Planetside 2 Anniversary in a few days

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by NightmareP69, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. IamDH

    Seemed like something a lot bigger.

    Im predicting Beta Nights
  2. Kugelfisch

    The demand for that seems to be more recent. In the first months of this year I don't remember seeing that demand.
    What I do recall being asked for since launch was continent locking but I don't think they'll do that with only three continents.

    What is WPS by the way?
  3. IamDH

    From March 28 2013 it has been asked for and its pretty much the only thing we all really gathered on.
    Continent locking is on the roadmap and is unscheduled so that is also secluded
    It also doesnt have the major support Beta nights did
  4. codeForge

    I'm getting a case of Ola Dubh Special Reserve 30. I dunno what YOU guys are getting. :)
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  5. R3dBeaver

    I call shenanigans.

    Screenshot or its all lies.

    PS: can we get Hosin while you enjoy your special reserve beverage?
  6. Zazulio

    Note to devs: I will spend big bux if you have a special SC sale.
  7. randomusername146

    Evreyone, whose account was created before xx/xx/2013 gets a confetti-grenade and a stupid hat. :p
  8. BoomBoom4You

    I'd def buy a Higby hair helmet

    they give you the smedley hair helmet by default! LOLLLL
  9. Ash87

    You have chosen... Wisely.
  10. John_Aitc

    We already received the best gift in the O:MFG patch.

    My guess will be that they announce that what will happen during Black Friday and that long weekend and also Heroic Boosts. I also think that the Nov. 20th show would be a good time for them to launch their store.
  11. jak

    Probably camped in spawn rooms by vehicles.
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  12. ironeddie

    6 months XP boost as reward for still being a player a year later & hossin.
  13. Ganelon

    I think that's the reason why there's no server transfers yet...
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  14. Nyscha

    What I want? Them to fix the game.
  15. Phazaar

    My preference? Fix one bug. Any one. I dare you.

    My prediction: Cosmetics. Anyone kidding themselves that 'something you've been asking for all along' isn't a reference to extra hats, nekkid girls in decals, the :eek: decal etc, clearly hasn't been here since the beginning :/
  16. Flapatax

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  17. SurgeonX

  18. Cougarbrit

  19. Ash87

  20. FIN Faravid

    Oh god please let it be alpha look.