PlanetSide 2: Fortification (PC Update)

Discussion in 'Official News Feedback' started by Mithril, May 16, 2023.

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  1. ToxicToast

    I discussed this with a bunch of builders from all three factions, EVERY, SINGLE, ONE... Said that the change to solid walls are 'Insert Nanite Names Here'

    There was not a single good response of the dozen and a half of people I spoke to regarding this change to the wall. It's completely detrimental.

    Some responses received was...
    - Why didn't they just move the module slots up a bit?
    - If they are going to do this, turn them into solid rampart walls at least.
    - Wasn't moving it up a tad all it needed?
    - What kind of horse**** is this? just nonsense

    The list goes on a bit...
  2. ObsoleteVoid

    Anyone else having trouble placing down buildings?
    Placing them on slightly unlevel terrain makes them almost impossible to place.
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  3. AgentX

    Always and something you just need to learn to guesstimate unfortunately. Esamir has plenty of those trap spots.

    Besides that, a big quality of life feature would be a way to either remember good building placements you found within your silo range or just straight up showing an outline of possible placements for stuff like the command center, rebirthing center, and light vehicle pad especially. My point is it's just annoying to see a good (green) building outline but for whatever reason you lose it and have to pixel hunt to find it again.
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  4. Teszro

    Any word on any news at all about a console update?
  5. Mithril Community Manager

    Nothing new to report yet Teszro, but we'll post an update as soon as we have additional news on this front.
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  6. Hobo G

    Stop making builders run around to install modules. Instead, have module slots be module terminals, where player chooses a module to be installed.

    Pop is low in N America, please merge Emerald and Connery
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  7. Hobo G

    19 July update notes suggest constructed artillery range is 175m. Has it been nerfed from 1km for glaive and 600m for flail?
  8. AgentX

    That should be the max range from you to the target when you're lazing it. Though I was on Indar North / Alkali Storage and it felt incredibly short where I couldn't target something west of Mao West gate near the red coral.

    Know the flail was incredibly annoying since you couldn't see where it was firing from but yet another way to make construction defenseless against armor.
  9. Walking Shark

    They are 500 meter ranges last I checked. The 175m range you reference is a minimum range, inside of which it is too close to shoot.
  10. AgentX

    What about routers? We never got a line of reasoning for the bright glow effects they added to them. Happened during one of the hotfixes where the routing spire itself was broken for ~2 weeks.

    Game desperately needs more spawn options for attackers.
  11. Nocty

    From a long time builder, The update had lots of great potential, but it seems like everything is much much weaker than it was before. even playing in a group setting. Whats the point of all this attack and defend talk, when the base just gets shelled to death by tanks VERY VERY easily? and the defense to that is supposed to be someone holding the bubble shield module and watching to install it every 60 seconds.
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  12. RiP0k

    I'm wondering if the Fortification update pushed how many builders away from building or the game in general?
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  13. Effect

    Clearly not enough of them.
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