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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by moooosa, May 22, 2013.

  1. moooosa

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  2. Sen7ryGun84

  3. PaperPlanes

    Welcome to a big part of the problem of having permanently tracked K/D ratios in a game like this. Remove the KDR tracking and these people wouldn't care about their deaths and would be pushing out instead of camping.
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  4. ArcKnight

    Here's the best way to describe this in A SINGLE WORD............................................ "meh":D
  5. TekTR

    It's been like this for a long time and won't change until they remove spawn shield/rework spawn rooms so you can't shoot out of them. Removing KDR may help the problem, but people generally don't like to die in an FPS if they can help it. Plus easy kills right?
  6. Phazaar

    It's a fake... I can't see 6 invincible ZOE MAXs ADADADing outside the shield...
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  7. moooosa

    I don't give a crap about K/D and yet here I am standing in the spawn room rocketing anything I can because there are just as many targets/kills to get from here right now without having to wait 20 seconds to respawn constantly.

    Maybe once the server pops die down again I'll think about grabbing my LA and diving out into certain, most excellent death, but when there's 50 tanks surrounding the base, aircraft swarming above, and the spawn room is engulfed in endless flames, there's not much to do with that autoshotty and itchy trigger finger.

    Then again, with the new lattice, this might be all there is anymore even at 4am.
  8. PaperPlanes

    Perhaps it isn't the same reason for everyone. I certainly am all for a total redesign of spawn rooms, but I am equally in favor of eliminating KDR in this game, it's just not the type of game where it is very important. KDR is very important in a 5v5 CS match, not so much in a giant sci-fi war game (and even in the CS match, the team with the worse overall KDRs can win since DE maps are the only ones ever used in competition).

    People do end up thinking primarily about their stats, which leads to this type of gameplay.
  9. moooosa

    Yes that's true, as well as the fact that people are just in general afraid to go out and get killed. But the lattice has exasperated the issue. Unfortunately it seems that the Lattice can't handle the volume of players this game was originally designed to support. See my other thread here:
  10. ItsJustDash

    And that is when I accidentally place a landmine down and a hand grenade slips out of my hand.
  11. AzureKnight

    I don't think KDR is the problem at all. There may be a few players that farm from the respawn and are obsessed with that stat, but I'd guess most people know that if they step even one foot out the door, they're 90% likely to be killed in an instant. Pushing out is near impossible as you got 50 or more guns pointed directly at your doors, at least a quarter of them will one hit you and anything you manage to kill gets resurrected and healed by medics/engis.

    You're lucky if you get player kills as most people are smart enough to wait just outside the doors to kill you if you step out, but you can't shoot at them unless you do that which means an inevitable insta-death from a firing squad.

    If everyone pushed out at once, you may get lucky, but well, it's the deaths people hate as you said. it's not so much they care about their K/D ratio, it's that if you manage to kill an enemy, they have a, what, 6-10 second respawn from sundy if they don't have a medic, while if you die, yours is 12-15 seconds from inside a base? Top that off with the fact that you will be dying a lot trying to push from a camped base and no one wants to be wasting 5 minutes or more out of a battle just waiting to respawn.

    Personally, I think a majority of players don't give a damn about their KDR, they just want to play a game. And, as I said, there is that small group that do care, but I think anyone playing this game realizes after an hour, your KDR is going to be crap for a long time and, if they're right in the head, will just ignore that stat if they even know how to get to it.