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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Ture, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. Ture

    Planetside 2 freezes while playing. Even alt+tab doesn't show the desktop. Luckily i have second screen so i can launch task manager and then move it to second screen with windows button + shift + right key and close the planetside. This issue emerged after OMFG -patch.

    I have tried:
    - Validating game files
    - Installed previous versions of graphics driver
    - Deleting useroptions.ini

    Other games work fine and i even stress tested my system with Prime95 and Furmark.

    My system specs:
    OS: Windows 8.1 64bit
    GPU: GTX 590
    CPU: 2500k @ 4,6Ghz
    MB: Asus Maximus IV Gene-z
    RAM: 8GB DDR 1667MHz
  2. OldMaster80

    Happening here as well. Is the CPU overclocked? Sometimes I have the impression this is caused by system notification starting in the background. I have very little programs active when I play videogames but I think java updates, flash player updates or Windows updates can cause this.
  3. Gleerok

    Had a similar issue, where the game would freeze up and lock for a while, and often either end up crashing (without notice saying the program has stopped responding) or coming back after a while.

    The weirdest is; voice chat still works even after its freezed up and even shortly before crashing.

    Happened to me a couple times.
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  4. Run And Bite

    Happening to me too. I can only play for about 15 to 30 minutes before the program stops responding. It started happening in the OMFG update too. The weirdest thing is when it first started it was only happening while in a vehicle but now it has spread to my infantry too. It also seems to have certain trigger areas to. For example, I was in a Sunderer and I was going to deploy in a safe area so people could spawn; when i found the perfect spot it stopped responding. So I logged back in drove to the same spot and it happened again. This ruins the game play experience and needs to be addressed.
  5. CHDT65

    Me too.
    It happens since one or two days only.
    Total freeze, with obliged reset to rester the computer.
  6. Gheeta

    I'm crashing quite often as well, for me this seems to happen much more frequently when flying over heavy fights, i get the feeling this has something to do with loading crowded areas.

    Yesterday i had two almost identical crashes while flying from zurvan to crown which had a large fight going on at the time. I have the two identical crashes recorded, if devs happen to need those feel free to pm me.

    GTX 580
    i7 930 @ 3.7Ghz
    Win 7 64bit
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  7. Run And Bite

    I've noticed the crashing near heavy fighting areas too now that you mention it. One instance today I was on the TR and me and a couple other people were defending the J908 Impact sight from the VS. Then, the issue occurred. It was really disappointing when I was earning so many certs blasting things out of the sky, and I get kicked out by heavy fighting.:mad:
  8. OldMaster80

    Anyone found a solution or workaround? This is becoming unacceptable, can't play for more than 30 minutes! :(
  9. DegoMusse

    Happens to me every 15 or so minutes.

    It is really frustrating, it's unplayable, it's crap.

    Please, fix ASAP.

    Thank you for your time!
  10. OldMaster80

    It seems those who the system lock-up are a minority compared to those who a crash to desktop. This is not a 1 or 2 cases, there's a real problem here. Don't let this thread die and open tickets with your system specs!
  11. TempVirage

    I'm still having this issue after the latest two hotfixes. Primarily seems to happen while loading new cells while flying or changing continents/ spawning across continent via squad deploy. Happens fairly consistently at about once an hour or so. Game locks up and crashes to a white screen after a few seconds.

    Running Windows 7 Ult x64
    AMD FX6300 @3.5ghz
    ATI Radeon Sapphire 7870
    ASrock Extreme 4 MB
  12. S7rudL

    I'm going to join this club of yours.

    Freezes very badly here also after around 2 hours or so of game play.

    Windows7, 2x GTX560, i7 2600k, 8GB ram
  13. OldMaster80

    Then you're a lucky one, here it's freezing every 15-20 minutes.

    BTW I've check my pc and I totally exclude an overheating problem:
    - All fans are working and they're clean and free from dust.
    - GPU Monitor reported GPU temp of 72°C and GPU usage around 55% before freezing.
    - CPU Temp says CPU is around 45°C
  14. S7rudL

    Try to lower your settings (minimum), and see how long you can play?
  15. Wadziu

    I don't think it's settings issue, I tried playing on high/low and it's still freezeing randomly, sometimes every 10 minutes, sometimes after an hour or so. Sound is looping, although I can still hear VOIP all around me. I guess I could somehow live with it but 50% of times thoose freezes end up with crash. They last about one minute and the moment game unfreezes sometimes I can play normally until next freeze and sometimes it crashes instantly after unfreeze. They can happen in big battles or even in nearly empty places, they seem totally random and there is no error message what so ever.

    It's driving me crazy since my FPS went up to 60 with PU1 but this bull**** started happening...
  16. Gleerok

    I'm still crashing. Usually happens shortly after I re-spawn or I spawn my mosquito.

    It happens on this order:

    Game freezes still and sound goes mute -> game still freezed and sound comes back but freezed at the part the game freezed (without the possibility of interaction)

    -> try to go back to desktop, everything is black but Windows 8.1 menu bar, I can still close the game with task manager but it usually closes off without "stopped working" notice.
  17. OldMaster80

    I'm afraid this thread is turning into a collecation of similar but very different issues.
    And I'm also afraid my problem is caused by overclocked CPU. Before PU01 the game used to run ok with overclocked CPU, now it just doesn't. I've set the original clock and managed to play with no problems at all (even if it's with 10 fps less :( )
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  18. TempVirage

    I can vouch that my CPU is not overclocked. Running at stock speed with an FX6300 @3.5ghz. Temperature throttling is turned off in UEFI and this issue occurs on low settings just as often as high.
  19. Wadziu

    Bless You my friend!!! I restored default clock settings on my i5 and the freezes magicaly stopped. Played 4 hours without single crash or freeze.
  20. AdmiralArcher

    i have the same freezing probelems too, only i also hitch as well, which is infuriating

    i5 3317u
    intel 4k
    4gb ram
    laptop 64 bit 8.1 windows

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