Planetside 1 was infinitely better

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  1. Daemonn

    No classes
    No Pay-To-Win
    No hard advantages
    Better Lattice System
    Better inventory system
    Better Balance

    Seriously though, why do games follow a model where veterans have obvious advantages over noobs? Why even have armor systems and the likes? Why not just have various types of suits like Light/Medium/Heavy and let your skill decide who wins a firefight? Instead its just pull a heavy with maxed out armor/abilities and pop shield then profit.

    Modern FPS models are such trash. Everyone wants to be a tryhard fgt maxing out their scoreboard kills... Bring back PS1!
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  2. Taemien

    PS1 was a failed game. Despite 3 expansions, it died. Its down to a single server that only a handful play on.

    PS2 in comparison is still making money 3 years after it's release without any expansions. Its also still being developed on with new features.

    PS1 is older, but that's no excuse.. EQ by comparison is actually doing slightly better than its sequel. Just launched its 22nd expansion and 3rd NEW server this year. 16 years and its growing in servers, not merging. And all three of those servers are premium servers, you need all access to login to them.
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  3. FateJH

    Technically, even PlanetSide Classic isn't exempt from this. People who have played longer and thus have higher BR and CR have exceptional advantages, expecially in the case of CR and the benefits of a CUD. Hell, BR40 is obnixous not only in how long it takes to get there but that the benefit is screwing any other given player who is still stuck on the "have to unlock system" of BR1 to BR39.
    You have to refine this point - about armor systems - because it sounds too easy to confuse it as a self-contradiction.
    If you want to play PlanetSide Classic, go play PlanetSide Classic. Launchpad download links in my signature.
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  4. Pikachu

    How long did ps1 last? Was it not better than ps2 adjusted for time? Ps2 i have always thought of as a half-failed game with sub-par development.
  5. Azawarau

    If you focus your certs well its not so bad

    I poured all of my VS,TR, and NC alt points into engineer and max entirely and they handle well

    I dont have a powerful primary weapon though but i dont have one on my main NC either so thats not unusual
  6. TheFlamingLemon

  7. Daemonn

    It died because of technology progress. PS1 was built on an old engine that even if it wanted to do better, it couldn't. They'd have to remake the whole game, hence PS2.

    PS1 didn't have a pay system, you bought the game and played. People think that pay systems are the norm, they are not. It's an emerging form of monetization. $10 on average to buy a new gun and kit it out with accessories while the game is free to play is crazy. Look at how many guns there are + vehicle options - the profit potential is 10x higher while you basically limit features to players unless they want to pay. Sure its free to play but you are limited in options severely across all classes and vehicles. I would have rather paid $60 and had access to EVERYTHING.

    EQ by nature is a different game. MMORPGs have social and downtime elements that make them wholesomely different from an FPS experience. We don't even have Sanctuary islands in PS2 - which in my opinion greatly enhanced the social element of planetside in general. You really can't compare EQ and Planetside1/2 in any way....
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  8. Daemonn

    Also, NC are favored little b1tches. Why make the striker a NS variant yet leave out the specialty of other factions? Guided, laser and seeking... yet everyone gets seeking. F|_|ck NC fgts.... also their starter weapons are hilariously good. What's up with that? Go VR test and when you do NC you'll be like WTF... Ah PS1 where the Gauss Rifle, Phoenix and Jackhammer were exclusively for p|_|ssies.
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  9. Obscura

    PS1 was a better game because it was on the drawing board in the 90s years before they started developing the actual game, it was allowed the long creative process that a polished game needs. Thats the problem with alot of games today including PS2, companies are too eager to push out new titles so they can make their money off of it ASAP.

