PlanetSide 2: Flying Backwards in a Mosquito

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Bobaflay, Nov 18, 2013.

  1. Bobaflay

    If you can, Please check out my channel
    80 videos and counting
  2. EMP1RE

  3. Bobaflay

  4. bodmans

    exactly what I was about to write about this thread, what's the point?
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  5. Bobaflay

    watch aa video
  6. bodmans

    you mean the vid, inwhich you fly sideways for 2 seconds after derping around a bit?
    please, stop. this has to be, one of the worst advertisements for a channel I've seen, ever.
  7. Bobaflay

    its a neew. vid i have better vids
  8. Riku

  9. Bobaflay

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  10. Pikachu

    I dont get it. Is it nothing more but requesting subscriptions?
  11. Bobaflay

    No. Its just some video i made. you should see my channel. its good really. this video just sucks
  12. SpaceKing

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  13. EmmettLBrown

    Wait I remember this guy now. Didn't you make that 20 minute ghost capping vid?
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  14. HooWoo

    Wow after 80 or so hours in a mossy I had no clue how to use the all too common Reverse Maneuver. Thanks!
  15. Selentic

    ironfist invented this

    if he wasn't dead he would sue u for copyright infringement
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  16. Maljas23

    This seemed like his first Reverse Manuever lol.

    Sorry OP, but this is shameless channel promotion.
  17. Pikachu

    Its about that glitch maneuver?

    Holy ****! Ive seen your sign a thousand times and never saw the Scythe wing used as the blade for the reaper's "scythe"
    Dear lord i am ********. Good one though :D
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  19. Rogueghost

    So cold forumside, so very cold.
    You make me legitimately feel bad for the poor guy, even if it was shameless channel promotion.
  20. HooWoo

    Actually, to even say that is a maneuver is just a disgrace to all people who can perform the reverse maneuver well :p