Planetside 2 Engineer Level 6 Toolkit Anti-Vehicular Mine(s) Defuse Video

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by TerranRepublic1205, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Malebranche

    Its probably the only reason why you would want to max out a repair tool so its too situational for me; if Im in a vehicle and I see enemy mines in front of me I just shoot it, it would be very rare for someone to kill an enemy engineer who just laid mines onto a parked sunderer, I would rather improve on other stuff than get this- not worth the certs imho.
  2. RealityWarrior

    I disagree but it depends on play style. If you are a lone tanker who it would be a 1000 certs to get back in the fight 10 seconds faster then yes I can see that not being worth it. Or a solo person who just repairs the occasional turret or tank as you run by then yeah probably not worth it.

    However, if you run with an outfit and are keeping several tanks or Maxes up and in the fight OR you are following a max in combat repairing while he is taking damage then the extra speed can mean life or death and is definitely worth it. If The call is for a max crash and you grab Engi then heck yes it is worth it. You get more repaired per cool down so you spend less time waiting on cool down so they spend less time wasted waiting on repair and get back into the fight sooner. 1 max to repair? meh. 3 that just got revived and are waiting on you to get going then its a big deal.
  3. Caserion

    I saved my sundy 2 times today from these suicide engineers and their mines. I love the fact that vehicles aren't doomed to self-destruct anymore to remove the mines.
  4. Steveru

    But so what? Many people don't bother with the last level of a lot of things. Only the most dedicated engies are going to bother with grabbing a fully certed tool kit, because only the most dedicated engies will find that it's worth it. But why not tack on this ability to all engineers so that everyone can help out?

    It'd be like if only the level 6 heal tool could revive, or only the level 6 hacking device could hack weapons terminals. Since my last post, I've finally gotten the last tool kit level, but I was already planning on grabbing it. I didn't need the extra incentive.

    It doesn't make sense to me, but it's not as if it's game breaking or anything. Just a very strange decision by the devs to me.
  5. Rikkit

    hmm a funny idea could be this: a low rank repair pistol has a chance to disarm the mine, lets say Rank 1= 50%. If you fail the mine will blow up. the more ranks you buy, the higher will be the chance of disarming.
  6. Steveru

    Ha! I would support this only if the engineer mumbled, "come on, come on!" or "no whammy no whammy!"
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  7. Jad

    Hmmm I can picture it now...

    Level 6 Engineer: "Stand back, I'll defuse these mines." (Pulls out Nanite Repair Tool) :cool:

    Level 1 Engineer: "I'll help!" (Pulls out sledge hammer) :eek:

    On second thoughts I'd skip that idea. ;)
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  8. Rikkit

    This is allready ingmae:
    Level 6 Engi defuse the mine.

    Random guy defuse it with his rifle...
  9. Jad

    Of course if you're hardcore you have Flak Amour 5 and use a knife...
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  10. chrisbeebops

    Defusing mines isn't the only reason to cert out max level repair tool. It can also repair a base turret in 2 cycles, and can repair friendly MAXs and vehicles faster too. It is definitely a worthwhile cert for anyone playing engineer regularly.
  11. ThunderSock

    This would be twice as useful if it could be used on friendly mines, and refund the resources to the dummy that put them there.
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  12. lilleAllan

    When I played yesterday - Engineer drop pods down next to sunderer, places mines, I kill him before he detonates them.

    Two friendlies just stands there looking at the mines. Not much you can do, so I run towards the objective. Boom, one of those clowns shot the mines, killing the sunderer.
  13. BloodArmoredApostle

    yes If i have mines under my tank or so I get out and disarm them so useful. I mean I dont have to reveal my location or anything to the enemy. I love my engi so I see them placed everywhere nowdays. So, best to have it ranked up. I can repair my tank and mossi in one sweep no prob. Its really just as useful or even more critical as the medic tool maxed out.
  14. Linus

    Time to time, I defuse mines just for the fun.

    Generally, I avoid to do that because it is riskier than simply shooting at it.
    Who knows if an infiltrator is not nearby and if your head is not in his scope, or worse if he decides to shoot at the mine.

    However this feature could have been interesting if you could take the defused mines to your Utility Pouch, so it could resupply your stock, for free.
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  15. Korban

    Wouldn't it be better just to shoot at it? Considering the C4-layer should be near the vincity as well + line of sight.
  16. dstock

    Agreed. I also think you should be able to pick up your own mines. Nothing like bailing out to repair a friendly vehicle and dropping a tank-mine by accident, then getting lolpodded and blown up, along with the guy you were trying to help.
  17. RobotNinja

    I'm surprised the Mag didn't just run you over but yeah...par for course I guess.
  18. Arcanorum

    Magrider doesn't even touch the ground so why do anti-tank mines detonate?

    Would be cool if the repair tool could let us pick up enemy mines for our own use.
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  19. Soporific

    I'd like to be able to pick up my own mines or enemy mines and add them to my inventory. Sometimes I'll use them to guard an area that nobody comes to, and I don't have an equipment terminal nearby but I still want my mines back...