    I remember when they rushed planetside 2 out of beta and it was FULL of bugs and terribly imbalanced, everyone was begging them not to end Beta or go to launch until they fixed all of it, but higby didn't listen I guess. The game we play today is a godsend compared to the mess that it was at launch, now theres just alot less players. It might have kept alot of them if they didn't twiddle their thumbs for 2 or 3 years before they finally figured out they had a stagnant game that needed changes to reach its potential.
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  10. Goretzu

    I wouldn't call PS1 a failed game, exactly, for its time its subscription numbers were decent, it peaked at about 60,000 subs and it still had 55,000 subs 2.5 years on (at the time when it was launched the biggest MMO (EQ1) only had 450,000 subs - its next nearest was UO with 250,000, although SWG soon over took it with 300,000), which for a game that was VERY expensive for what it was (basically the same price per month as EQ1 and later WoW - when it was probably "worth" ~$7 per month sub price) and that was frankly ahead of its time and very niche MMO in a world were MMOs were still niche wasn't bad.
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  11. FieldMarshall

    As i read the title, i tried thinking of things that PS2 did better than PS1 besides pretty graphics.
    I really really tried. ..Cosmetics i guess?
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  12. Taemien

    PS1 has no future. Unlike EQ, EQ2, DCUO, and PS2. All games developed on by SOE/Daybreak (and 989/Verant before SOE). I'm not going to argue about its initial success. Which is why we have a PS2 to begin with. But to say PS1 is better... CURRENT server numbers show that it isn't.

    Again age is NO excuse. Especially when EQ is still dominating the field (as far as Daybreak games are concerned). At being over 16 years old and 22 expansions in.

    Unfortunately, yes you can. EQ like PS1 was sub only. Like PS1 it didn't have a cash shop. And I could go on and on about their engine similarities but we'll go based on what you brought up. EQ went F2P, it also has a Market and a Player's Studio. They COULD do the same thing with PS1. There's not a tech limitation (seeing what they could add to EQ that runs on a very similar if slightly older engine to PS1). But the fact that there is only a handful of players.

    And this is going to bring me to my final point. One that no one can dispute.

    Why aren't people like you playing PS1 instead of PS2 if its so much better in every way? Your statement is false, exaggerated, and based on emotional-base nostalgia. Sorry to bring you all back to reality. But you'd all band together, download Fate's link in his sig, and play together on PS1 if it was a better game.

    Just like I'm currently playing on EQ1 instead of EQ2. It actually holds its own against its more tech-advanced sequel. PS1 sadly did not.

    Again it was an alright game when it first came out. That's why we have the Planetside franchise and a sequel. But to say it was better 'infinitely' than its sequel is a bit overstating to say the least.

    But you all could prove me wrong. Switch games. Have some fun over there and make it your new home.

    Something tells me none of you will. I'm pretty confident in my argument.
  13. OldMaster80

    You're dreaming dude. Better balance? Sure... it took YEARS before devs managed to make bfr slightly balanced. Before that 1 lonely pilot could steamroll everyone.
    And when expansions came out you had to buy them to get access to brutal items and vehicles that were clearly OP.

    Said that ps2 is not pay2win at all and you think rhe opposite I wonder what the hell have you beeb playing so far.

    Btw if you love ps1 it's still there.
  14. Taemien

    No reason to be hostile. There's better ways to remove rose-colored nostalgia goggles.
  15. TataLebuj

    Completely agree with OP. PS1 was a better game in almost all ways. Strategically - yes. Tactically - yes. Graphically - No. Group mechanics - yes. Progression - yes.

    There was always a real sense of "war" going on, now I just feel like it's an endless battle. There's zero strategy, and no way to form memorable/distinguished leadership. Knowing that only CR5's could shout, and then watching what they wanted to do and how it turned out, each player got a sense for who to listen to. Now? It's rare to see people trying.

    My biggest complaint, and maybe I'm just remembering things differently, is from when we were told there would be a PS2. They got the PS1 community all riled up, and so many people who had left came back to enjoy the nostalgia and to dream of the possibilities. The Dev team communicated with us, and showed us what they were working on, but obviously kept most of the details all wrapped up. The assumption made by most players was that the game would be the next generation to planetside. Not a completely different game with completely different mechanics on all of the framework game play mechanics. Hacking a base, no one even thought to ask how that would be done since it was done so PERFECTLY in PS1.

