Planetside 2 Base/Map Designing

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SpyShadow28, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. SpyShadow28

    I finally got the asset export process down for cryengine so I can export the models quicker. For example, before, I had problems with trying to export the sunder due to the exporter popping up errors. After experimenting for a while, I managed to find the correct way to export it without those errors.
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  2. Loui5D

    At this rate i'll have it done tomorrow.
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  3. SpyShadow28

    Building update now and uploading. Be uploaded in about 20 mins.

    Folder > 1.97 GB
    RAR > 113 MB

    I might work on adding more assets tomorrow, not sure, depends on how I feel.

    In the mean time, I am going to play some planetside 2. I deserve it.
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  4. SpyShadow28

    Besides mapping for planetside 2. I would love to map for H1Z1. I am already making a city map but I am mapping a city map on a outdated game engine and that's the source sdk for Gmod & Left 4 Dead.
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  5. Darthsebious

    Hey Spy, any chance of getting the new warehouse building? During my session last night, I had a great idea for a base but I could do with the warehouse to make it possible.
  6. SpyShadow28

    I think its already added under common/structures/warehouse
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  7. iller

    I find it funny how SOE's sinking all this money and expertise into that Landmark program, that runs through this same engine (Watch the player made videos in the arctic areas & you'll see "Esamir's" tileset complete with the obnoxious blue lighting), yet you guys will probably never see anything like that functionality ever added to PS2 even at a rudimentary level (like reinforcing walls or turret hardpoints and making temporary destructible structure up in the hillsides). People who want building functionality in their shooters are still stuck with GMOD for the next decade I guess....

    *Applauding the OP's efforts in any case* -- I used to make lots of maps in Quake & Source. Good times!
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  8. Darthsebious

    Yup got it. I hadn't downloaded the latest file dump. :D
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  9. SpyShadow28

    Adding more stuff yet again. Just finishing adding the different faction terminals.

    Checkout the Screenshots

    Going to do the same thing for the control point.
  10. iller

    Are all these already.converted to SMD's too? ...I wonder b/c SMD's have really started moving towards being an Amateur (and even professional in some cases) Standard format thanks to SFM and there also being so many Plugins for the format written across real 3d modelers (blender, max, maya, LW, etc)
  11. Darthsebious

    So here's the base I've been working on for the last day or so. Still need to add the spawn room and teleporter rooms into the mountain rocks and also fill out the inside of teh warehouse building.

    Going for a checkpoint/collapsed tunnel vibe. 1 point base with equal distance from the 3 sundie spots and the spawn room.
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  12. iller

    That's pretty darn good for only a couple days...
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  13. libbmaster

    Wow! That looks really nice!
  14. Darthsebious

    Cheers guys, glad you like it. I am going to extend one side of it to include a dock/transport area and then I've got to add all the decor (crates/lights/cover props etc). Still quite a bit of work to do and I've got a feeling that it would be way over budget in regards to objects in the area but considering its the first crack at a PS2 base in CE3, I'll let that slide for now. :)
  15. Darthsebious

    Also, I had a crack at doing some WW I style trenches in a test level. I can see why the devs decided not to include them. Very hard to alter the terrain and keep it looking good.
  16. SpyShadow28

    Apparently when you scale something in cryengine non-uniform, the physics associated with the object does not scale with it. Beware of this. Hopefully CryTek finds out about the bug in there software and it gets fixed. I don't think I am doing anything wrong in exporting the assets into the game to where that feature does not work.
  17. SpyShadow28

  18. SpyShadow28

    Today's Planetside 2 Work In Progress episode below.

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3

    Every Tuesday @ 3 pm Pacific Time

    I got to find out if the developers of planetside 2 use non uniform scaling on there assets, got to watch the work in progress videos more carefully now and spot that.
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  19. libbmaster

    Oh hey, they fixed it!

    Or so says the crytech guy...

    EDIT: pretty sure the PS2 devs can scale an object out in any one of the three directions without using the other two. (That's non-uniform, correct?)
  20. libbmaster

    LoL, never mind, found the application.