PlanetSide 2 Coming to PS4 #MakeWarStories

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Jun 6, 2014.

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  1. Giligan96

    Well, at this point, SOE should wait until December to release PS2 on PS4. Destiny is coming out in a couple weeks and they don't want to release PS2 anytime near that launch. That would be stupid. Give it a few months for players attention to drift off to a new game. I want to play PS2 day 1 and so on but I'll be in Destiny for several months
  2. SE7EN57

    I don't think they have anything to worry about. I just bought the Destiny PS4 Bundle and to be honest Destiny was a huge let down. Bring on PS2!!!!
  3. sagolsun

    From a business perspective? Sure. From a player's perspective? No.

    Despite that, players will have varying connection quality, a much bigger factor than the brand of your mouse.

    The hardware to play this game optimally doesn't exist yet. This game can kill whatever hardware you throw at it, console or PC. Physics dictate corners will have to be cut on the PS4 version. On PC, you have the option to lower graphical details. You have the individual freedom to make your game run prettier, or faster. Run it at a higher resolution and downsample. Run it, albeit with bugs, on multimonitor setups. Do you think PS4 players will be given that choice? Will they be able to run teamspeak or mumble in the background? Have a second map open on the other monitor?

    That's the price of accessibility - the more and the longer you play the game, the less you care about accessibility and the more you value the tools that the PC affords.

    SOE has what, 20 machines in their compatibility testing lab they use for PS2? Sure, dropping that to one will make testing easier, having one hardware target means you don't have to worry about fringe cases - sloppy code will still be buggy, it's just that there'll be less places where it can break.

    It'll bring more players to the field as the console people see if the game runs better on PC. It's a good thing. But just as we all dress differently, we all have slightly different tastes and needs. PCs allow for a degree of customization and multitasking that serves to enhance the overall experience significantly - this is especially true for games with complexity and depth. Planetside 2 is, I think, near the limit of how complex a game you can feasibly make for a console.
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  4. Memeotis

    I realize that the mouse and headset you use is likely to only have a marginal impact. Performance wise, however, every PS4 is identical, meaning that everyone will have the same experience, thereby levelling the playing field. PS2 especially suffers from this, because so many players are (unfortunately) excluded from playing this game, because their PCs aren't good enough.

    When I've argued this before, people have replied: Well, then just don't go near larger battles, but if that's the case, why would you play Planetside 2?

    When I'm talking about the playing the game "optimally" I mean it from the perspective of the developers. They have some sort of baseline in mind, which many PCs cannot meet due to the 'massive' nature of the game. The PS4, with its fixed hardware is guaranteed to allow players to play above this baseline.

    Sure, you have a lot of options of PC, but only if you pay for it. I'm more concerned about the value for money you get for $400, as opposed to the crazy stuff you can do if you drop much more than that. The majority of the players who play PS2 aren't concerned about multi-monitor setups, they just want a solid Planetside experience. And as many others have said, the fixed hardware will, to a great extent, mitigate the need to change settings on the fly.

    As for Teamspeak and Mumble, the Playstation 4 has its own voice-chat system, which will be available on top of the in-game chat. I've tried to tell Pawkette that they should allow players to jump between PS-chat and in-game-chat with the press of a button, but I think that request has fallen upon deaf ears.

    And finally, as for the price of accessibility, you're forgetting that the game heavily relies on this. The fewer players that play this game, the harder it will be for it to provide the experience that it promises. Players are content in this game, and the fact that any PS4-owner can run the game as well as any other, you will not the see the same drop-off of players due to insufficient hardware. And I don't know about you, but I'd much rather have a game with a larger player-base, than one that allows me to tweak the game itself.
  5. sagolsun

    All of that is true. PS2 is probably the most hardware-demanding F2P game out there. A bold departure from the general industry idea that F2P games should be a colorful skinner box with mass market appeal and the barrier of entry, both in terms of the player and his hardware, scraping the floor. It's a ballsy business move, and I appreciate that. A lot of players do.

    But while for the time being, PS2's hardware requirements are high, this game is built to last. As new hardware gets released and older, but still capable hardware gets reintroduced to the market as cheap second-hand goods, this problem will solve itself naturally.

    For any other game, this would be a suicidal strategy. Not so for PS2 - just look at Destiny. Same genre, wheelbarrows of money, world-famous developer and what we get is an unimpressive regurgitation of same old, a game much more primitive than even old grandaddy PS1. The way I see it competition isn't coming anytime soon, and each passing day, little by little, the hardware problem solves itself, one second-hand CPU at a time.

    By the time meaningful competition does show up, PS2 will be the WoW of MMOFPS - a mature, well-developed game with a large and invested playerbase, tons of content and a large, active and unusually productive community.

