats why I say "irony" here.
    These words (alongside with others), used as shield - to ruin and rob my country.
    Lets stop political talk on this, ok?
  2. ent|ty

    I declare the right to speak however I wish and on any topic I wish. These rights are not given to me by God, state or a book.
    SOE can override these rights with power... ah nmm you just dont get it.. go back to sleep

    There is no provocation, let it go.
  3. Bravix

    Oh the butt hurt replies to my post. <3
  4. riker

    my frame rates the same: horrible
    cause? terrible internet
    do i complain?
    NOPE :D
    i play the game,
    as for the game ''dying?''
    yeah i dont think so
    they just need to merge servers and add hossin and more new weapons sooner and be ontop of fixes
    notice how they didnt fix the magrider bug ? it still has problems going up hills now?
    the need to fix that but otherwise its an amazing game, dont say its dying, its not
  5. nkenny

    Guys, its an MMO. New MMO's live for 2 to 6 months before they die in the face of WoW-- or the next greatest thing. This WoW also competes against the mainstream FPSs, fortunately no new releases are scheduled for 6-7 months.

    What you are seeing is the natural order of things.

  6. Katana

    It's strange, the way the game has come about and what has happened since it came about.

    Initially a significant amount of players, even the soe brown nosers, agreed the game was NOT ready for the announced release, ****, I would say it is still in beta stages at the moment.

    When it is released, devs disappear?! Higby, the lead designer and pretty much the face of the game - ***** off on holiday during release! Entitled to holiday, fine, but the worst possible timing, you'd think it'd be a case of, delay the release, have my holiday, or perhaps, if releasing an incomplete game is something absolutely must do, release, and delay holiday.

    We've also had ****** quality 'patches' (that are more like content additions that happen during beta than patches) that warrant the use of a test server - and now, the ultimate in ****** patches has been released and it still hasn't been rolled back and still no news of a test server?!

    Server populations have dropped to low quick sharp and they offered paid character tokens to move your character to a server with an acceptable number of players. Sort of half arsed way of owning up to a decline in players. So not only are you telling us some servers are just entirely pointless to be on, but that we have to pay to get off them, and that you will not merge them. Well I never....

    It's as if they want to see how quickly they can **** the game up, or perhaps they're doing it because they love me, and they know I want a full PS1 server. But let me tell you this mr devs. I only want a full PS1 server because PS2 is a ****** mess!
  7. Klagmire

    W T F are they doing , rainbow colors? dumbasses
  8. yogafire

    Lets say this game dies. What do you play instead? I cant think of 1 game out now that even compares to this honestly in any way. I guess BF 3 but the size of those battles is a joke compared to this.