PlanetSide 2 Coming to PS4 #MakeWarStories

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Jun 6, 2014.

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  1. Bruhja

    I know freedom to choose peripherals what a concept.
  2. Tarrnation

    Funny you should mention this because I am also a "couch PC gamer" and have been for quite some time. I ripped the hard cover off of an old college math book and slapped a mouse pad on it and it's permanent residence is on the arm of my couch. :)

    The difference between you and me though, is when I'm PC gaming, and especially for games in the first/third person perspective, my setup of choice is a mouse in the right hand (for aiming/camera control), a dual shock style controller in the left (mainly for movement) and a keyboard in my lap.

    You see, I grew up playing console games (Atari, Nintendo, Sega, etc.) and when I got older, I naturally migrated over to PC games but I never really liked the whole WSAD thing to move around (using a controller always felt more natural to me) so I found myself a keyboard emulator and bound the WSAD keys to the left analogue stick and CTRL & Shift keys to the left shoulder/trigger buttons plus other misc keys to the D-Pad and Start/Select buttons and any other buttons that I can easily reach with my left hand. This controller setup combined with a mouse (with at least 10 buttons) allows me to play almost any PC game in existence without ever needing the keyboard for anything (besides chat).

    So I guess you could say I took the best from both worlds and combined them into my own unique play style but the sad thing is I am only able to do this on PC so I am 100% with you when it comes to mouse integration in console games. Sony and the Planetside 2 team has an opportunity to make this happen and what better platform to do it on than the PS4 which is essentially a gaming PC - just in a smaller box. ;)
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  3. chicagodave

    Any word when we might start seeing some codes go out? Been waiting a long time for this.
  4. Shadow Step

    Agreed ive been waiting for awhile also.
  5. lunatis88orrak

  6. ncbedzike

    12:08am still no key
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  7. iiKAforum

    Our mod which art in Sony, Higby be thy name, thy nanites come, thy will be done. Bless us with some sugarcodes, amen.
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  8. faemis

    its a shame they are keeping us in the dark like this. WHY DO YOU TORTURE US SO, HIGBY!?
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  9. Giligan96

    It's hard to believe that nothing has been said about this beta. Halo:MCC, Evolve and others have given details about their betas so gamers are all aboard and know what to expect. I hope this isn't an indication on how SOE works. I feel like they should have given out the codes all ready so people can prepare for this day. I didn't know if I should take the day off work or not so I wound up just going. Now I'm stuck here with my mind glued to this site and my email. CMON HIGBY! KEEP YOUR GAMERS IN THE LOOP!
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  10. AlmarTheLegend

    Still waiting for a closed beta key to drop into my inbox..
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  11. chicagodave

    I wonder if the bumpy h1z1 early access launch may have affected the release of the beta. We should have received our codes by now.
  12. Ownasaurusrex

    Any word on the beta?
  13. EGOMAN

    Been waiting to play this game for years come on SOE :(
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  14. B1GSW1ZZ

    So its almost 11 Central and not a single person has received the beta code or heard any news from SOE? What the hell?
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  15. LeMarr

    Signed up for Beta months ago and still havent gotten a code. WTH SOE
  16. choglit

    What is going on.on my ps4 there is no sign of ps2 anywhere ????
  17. Badheal1

    you need to be invited by email which will contain a code enabling you to download the closed beta. The codes have yet to be sent out though.
  18. Lafladitu

    EU players will have to wait until mid-late February to try the beta on ps4, seems like its region locked.
    According to higby on twitter
  19. xWarDawg

    I hope I can get an invite. Really looking forward to playing this game.
  20. Badheal1

    same. after reading the tweet... I don't think we will get the invites today
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