    As I said, I very much approve of the PS4 port - PS2 is over it's initial boom phase and PS4 players will give a hefty boost to population and thus income, allowing the devs to continue working on the game during the period while the mainstream PC catches up.

    At the end of the day though, PS2 is and remains a PC-first game. The console will help it stay afloat, but I'd bet good money that player retention for the PC will be much higher than on PS4. Thanks to dasanfall, my outfit forums, teamspeak, hell even official SOE forums and reddit. On the PC, you've got more than just a game - you've got an ecosystem.
  6. Mormomboy

    We could finally put those platformers in their place. #PCMASTERRACE
  7. orivar

    It was a cold night on indar, in the bio lab i was standing alone, only me and my revive grande.
    I throw it and then, got a lot of XP!
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  8. BalmungTaichou

    I fail to see how forums, dasanfall, reddit and outfit forums are unique to PC only. All version of PS2 will be apart of this ecosystem, with the exception of VoIP mentioned, as they are external websites. Consoles are the bread and butter of the industry and PS2 will more than thrive there. Hence, PS4 may very will be the place to play PS2 for quite sometime until PC accessibility outweighs what the PS4 grants.
    PS. Bring on the thunder soon.
  9. davida2995

    why does it say that PS2 is coming out in December 31st of 2014 in the Playstation website
  10. Lafladitu

    Anyone else that look forward for the remote play aspect with the Xperia Z3 smartphones/tablet ?
  11. sagolsun

    Just because you can, doesn't mean you should, or will. For example, there's nothing that specifically prohibits a game like Anno 2070 from being multiplatform - you can plug in the input devices just fine and the 7th gen hardware is capable enough, yet you don't see many logistics/management games on consoles. Even if the limitations take the form of "soft" customer expectations or similar non-technical factors, they're still limitations. Sometimes they're even harder to circumvent than the technical ones.

    One such expectation is that console games are self-contained. MMOs, at least the established and successful ones, thrive in no small part because of their sprawling external ecosystem. You can always ignore that aspect and end up with <insert derisive laughter> Destiny.

    PS2 is a different type of beast, skillfully treading the line between MMO and FPS, and personally, I think it will be successful and an enjoyable experience on PS4, but for different reasons and with different results. I feel SOE would benefit if they'd record plenty of footage of how PS4 people play the game and compare that to how PC players do - to figure out how those experiences differ, where the emphasis is, and how to best spend their resources.

    But that's just my opinion, I don't make games for a living.
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  12. Ransurian

    Once the PS4 version's expensive initial development process concludes, it'll start generating revenue. That revenue could very well reinvigorate the PC version as console players expect periodic releases of new content, and it could spotlight the game for the PC FPS community that hasn't heard much, if any, about the game thus far. Moreover, SOE could be more willing to invest more money and talent into the game as a result of revenue generated from a single product operating on two platforms, which is crucial to the game's future.

    Let's just hope SOE can take advantage of the game's initial hype on the PS4 through some proper advertising. A kickass free-to-play MMOFPS that I merely have to download on my console in order to take part in, and with no strings attached? Yes, please -- especially given the drought of decent games for the console thus far. That vacuum alone gives Planetside 2 enormous potential for the console.
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  13. Giligan96

    Before Destiny came out, I thought PS2 on PS4 was going to be a hard sell- but now that I've experienced what Destiny has to offer, I'm more pumped to play PS2 than ever. Like Ransurian said above, I hope they properly advertise PS2 and do it soon. I've been watching and waiting for a long time for some small scrap of info for when PS2 is going to release. I think it's time for SOE to give us another scrap that we can feed off until a release date is announced. 2014 is coming to an end...
  14. Badheal1

    A few months? come on! you've been saying 2014 all year. not even 2 months left and you couldn't say a couple. 2015 here we come.

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  15. Cesious

    Or would it be something more like #MakeAdvancedWarfareStories and #CODonPs4?

    PAX and a few reveals have been nice, and it's nice to see the UI system being worked out on Higby Pls, but there's still polishing and art assets to go and we didn't even get to see video and instead just mockups this last week. We don't even know what else needs polishing, if anything needs testing, and have no real contact about dates and progress.

    I know a lot of us are looking forward to sinking our teeth into it, even if it was just a test server. And I know a lot of people who have been excited about the game and are losing hope as time goes by.
  16. InferiorBaton

    Accoring to the Playstation Mobile App, PS2 wil be released 12/31/14. Hopefully it actually gets released then and not pushed back several more months, but I'd rather have a polished game come out than wait several patches to get the game fully smoothed out. So until then, PS2 on the PC will satisfy my needs. :)
  17. Kirppu1

    The thing that the game looks worse now, GG console people, you have ruined yet another game
  18. Kirppu1

    Turn off the auto-aim then start bragging about your controller
  19. Kirppu1

    Turn off the auto-aim and try again
  20. Kirppu1

    Last time i checked you aren't on twitter
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