Planetside 2: grave condition

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by -Zlodey-, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. -Zlodey-

    Well, this is not another "this game is dying" thread, but constatation of fact:
    if SOE did not manage to get this game back in playable state in week or two, PS2 will fail.
    More than that, game must not just return in playable state, atleast "playable", as prepatch.
    Game must became really "optimised".

    Some players already left PS2 after second big update. Some just waiting for hotfixes, and not playing.
    But time is running out, and more and more people leaving Planetside 2.

    SOE, I, as many players here, dont care, how and what you will do, but do it fast - fire someone, hire new "code monkeys", hire more testers, open test server, whatever.
    But do this, or close this project and give back my money.

    This is your pretty big fault, SOE. Again.
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  2. Bravix

    *eye roll*

    Nothing to see here folks.
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  3. Xandax

    Well, might not be anything to see - but if they don't get the game under control soon - I do suspect many will leave, at the very least for a while.
    I doubt it'll cause the game to 'die' however it might be enough that the game servers become quite empty until merged causing others frustration.
    I know the current state of performance, while I can 'play', is causing me to log in less and might very well chase me away.

    It is a problem. It is serious. And yes - SOE knows this, but well ....
  4. An Hero

    Games do not die that fast silly, give it a month for it to show.
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  5. DemoEvolved

    tbh, it seemed after Update 2 my framerate was WORSE.

    so I just logged and played some other game which looks technically better and has higher framerate. I wont mention the game, but how the heck can the frames in this game be sooo bad? If frustrates me.
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  6. Bravix

    My framerate, ignoring the slight hiccups, has been the same, if not better. I'm using ATI. Might be an NVIDIA problem since they were trying to add new stuff as I recall.
  7. DumarDomar

    The Lag, what I cannot stand its the new Lag waves...

    *and with the broken cloak its impossible to be infiltrator
  8. SzeronTzur

    Eh, I'm still waiting for the 'combat revamp' the seems to happen to just about every SOE game about a year or so in. I could writeup a list of the tried and true tradition, but really, I doubt I need to..

    Either way, my advice.. is to enjoy the ride for what it is for however-long you find it an enjoyable experience. If people leave, that is their choice to make for themselves. SoE are watching the metrics, they'll respond as they see fit; in turn players will react, etc. etc.
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  9. -Zlodey-

    Seems like, results of Update 2 a bit... unexpected by SOE.

    /me looking at WoT with its working test servers before any serious update.
  10. Trucky

    Op actually has a point, but the real cancer is the SOE drones who lick the shoes of the devs who refuse to believe that the game is going through a hard time and cooperate as a community to overcome the problem in a good way.
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  11. SargeantShepard

    I am sick of the "freedom of speech" argument. This is a privately owned forum, you do NOT have freedom of speech here.
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  12. -Zlodey-

    Well, comminication between devs and community was main problem in BF:BC2 and BF3. Same here - everything posted in randomTwitter posts,no real devs talk in official game forums.
    Again, I can compare this with official WoT forums - where someof main game developers ANSWERS on players questions PERSONALLY in ONE PLACE.

    Then Im not allow you post your BS here, shoes licker, mmkay? :)

    On a serious note, as one who born in USSR, I personally hate this words too. There is no real "freedom" everywhere, and cannot be. Learn to read between lines, irony, you know.
  13. Slyguy65

    Ya folks nothing to see here, just another obvious fact at how broken the game is.

    Everyone go back to it and accept the pathetic state it is in. Don't stand up. Don't bother voicing the obviously bad feed back that is deserved.

    They are human beings guys, they know exactly what to do with everything. perfectly.

    They don't need motivation at all, all they need to know is that we are pathetic sheep guys, that we will just bow to whatever crap decisions they make and accept them guys.
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  14. ent|ty

    I had several issues that bothered me that needed improvement in PS2 listed in my signature. The wit was great.. but now there is only one thing to post in it to communicate how I feel in general now. Too bad, PS2 had lots of potential, but it just wants to be a Intel-favouring, spawn-camping, team deathmatch spam fest.

    Why do you not have empathy for anyone?
    Some of us have 8 x Cores.. and just because they're AMD brand... they're not optimized or even utilized by PS2.
    My Nvidia 560Ti complains because it's only being used 15% of its ability.
    I have great RAM and Corsair GT SSDs for fast data transfer when needed.
    The system runs great for other games.

    Then on PS2, it's lag, low fps.. low video quality..

    There is LOTS TO SEE and DISCUSS HERE.

    If you have nothing productive to say, why do you bother posting. You don't appear smart or profound, you just look like a troll.
    I will never be sick of 'free speech'. I may not agree with what people say, and may even at times be severely pissed off at them for saying it - but I will always defend their right (or their will) to say it.

    That being said, we don't need you come to forums and tell people not to use the forums to discuss topics or post what's on their mind. Noone is forcing you to read them. I'm also sure that they have enough forum moderators, that you don't need to act like one by proxy.

    NOTE: Rights are not given to you by God or state or a book. Rather rights are declared by the individual, and can only be revoked through force or agreement. I am a free man to pursue my livelihood in a lawful manner, and will speak my mind as I choose.
  15. Smaisteri

    Still waiting for the godly optimization patch. I believe it was supposed to be this epic fail that ****** up all fps and made the game crash every hour.
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  16. SargeantShepard

    So, I point out you are using a flawed argument, and you decide an ad-homenim is the best response?

    And I am not a "shoes licker" as you put it, I very well acknowledge the game has flaws, but if I said it wast fun, I'd be lying.

    Ive seen worse games stay afloat on less than what planetside 2 has.
  17. VSDerp

    not surprised
  18. -Zlodey-

    Seems like, I must use "Irony" and "sarcasm" tags here. Ok, will do next time.
  19. ent|ty

    i could change it to:
    That being said, we don't need anyone to come to forums and tell people not to use the forums to discuss topics or post what's on their mind. No one is forcing anyone to read them. I'm also sure that they have enough forum moderators, that one does not need to act like one by proxy.

    There, then it's not personal, as was really the intent.. you being used impersonally. :D
  20. SargeantShepard

    Firstly, I am not telling anyone what they can and cant post, Im stating that using "free speech" as a shield wont get you far on the forums, and i have seen it used too many tines like people are entitled to it everywhere. This is a PRIVATE FORUM. You signed an agreement when you signed up that states that your right to speech here can be revoked at any time or for any reason.

    I'm not trying to be a moderator
    I'm not trying to say you can't speak your mind.

    I'm saying that you don't have 100 percent free speeech here, there is a set of rules, and even then SOE has the right to remove the right of speech here for any and no reason.