Planetside 2 Client Play has stopped working..

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by MadaliNCT, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. MadaliNCT

    "Planetside 2 Client Play has stopped working.." after the last update i get this in max 30 minute after i join the game. This never happened before until the last update. I am using OS x64/Windows 8.1 (AMD Athlon 3.3 Ghz/8 GB RAM and i run the game from SSD) .. what is happening .. i reinstalled DX but its the same
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  2. tigz

    This is happening for me as well.
  3. Feydakin

    Same, it's made the game all but unplayable really. By the time I find a decent fight I am getting crashed out of the game. No error message... :mad:
  4. Lazaruz

    After last weeks update the game crashes to desktop a couple times a day, with the "Planetside Play Client stopped working" error.
    Also sometimes, like today, it freezes the screen (I can still hear the audio of what's going on) and hangs there until I alt tab out/in.
    Losing control over the game in a middle of a fight is aggravating to say the least. Planetside 2 remains the worst game I've played, when it comes to client stability.
  5. Toca Miracle

    same here is this from the new patch?
  6. Feydakin

    For me yes, wasn't happening before, is happening now...
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  7. orivar

    too every 10 mins..
  8. Toca Miracle

    well it happened after i reinstalled my Win 7 i have Nvidia 550Ti 8Gb ram 3,3 CPU Type DualCore Intel Core i3-3220, 3300 MHz (33 x 100) sometiems i play hours,sometimes minutes :?
  9. MadaliNCT

    It is from the last update. I never had this problem before but now is ...weird. I really cant play it like that. Im sick tired of re-running the game everything it crashes.. can even play 20 minutes without crashing..
  10. TheRedDotHD

    On my Game it's the same. (And there is a weird graphic bug wich makes the Background be green) SOmeone said i should disable ShadowPlay, but i haven't even got ShadowPlay! What do i do? Should i reinstall the game or what? I Play it on Steam, btw. Please help!:(
  11. Nano(zip/zap)

    I'm seeing a massive memory leak on the Planetside 2 Client Play going around 1,800,000k on the very low graphic setting and well over 2,500,000k on ultra graphics but reg Planetside2.exe is far far lower. Additionally will sometimes get freezes when logging out or exiting. It really seams to be partially connected to the graphics changes I wont say that's the majority of the problem but it feels like it in that area of the programing.
  12. SergeyOvD

    Same problem. 4-5 min crash
  13. MacavitySWE

    I get this constantly also since this morning, seems the 64 bit client is buggered.
    Anyway we can make the 32 bit able please SOE?
  14. Nano(zip/zap)

    The source of I'd say a majority of people's problems is that there is a massive memory leak. When the game client is up for me but I have not logged in to any characters it's under 700,000k in the process but the second I try to login to a character it jumps by over 1,000,000k. The second I tell it to exit that 1,700,000k+ disappears. Also today while trying to track this the login got stuck at 40% so had to exit the game. Wanted to track the leak all the way from login through combat to log out, but no such luck.