planetside 2 freezes every 20 seconds

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by xFeaRx, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. xFeaRx

    i know my computer should be good enough to run this game on at least medium but i have turned it down to low and it still freezes every 20 seconds. every other game i play i am able to play on completely maxed or high settings so ive tracked it down to this game. i can give pc specs to help determine problem.
  2. kungflu

    Can i have your cpu and gpu spec?
    My older system that i used to play this game - i5-2300 and HD 6850 plays on medium settings with 90% render quality.
    this game seem to be one of those game that requires as much cpu power and gpu unlike most games that would fit with just a weak 2 phenom ii cores
  3. Sliced

    Just because you can max one game out does not mean you can with another.
    This game makes others look like they where built for a Nintendo gameboy advance.
  4. xFeaRx

    AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor 3.4 ghz (can oc to 4.0 just fine)
    ATI Radeon HD 5770

    any ideas on how to make it not freeze up like which settings to drop. And i dont get how this game can be more powerful than like BF3 on high settings.

    Edit: also could it be that since i got this game from steam instead of the offical website it might have not gotten some files while downloading or steam is making it freeze?
  5. kungflu

    steam is fine, i am playing on it
    check the framerates in game by pressing alt+f, or i think ctrl+f. fps should appear on the bottom left. it will also show you cpu or gpu bounds
    could it be your internet connection? you might want to open up some ports
  6. xFeaRx

    my internet connection on wired is 36.0Mbps so it shouldnt lag that much. Ill try the port opening and report back but its not like my game lags it just freezes. I think it might be that im on windows xp with only 4gb of ram and should probably bump it to windows 7 64bit with 8-10 gb of ram
  7. Poet

    Really? You must have a very high def GBA for that to be so. Far Cry 3 runs perfectly well on my system and PS2 struggles to keep 50 fps when I'm in an empty zone.
  8. TeknoBug

  9. Skillet

    :p Funny Panda
  10. Lord Giger

    Half our outfit keeps DC'ing about every 20 minutes
  11. Sliced

    FC3 is tiny compaired to this game.
    FC3 runs perfectly fine on my 6 year old machine. Anything can run that.
    This game is totally different from the others, plus we all know that MMO's need alot more horse power then a game like FC3 or BF3.
  12. xFeaRx

    i still think that BF3 has better graphics than this game by a long shot but anyways my FPS is averaging 70-80 and my gpu light is yellow if that means anything.
  13. Sliced

    Have you played this game on Ultra with the extra Render quality (1.41+)?
    It might not be as brilliant as BF3 but its pretty dame close.
    Plus, if we are compairing just graphics then Crysis (the first one) beat BF3 long before it was even created.

    I'm guessing you're using a Matix card or another just like it?
  14. xFeaRx

    not playing it on that cause my game wont run yet but you have to agree that BF3 frostbite technology is pretty good and would be pretty cool to see something like that integrated into this game. Yes i know Crysis was way before battlefield but hardly anyone still plays that. my graphics card is ATI Radeon HD 5770. i know its an old card but it still performs to games being made expect this one which i think its my RAM problem and my OS.
  15. Sliced

    I have to agree, they did good with the Frostbite engine in BF3, although I believe they could of done better, Especially with Physix.
    Alot of people still use Crysis as a benchmark, I still do.
    I have PS2 looking really sweet, and I believe it can do alot better if it was optimised more, but for now I'm barely able to keep 45-55FPS in battles so I'm not willing to go past ultra and 1.4 Quality.

    The game will improve in time after its working for everyone. Luckily I have never ran into any problems with it. Then after that I'm sure better graphics will come. Hopefully in 1-2 years they boost it to DX10-11 which should blow it out of the water, as long as they actually use it properly rather then say, "Here's DX11, get on with it".

    But only time will tell.
  16. Izumaw

    I'm having the same problem with these crashes, and at first I thought it was my graphics card. I'm running a Radeon 4800, which is just below min specs. I have my settings on med-low to compensate. But now that I've come to the forums, I've realized a lot of other people are experiencing similar crashes who have system specs way past the requirements.

    Whats goin on here? I can load and run the game fine, but once Im in the trouble begins at any random time. I can play for five minutes or an hour and seemingly for no reason, the world starts flashing in and out, people on my map start flyin all over, and tanks/planes/people start darting all over my screen. Sometimes a total game freeze or crash happens shortly after this debauchery commences, or sometimes it doesn't crash at all. If the problem is my graphics card, wouldnt my framerate be atrocious at all times? These problems don't seem to be triggered by any specific event in the game, and until they start, the game runs totally fine.

    I'm a n00b though, when it comes to computer technology. I just like to play games. And I wanna avoid dropping $200 bucks on a new card if I can.
  17. Birdrock

    Try deleting the useroptions.ini file. I was having a problem where 9/10 times planetside would drop fps from 70+ to 2 then 1 then 0 and stop responding. Seemed like nonsense, but deleting this file did the trick and reduced loading timed significantly.