Planetside 2 dying?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Meowcenary, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. Meowcenary

    Note I'm not saying it is without a doubt, I'm just asking to see opinions on the matter.

    For awhile now the servers in general have been really dead, I heard they reduced the server cap to 1,300 down from 2,000, servers have been merged due to a dwindling player base, and overall I just see far less people on now days than I did before. And I'm on the only 'medium' population server, the rest are at low population.

    Is the game on its last leg or something?
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  2. omfgweeee

    The big come back is expected after ps4 release
  3. Meowcenary

    Is it cross-platform?

    If not I don't see how it would help the PC population. Other games that aren't crossplatform usually have two entirely different populations, for example Titanfall is near dead on PC but is thriving on consoles.
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  4. Jubikus

    i doubt its cross platform as the advantage would go easily to pc players as mouse in keyboard is generally far easier to aim with granted the controller would be good for aircraft. And i know people can be really good with controller when it comes to aiming but on average your accuracy per player will be much higher with mouse and keyboard don't forget theres a reason COD battlfield ect have AIM ASSIST for their shooters.
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  5. K2k4

    Nah, they'll just merge the servers if pops get too low. Have hope people.
  6. JobiWan

    I'm playing less. Up until last week I was playing 2-3 hours nearly every night for a year. But the last update was such a failure, since then I get constant CTD, stutters and a graphical glitch that messes things up even after I log out of the game.

    There are more cheaters lately too. I find it hard to find decent fights on Miller too, it's either zerg or not much else.

    I can't put my finger on what else has changed, but I'm just not enjoying the game in the last few weeks.
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  7. n0pax

    Yes, the game is dying an alarmingly quick death. Most F2Ps have a large fluctuating playerbase who return for every patch and keep the game installed on their PC. Planetside 2 has pretty much been in consistent decline since release and certainly for the last 12 months and one would assume has a very high uninstall rate when compared to other F2Ps like Warframe and Blacklight Retribution.

    Here you can see population numbers, this link is for Emerald (which used to be Mattherson on this site hence the odd population numbers):

    Other games in the genre like BF4 is losing under 1% of its playerbase a month. Planetside 2 is losing 5% of its players every single week. Hackers are taking over servers plus virtually zero patches in the last 6 months have really taken its toll on the game. Not to mention poor server performance and unaddressed issues such as the grenade exploit.
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  8. Goretzu

    There was a slight rise in Feb, but the last few months it is definately dropping again.,1434443100000

    They really need to get the PS4 version out and get some actual game development re-started it they want to salvage the PC version.
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  9. JonboyX

    I seem to remember reading a dev post saying that the PS4 and PC games would *not* be on the same servers. It'd not make for a great experience either for PS4 players to come online on Day 1 and be pounded over and again by experienced PC outfits.

    And given that the game hasn't really changed in the last 18 months, I wouldn't be surprised if the more casual players have moved on. Is it dying? Yes, since birth.
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  10. IronMouse

    I'm playing normally, don't have any issues with the population on Cobalt.
  11. SLK18

    I've noticed a lot of new outfits on emerald. It may be the subdivision of online players that would make you feel like there are less people, but in reality ps2 is still going strong and won't end anytime soon :D
  12. Liewec123

    a server merge is sorely needed, after that we're golden for another year atleast :)
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  13. Pikachu

    Dying since summer 2013, was alive between late feb to june.
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  14. DQCraze

    Been playing pretty much everyday since mar 2013, yes server pops are down, yes the game took a hit when Daybreak took over. Right now im giving them some time to get their bearings and get the game where it needs to be. I do think people will come back if things are fixed.
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  15. xMaxdamage

    me and my RL friends were playing a LOT untill the 5/19 patch, then the input lag in big fights was introduced, we tried to get some reply from devs, you know, even just a "we know it's a problem and we're working on it". nothing has been said here nor on reddit. we all come from fighting games and lag is game breaking to us (it's not like we are someway more skilled, we just went through lag introduction in games like tekken, doa and street fighter, we didn't expect to find that **** here too)

    in the end we are now playing TES:O
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  16. IamDH

    Try using the windowed fullscreen mode, that seemed to fix my issues
  17. Pikachu

    Post more.
  18. IamDH

    YES SIR!
  19. Stormsinger

    Also, because i'm bored at work waiting for people, here's a gif of Pikachu redeploying.


    That is all.
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  20. Devrailis

    There have been 2 server merges already.

    When SolTech got merged with Mattherson, I was okay with it. PS2 launched with an unrealistic number of servers and it was hurting the game experience for players at launch, fine.

    Then Mattherson and Waterson got merged. I said at the time that server merges were at best a band-aid solution. Unless SOE/DBG made a concerted effort to actually address the issues in the game that cause low pop, we would be at this point now where people are looking for, yet again more server merges.

    So what happens when we run out of servers to merge? What's the 5 year plan here?

    Let me go cash my cheque.

    That poor Pikachu. Little does he know, that was Instant Action, and he is now ****ed.
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