Planetside 2 Base/Map Designing

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  1. AudieSmurfy

    Hasn't been an update in months. I'm assuming this is dead?
  2. warmachine1

    Many bases in PS2 resemble prison rather than a fort.
    Walled "islands" where defender can't shoot ot & attacker can't shoot in. Everyone just camp chokes.
  3. SpyShadow28

    It's not dead, just has been put on the back burner for a while. Been dealing with more important things lately. I still have all the files on my pc, just have to find time to work on this again. If anyone wants to help me out on this, let me know, you need to know how to use 3D Max.
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  4. SpyShadow28

    Going to be working on the project today. If you like to watch me work on it, visit the link below

    Does anyone know if SOE added new stuff to the game sense I last worked on it?
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  5. SpyShadow28

    I managed to get a copy of CryEngine SDK that has the physics working for scaling XYZ individually without it needing steam to work. But there are some new things to considered if you plan to use it.

    They made a big change to the lighting system. So when you make a new map, shadows are black, to fix it you have to place a special object in the map and set it properties.

    I guess you probably can use the Free SDK to make your level and then copy the stuff over to the newer version for walking around in.

    There be another update soon for you guys.
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  6. libbmaster

    Heeee's back! :D
  7. SpyShadow28

    I would like to start working on this again soon. So I need some help. If any modeler people out there like to help, let me know. SOE is always adding new things to the game so its very hard for me to find out what they added.
  8. SpyShadow28

    Looks like SOE had added city models to the game files.


    I am exporting models yet again.
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  9. Bonom Denej

    We know for a fact they're working on a city BI so it makes sense that they're adding new assets. I'd love to see a new episode of WIP on those new BI concept.
  10. Erilis

    Sounds great, but start simple.
  11. SpyShadow28

    I am exporting the models a lot faster then before due to me knowing how to correct the export errors. For those of you who have previous maps created with previous assets, you may have rebuild the whole new map to make use of the newer assets.

    If you really want to keep your old map, rename the old planetside 2 assets folder to something else and use notepad++ to reflect that name change on all of the mtl files. It be the only way to keep the old assets and use new assets.

    Anyways, I am exporting a lot of models now. In a few days I will create a new download for them with the download of the SDK software sense crytek removed it from there website.
  12. DarkTexas Volunteer Quality Assurance Assistant

    Sadly, I cant download the files anymore. Is there any way for me to get them? - I wanna take a look at it since am too stupid for bringing .obj files in the Sandbox of the cryengine! - if u could tell me how i would love you lol
  13. Loui5D

    Get LIVE CryEngine Assets Updates
    Follow the instructions below.


    Setup will ask if you have a secret key

    1. Start the BT Sync Setup. It will ask for a secret code.
    2. Paste in this secret code BUELP44JMDKUUS63YWHOGYL6YDGC6RVKB
    3. Select your CryEngine Folder only.
    4. Let it sync.

    If the Devices Tab list everything as Sync on XXXXXXx, then its updated!

    How do I know if I Set it up Correctly?
    You sync will download its first update right away.
    It will download the text file called "LIVE UPDATES READY!.txt" to your GameSDK folder. If you see it there, you are good to go
  14. Alan Kalane

    I haven't seen this thread yet, but it looks old...
    I am a programmer myself and I might be interrested in helping you out if I can
    Please tell me
    - the current status of the project (% done)
    - primary features of the program other than placing buildings and walking around you mentioned
    - tools/programs/IDEs and other stuff you're using

    and if I feel confident enough I might help you out if you want