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  1. Johanos

    I would like you guys to post the differences of the faction, I have played all three factions. I have tried telling for example my outfit leader that each faction is overpowered in their own perks not just one faction being overpowered. I just really hate people who talk out of their butts, so if any of the developers or planetside 2 pure fans can post the true differences would gladly help me.
  2. Johanos

    Someone please tell me...
  3. Johanos

    I need a new pic other than the ps1 pic because the people i showed the pic to say that ps2 is way different so i just need a new updated chart...
  4. Rivenshield

    /rereads all three posts several times

    What precisely the freaking frack was your question, again...?
  5. Johanos

    just ignore this i have found my answer...
  6. Johanos

    Can a moderator close this to prevent any trolling or nerf or rage comments?
  7. Ghoest

    Why dont you just edit the original post to say.

    'Im sorry i started this thread it made no sense and didnt help anyone."
  8. Chiss

    Please nerf NC they are OP.
  9. Sharmanti

    TR - best infantry weaponary, weak vehicles
    NC - Hard hitting weapons, strong vehicles
    VS - borderline best infantry weaponary, unbeatable vehicles

    Imo, the VS are unbalanced because they outshine other factions in vehicles so hard and yet stand their ground in infantry.
    Why? Scythe, impossible to beat in dogfights. Magrider, impossible to 1v1 as any tank. Infantry, almost the same ROF as TR. No drop. Fastest reloads ingame.

    they just seem to have too many advantages
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  10. Johanos

    Sorry I just noticed the typos and the bad grammar usage.

    Oh and I found out the info so that this can kind of help players who are new completely or are just plain confused...
    1) TR= High RoF, Low Dmg per hit, Fast VTOLs (P.S. The TR use cartridge bullets)
    2) NC= Low RoF (just below TR), High Dmg per hit, Slow but hard hitting VTOLs (P.S. The NC use magnetic bullets kind of like mini-less powerful rail gun bullets)
    3) VS= Balanced Guns, Balanced Vehicles [but they are very agile, the reason why they seem so invincible (they aren't)] (P.S. The VS use pretty much use alien lasers as their bullets, the reason for their no bullet drop pretty much)

    Conclusion :)
    No faction is overpowered, the only reason why someone would think they are overpowered would be the fact that the player isn't skilled or just that the enemy players are just more skilled and know how the game works...

    Oh and I have posted a pic to give more indepth details on the differences, I do know that it does not seem like it is Planetside 2's differences... But it is pretty accurate. If you can't see it here's the link]=images&_suid=135503328052606647216336567256
  11. Marinealver

    Well it depends because it is different for weapons vehicles and air.

    Terran Republic
    • Fastest firing weapons (or so we think) Low Damage Per shot but with fire control tends to be the fastest damage output per second.
    • Largest tanks with high rate of damage but slow and lumbering and not much tougher considering other tanks.
    • Fastest Aircraft with good maneuverability, one of the best interceptors in the game.
    New Conglomerate
    • Used to be easy mode because the weapons were the highest damage per shot. But now has changed to more of a MLG style where they have the hardest Headshots but slow rate of fire and hard recoil. Switch to semi on all weapons and aim for the head. (or you can just LA and shoot them from directly above where all shots hits count as headshots)
    • Heaviest Tank with the highest damage per shot round in the game. Vehicle shields makes the already the toughest tank in the game neigh invulnerable.
    • Slowest and lumbering aircraft that makes up with hardest hitting weapons and heaviest armor. IF it hits you you messed up and are paying the price for it.
    Vanu Sovereignty
    • Energy weapons which used to have AP mode that didn't require a different set of ammo. Now all it means is that they have no bullet drop and damage degradation. The Damage degradation over range makes a long range fight as the VS not a good option but at close ranges the damage is not improved much. Some weapons have a faster rate of fire than their TR counterparts (WTF DEVS?) but the damage output per second is no where near the TR.
    • A floating turret is what it is described to be. one of the most mobile tanks in the game and fastest tank able to climb up terrain that other tanks will get stopped at. It lost its amphibious capability which doesn't really matter because all water is out of bounds now and there are no rivers under the bridges. Because of its speed and maneuverability (and still tougher than the prowler) it is arguably one of the most powerful tanks in the game.
    • The most maneuverable fighter in the game. This can accelerate and decelerate and turn on a dime making for some impressive aerobatics. Not much in terms of damage output in comparison of the other fighters but the maneuverability makes it the most powerful fighter in the hands of a skilled pilot.
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  12. Ghoest

    Your conclusion is not a "conclusion." Its an unsupported assertion.

    All the factions are obviously intended to be balanced. But in actual game play the NC have a disadvantage because they must use bursts. That shouldnt be a disadvantage but because of the bloom lock mechanic in the game it is.
  13. Johanos

    Thanks this is more informative ^-^, and helpful than other people..
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  14. Phyr

  15. Pixelshader

    NC's reaver is slightly better than the TR and VS equivalents. It is more agile both in dogfights and a2g situations because it has high inertia and strong vertical thrust. As if that wasn't enough it's also the fastest in a straight line because it decelerates from afterburner speed slowly. Counter intuitive but I know this is the reality in game, I'm not just copy pasting garbage. What other people have posted here about esfs is plain wrong. The damage output of each factions esf is identical.

    Since whoever dominates the air has at the very least forced a pile of burster max, and at best a total free farm, I'd say the NC are the only faction which is possibly overpowered.

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