Planetside 2 Base/Map Designing

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  1. Loui5D

    Donwloaded the assets before you updated them, got the new ones now. Will see what i can cook up.
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  2. SpyShadow28

    A good thing to do is memorize the assets. Everyone loves the mining platforms and its usually the first thing you would memorize, as in memorize what it looks like and where to find it.

    I would build a map with every single object so you know whats in the asset collection. These assets are from planetside 2. I should have extracted the assets from the test server instead because then you guys get access to the hossin props. The export does have a problem with exporting anything with a shield which is a bummer, hopefully the programmer can fix that for me in the future. I have already left a bug report.
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  3. Loui5D

  4. SpyShadow28

    That's awesome. What's even more cool, you can even upload your map file somewhere and we all can play on it in our editors. I see some models have the physics limit reach texture applied. Did you download the most recent update and apply it? Remember to delete the planetside 2 folder and then apply the update sense I sometimes remove stuff, but its still there, like I am now putting the tower pieces together as one.

    The new update should now have a editor.cfg file include which has a command to increase the physics limit to remove that annoying error material on objects.

    Also join and post your creations here too >

    ohh, almost forgot, you can hide that text stuff on the right top corner by clicking on the [ I ] and [ H ] buttons on the top right hand corner of the viewport.
  5. AudieSmurfy

  6. SpyShadow28

    That's pretty awesome. It's kinda cool to see what people are working on. You can even upload your map file later in the future and we can play on them. That's if the assets you use are from only the free sdk and the planetside 2 assets, anything custom must be added with the map file. I will export some bridges and other stuff. Hoping to put a update out tonight.
  7. AudieSmurfy

    Update on the battle island:

  8. Bonom Denej

    That reminds me of this thread.

    I'll copy/paste some pictures from there :




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  9. Loui5D

    I've updated the album with a few more images of the work i did yesterday, had a play around today with the new assets. Can't wait for more assets, atm i need things that i can use as cover.

    I'll look into doing a quick mashup of the images above.
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  10. SpyShadow28

    Seeing the assets I added from yesterday and then appearing in a map lets me know that I need to continue to add assets every day instead of working on other things. I got to give you guys a warning tho, there might be times in the future where a model gets modified to be better to work with. For example, the turret placements. I will begin to add a changelog in the comment section of the RAR file so you guys know what's been added or changed.

    I have not even added LODs to these models but I will once I get all the models added. So slowly but surely, everything will begin to look better.

    One thing I noticed is that the models are missing the metal black dotted mesh you would normally see. In 3D Max, I did not see any missing polygons for this, so the developers must have done something special in the map editor to add it to the objects. Hopefully CryEngine can do the same thing or I will end up Photoshop them in with the single material.

    Today, I will adding more models, when I get tired, I will post another update. Keep up the good work!

    If any of you want to watch me convert these assets, you may by going to the link below.
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  11. libbmaster

    Guys, I think we need to remember that PS2 suffers from performance issues.

    I would suggest watching a few "work in progress" videos on the PS2 twitch to get an idea for how the dev's approach these constraints. While these maps look awesome, I suspect that they would be resource hogs.

    Also: does this editor let you "scale" an object like the one SoE uses?
  12. SpyShadow28

    Yes, the CryEngine Editor does let you scale objects. CryEngine SDK is almost identical to the terrain editor they use.

    In the future I will optimize the models. I am one of the best people who know a lot about polygon optimization because I managed to get a map on source sdk to go from 10 fps to 200 fps by a simple tricks.

    One think that SOE could improve is there mining platforms. The bottom of them have tons of these dividers which is really not needed and it eats up performance.

    But yes, don't go crazy putting objects sense these objects at this time don't have LODs yet. I will add them in the future.
  13. libbmaster

    By the way, malorn now knows this thread exists! I hit him up on twitter and he asked me what my considerations were when making a base!

    (I don't have any... I haven't taken a crack at it yet!)
  14. SpyShadow28

    Hopefully the developers think what we are doing is a good thing.
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  15. SpyShadow28

  16. SpyShadow28

    I got to ask you guys, do you guys want breakable glass for the monitor screens?

    When you shoot them, pieces chip away. Look at the screenshots


    Should the monitor material for the screens on props have this option enabled?
  17. libbmaster

    I feel like we should make it as close to the version that the devs use.

    I don't know why... maybe it will increase the chances of our stuff making it into the game?
  18. Loui5D

    I would go with unbreakable, broken glass will be a lot of tri's which probably won't go to well in the terms of fps.
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  19. SpyShadow28

    Ok. I did not know it was breakable at first until I shot it. I set the surface property to glass and then I shot it and it broke into pieces like that.

    I set the surface property to none or something. In a few hours there will be another update and it will have new stuff in it like for example.

    Cover Objects like crates.
    Communication Towers

    other stuff I can't think of at the moment
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  20. libbmaster

    You're a machine, shadow.

    Keep it up! :D