Planetside 2 Base/Map Designing

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SpyShadow28, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. SpyShadow28

    I am working on the project today. The next update will be huge.
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  2. Darthsebious

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  3. SpyShadow28

    Now I know I should be working on the project but today, going to spend my time after 10 AM PT playing Destiny Beta. Anyone else going to be playing it on the PS4? Let me know, I add ya and join up.

    I am also setting up a LIVE Update system that will send you updates to your SDK without you having to download them. Kinda like planetside 2 launcher does.
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  4. libbmaster

    An updater?

    Holy nanites spy, you're going all in!

    I might just get the pay to play Cryengine kit just to make the most of this...
  5. SpyShadow28

    I would not pay that $10 a month subscription for the cryengine because they made the pay one worst personally compared to the free one. Its more darker and stuff on it.
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  6. SpyShadow28

    Get LIVE CryEngine Assets Updates
    Follow the instructions below.


    Setup will ask if you have a secret key

    1. Start the BT Sync Setup. It will ask for a secret code.
    2. Paste in this secret code BUELP44JMDKUUS63YWHOGYL6YDGC6RVKB
    3. Select your CryEngine Folder only.
    4. Let it sync.

    If the Devices Tab list everything as Sync on XXXXXXx, then its updated!

    How do I know if I Set it up Correctly?
    You sync will download its first update right away.
    It will download the text file called "LIVE UPDATES READY!.txt" to your GameSDK folder. If you see it there, you are good to go.
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  7. Loui5D

  8. SpyShadow28

    I just put a update out on the live sync. It should download it right away.
    You will see a folder called "planetside2_updates" in GameSDK. The folder is named this to not corrupt your existing maps. So you be able to load your maps and begin using the new content.

    I will also put the update on dropbox too.
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  9. AudieSmurfy

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  10. Loui5D

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  11. SpyShadow28

    I be working on more stuff for you guys. Just been doing other important things lately. Today I play some planetside 2 and then get to work on importing more models.

    Friend me on planetside 2 if you like. "Connery Server NC / SpyShadow
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  12. libbmaster

  13. Genghiskron

    I've told SOE on twitter several times that they should just make a public-facing Foreglight engine editing kit. Imagine if the community could lay out the maps and design them collectively or individually and then get them in the game ala Player Studio. This would definitely add tons more content at a quicker pace, but would go through a rigorous balancing and design process to ensure quality in the maps. Just like the other aspects of Player Studio, if the player decides to invest time and effort into adding towards their game, I don't really see the problem with it, especially if content will be continued to be released at the pace it is now. (Granted it's gotten a lot better in the past few months but still).

    If I had more time to invest in this idea, I would definitely be helping out, but ya know... real life lol
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  14. libbmaster

    Tell me about it.

    This is the first time I've touched the editor in months. :p

    WiP stream convinced me to get off my butt!
  15. libbmaster

    So when said I was going to use the template as a basis for future designs... I decided to have a go at it now!

    Here's the basic layout...


    EDIT: Here's a close up from the other side. Yes, there is a large room under the deck!

  16. Loui5D

    Assign a damn texture yo.
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  17. libbmaster

    That is supposed to be sand.

    I suck with the actual terrain editing.

  18. SpyShadow28

    I had no idea they are doing new things. This will make me want to make models for you guys faster.

    Yah, real life tends to prevent ya from putting time into things so I got to do it a little at a time.
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  19. AudieSmurfy

    How's progress coming along?
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    I've read the whole thread through, oustanding job you did here Spy, keep up the good work! All these concept of buildings presented here looks really interesting. I'll definitely try to create sth myself. The only thing I wonder is whether devs actually would want to take a look into such projects, and if so, would it be easy to implement such ideas in some new maps or maps redesigns. I'd be nice to have some voting system to point out the best/most interesting desings, so it would be easier to look for them.

    ps. apologize for my english, it's not mine native language, hope its understandable