PlanetSide 2 Coming to PS4 #MakeWarStories

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Jun 6, 2014.

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  1. Kirppu1

    Or they'll just keep the revenues on the PS4
  2. Costa200

    ROFL... I would say console "fake-FPS" players are absolutely deluded if they think they would stand a chance with their analog stick against a mouse/keyboard combination. You need massive amounts of auto-aim just to shoot each other and you think you could go and have a go against the mouse/keyboard crowd?

    There is a reason why there aren't any cross platform FPS. Unless you plug a keyboard and mouse to a console you aren't going to. Any test that combines those two types of controllers will show a massive advantage for the mouse/keyboard. I would say it would take the very best analog controler players to even compete with an average mouse/keyboard guy. And that is with a reasonable auto-aim, if you turn it off then you would be looking like 5 year olds trying to figure out the first shots...
  3. Melete

    I have been seeing these posts all year now. And still no PS2 on the PS4.:( And with only less then two month's left in the year and still no release date. I'll be looking for it in 2015.
  4. Giligan96

    What's a "fake-FPS" player anyway? I play PS4 and I'm pretty sure a 'first person shooter' looks the same on both PC and console. I'm also pretty sure that they play the same way too, right?. I've only watched PS2 videos- haven't gotten around to building a PC yet- but from the looks of it, you still move a little reticule over the enemy and then use a button or trigger to fire. And of course the combination of moving forward/reverse and side to side, jump, ect. I guess the fact that you're calling us fake just doesn't seem necessary. I don't know why select PC players have to be that way. Who cares what your choice of gaming rig is. We're all gamers and we all have choice.

    If you look through this post, I completely agree with the differences between M/K and controller. I told DeadliestMoon this which sparked his/her response. There's no doubt that mechanically, a controller can't out perform a mouse in accuracy. But if you take flight simulators, a controller is definitely better for flight controls.
    I guess I just feel that gaming is gaming- a hobby that brings us enjoyment whether you're playing a competitive FPS, Tomb Raider or Diablo.

    Well regardless, I'm definitely looking forward to playing PS2 on my PS4. I hope they get it right and the extra income from all us PS4 folks throwing money at this game brings beneficial updates to both communities. Which hopefully makes the game better for everyone for years to come.
  5. Badheal1

    lol you're a funny guy. troll someone else
  6. Lafladitu

    Guess we will know more at Playstation Experiance on the 6-7 December
  7. Lindblads


    Does any one know if sony all access is available in the EU on PC now or if it will be available for Ps2 on the playstation 4?

  8. Hank

    i was just reading that the PS4 supports bluetooth and USB mouse and keyboards, will PS2 support that as a controller option?
  9. Badheal1

    Well, lets see what 2015 brings...
  10. Brad seven

    But there are already so many other good reasons to smash the ps4. Like because It's ****
  11. MYZTIK79

    Any new updates on the PS4 release?
  12. Mianera

    This... is your official first announcement after the holidays? That's... what you come up with?

    SOE you make me sick... take your stupid console and shove it up your *beep*
  13. Djouck

    We wait this game in ps4 since more time.

    Please, confirm that we have this game in this month and give code for access.

    Many guys will be desappointed if they have not the code to access.
  14. KodiakX

    Yes, it was.

    Last year.

    Your outrage is a year late.
  15. itechen2

    omg too funny. it is not about ego it is about facts. sure, currently there are a lot of players that just stand still and open fire and just straight up suck at aiming with a keyboard and mouse. what i am bringing to attention here and what we are talking about is the potential and actual advantage of quick accurate aiming a keyboard and mouser will enjoy with those peripherals over players using a controller and that is, on average and in general. whether that potential is realized by the individual player or not is a separate thing entirely.

    take for instance this screenshot i took today sniping. i pulled off a triple kill with the NC SAS-R and luck had absolutely nothing to do with it. i got 3 kills, all headshots, and all under 4 seconds (3.45 seconds to be exact) trying to replicate that with a controller, im telling you, its not gonna happen. i consider my self above average in aiming and just think of all those players that can aim faster than me, is just a scary thought if you plan on playing ps2 on a ps4 controller.

    not at all posting this to brag, i am simply backing up my statements with hard undisputed facts and not just internet 'tough' talk. like "ill do this if you try that bla bla bla etc"

    its also in my killboard but there was considerable delay when the stats recorded the time between kills, there was like 2 or 3 seconds added but i assure you that was not the case in game.
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  16. Longasc

    I still wonder how this is ever going to work. There are lots of weapons in Planetside 2 that require pixel precise shooting and reward it. Lancer/Vortex e.g.. Heck even normal guns require you at larger distances to hit very small targets.

    How should this ever translate to a console shooter. They have to totally change the game or build in massive amounts of auto-aiming assist.

    The Console vs PC guys can shove it, not taking sides here, just wondering how a game made for mouse aiming can be reworked to work with a gamepad.

    Maybe the ultra-nerfs to Vulcan and PPA were made to give us that console feeling, aka effective combat distance a little more than knife range. XDDD
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  17. Titanitus

    Yeah, I agree with you. I also think that if the effort invested into transfering PS2 to PS4 would be invested into developing new PS2 like game on PS4 then it would be far more effective. But I think that behind the decision to make PS2 for PS4 is from some SOE financial and strategic management who are cut off of real world. They see only quarter reports and increasing arrows in charts... But my prediction is that this will finally kill this game. The money and effort to create a port are badly missing in PC version and overall the game. Sad. Very sad. I like this game and this is why this hurts.
  18. belsebub2

    Do not know if this is the right thread to write my question in, but if it's wrong someone please move it to the correct thread.
    Have beta sign up expired already? When I try to register for the beta, I get up this error message There was a problem: CAMPAIGN_OUT_OF_DATE_RANGE.
    Have tried to write up me from December 31 until now, have tried to write me up once a day.
    Must say though that the beta sign-up has really gone under the radar.
    Is there another way to get a beta inv PS4? Been waiting for this game since 2013, and it sucks a bit to have missed the inv for it. I'm extremely excited to get to play this and test this game as a beta investigator.

    Excuse my grammar, English is not my native language.

    Thanks in advance.

  19. Kulso

    Are you going to fix the game though?
  20. Bush82

    Can't wait to finally try it with a controller. I like playing shooters on consoles as well as the pc.

    Will us Alpha squad members get anything or even offer Alpha squad for the ps4 version. i'll buy it again.
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