PlanetSide 1 Weekend April 8-10th

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  1. Sathiran

    The PlanetSide 1 community and is holding a “PlanetSide Weekend” April 8-10th to play some good old PlanetSide 1! All are welcome to participate, veterans and newcomers alike!

    Why PlanetSide 1? PlanetSide 1 is a free to play, MMOFPS game that has a lot of key differences from PlanetSide 2. While it is an older game, it’s still extremely fun. It has a lot of interesting features and content that was neglected for PlanetSide 2, and is definitely worth checking out. Curious where PlanetSide 2 came from? Come check out the original!

    Training for Newcomers (Saturday, April 9th @ 10AM PST / 12PM CST / 1PM EST)
    If you’ve never played PlanetSide 1, you’re new or inexperienced, or have a friend that’s new or wants to try, we will be holding a training session held by veterans of the game on Saturday morning for people to learn a bit about the game. Topics covered will be certifications, loadouts, hotkeys, and combat. If you would like to participate, there will be a squad listed on each empire for “Training.” Join this squad at the scheduled time. (If there is a change, we will post about it). Additionally, we have created a write-up for players who are new to PlanetSide 1, particularly in 2016:

    One of the main reasons that the population died off significantly in PlanetSide 1 is due to hackers. The hacks in PlanetSide 1 are pretty advanced and can do a lot more than just the traditional FPS hacks you may be familiar with. Fortunately, the hackers have been pretty inactive as of late. Due to this, we've been seeing a large increase in population over the weekends and even during the week! Additionally, some members of the community has taken upon itself to design their own tools to help deal with the threat of hackers. These community members will be on hand to deal with any problems and ensure fair play.

    Voice/Text Chat
    If you would like to voice or text chat with your fellow players, the public Discord is being provided. This will also be a helpful tool if you decide to participate in the training session (even if just to listen), albeit not required. Additionally, if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback regarding the event, feel free to chat with us in the above Discord server. Discord is a browser based (or downloadable, with additional features) text/voice chat application that requires no sign-up. The join link is:

    Game Account
    Use your existing Daybreak account or sign up for a FREE account at:

    You can download PlanetSide 1 here:

    What are you waiting for Soldier? Join the fight today! For land. For power. Forever.
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  2. sebastian oscar post

    You do realise that you've just told EVERY SINGLE HACKER in existence that has a forumside account about this right?
  3. XanIves

    So? He said that there will be community moderators standing by during the event if needed. Imagine how hacker free this game would be if there were moderators sitting on every continent, and knew exactly what hackers looked like. The worst hackers they might get would be some minor aim-botters, and even then, they would be forced to cheat conservatively if they didn't want to get banned, which means they aren't p*ssing off that many people when compared to our flying shotgun invincible aimbotters we have now.

    Hackers might now come, but they won't be able ruin the entire game for an entire continent single-handedly, and that is already a victory in my opinion. I already get destroyed by pro players, so one or two cheaters who are better than normal aren't going to ruin a gaming session for me personally.

    INB4 anyone attacking me for "tolerating" hackers, I don't support them, but the goal of the game is to have fun, not prevent hackers. If we can get 10,000 players to play this, and maybe 20 of them are subtle hackers, there's gonna be a ton of fun in the end, with maybe a few points of salt. Note that salt already exists for a number of perfectly legal gameplay reasons, such as medkit spam, ADAD spam, LOLPOD spam, lockon spam, Raven spam, MANA turret spam, and MAX spam, and people get about 40 times more annoyed by those than they do by hackers.
  4. Armcross


    LOL there will be little to no hackers this event. The abs + our advanced anti hacking team will easily make the game a free and enjoyable place. The game has been mostly hacker free recently, and as a result many people are coming in to the game, new and old. This game is starting to get its pop back, all because we now have a way of effectively dealing with and squishing out the hackers.

    (By we I mean me and a few other antihackers, psforever is not in any way associated with the antihacking in pside.)
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  6. Foxirus

    I remember hearing you guys complain about how hackers ruined the last PS1 time. Just let it go people, PS1 is dead. The more new people know how much content was lost from planetside 1 to 2? The more they realized just how empty planetside 2 is.
  7. Metrack12

    This could be an interesting experience
  8. sebastian oscar post

    All right i believe you!
    on the weekend i found quite a number of squads on nc and had a blast!
    so I guess your right!
  9. King Feraligatr

    As a rather regular player of PS1, I can confirm that hackers are less active and that pops are rising. And our moderation tools seem to work. Still have to deal with the NC's utter r etardness and PS1's horrible imbalance, but at least most people play legit. Still, anyone that has not played PS1 would be wise to look at that document and this site for help: . They don't lie when PS1 is far different from PS2.
  10. Armcross