    That's my issue, this game has potential. PS1 is the model and we should be adopting it, not trying to be another BFx or CoDx. Let's play to our strengths, and large scale battles with actual combined arms being lead and having the zerg pushed/prodded is the right way to go. Back hacks, ghosting bases, opening continents, continent locking, sanctuary locking, and the best tactic of all - the base drain. Bring it back.

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  16. Khrin

    Hello. I'm a PS1 hypervet (Khrin from TR Emerald). When PS2 launched it was so hidious and pay2win and dumbed down I just couldn't and fled after about 30mins.
    Decided to give it another chance now it's had time to evolve a little. Sadly it's not a patch on PS1. Virtually every mechanic is dumbed down, the advantage difference between newbies and the br100 vet club is fairly absurd, even the one thing it should be better for - graphics - the game just looks oily and gritty and aside from the odd pretty vista when you drive over a hilltop is generally quite ugly. The whole camo system as well as the yucky graphics make telling friend from foe harder than it should be as well.

    Anyway it's got some redeeming qualities and it is nice to be amongst the TR logos and prowlers and all that again. It's just such a shame that this is only a husk of what a decent planetside game could be.

    Smart, attractive people.. ..are fully aware of the crapness of these business models.
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  17. DarkJackal

    It doesn't exactly work that way.
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  18. Littleman

    The more time goes on, the more everyone starts asking for the systems that worked in PS1 where PS2's are failing - ironically, a lot of them don't even realize it. The only crimes PS1 committed were releasing at a time where MMO gaming (nay, gaming as a whole) was still a niche, nerdy space, and a really fubared unbalanced asset in the battleframe robot (or big f***ing robot) which went on to dominate everything for way too long. In tandem with this, the console market literally exploded with Halo on the Xbox (being WAY more affordable than a PC that could run Planetside well,) and the gaming market overall exploded with World of Warcraft basically playing the role of black hole in the game space, sucking in even non-gamers. And it was grindy at release, but no Everquest/Asheron's Call/etc.

    Comparing the two has even got me thinking about the actual purpose of ADS mechanics (literally, to slow people down to make them easier to hit, it's hardly a skill mechanic,) head shots and their impact on player skill and team play, and how such systems might widen or decrease the skill gap between players which may or may not be so good a thing if you want to have a game that's meant to reward team play over solo play, and you need players to actually enjoy themselves. Getting wrecked by some MLGpro/hacker who headshots blindfolded is not fun. Of course, getting wrecked by someone that knows how to wall rebound in Unreal Tournament when spamming the space bar is their target's only notable skill isn't very encouraging for the target if they're the one getting gibbed every time.

    It must be noted skill gaps do lead to player bleed, believe it or not. It's why the air game looks like $#!% and is barely populated, and it's why CoD does so freakin' well every year. Think about it, who needs head shots when you kill in two shots to the body anyway? And that's part of CoD's success (besides there being 4132523 ways to kill someone.) So, in a way, even if it was just due to the limitations of hardware and the internet at the time, I think PS1 might have done something right in lacking things like head shots, OHK sniper rifles, etc. And simply writing that concept off because "skill > whatever" is the gamer speaking, not the developer. If you don't analyze why XYZ exists, what it does for and against a game, and whether or not it belongs in a game as a result, then you get Destiny... or PS2. The latter of which keeps looking more and more like PS1, though it will never go all in. Heavy Assaults will always be a sin until DGC grants every other class some form of in-combat advantage, which probably won't happen for another two years, but I digress. In short, PS2 will never become completely like PS1, and PS1 will never pick back up because it's locked in the vicious cycle of too few players, and generally looking and feeling dated.

    Gamer's don't really know what's best for a game... Which is why many games turn out like crap, because like the anime industry (which is 90% crap in my opinion) fans are creating the stuff anymore. Some of them get it right, most of them get it very wrong. Not to keep harping on DGC, but Higby wasn't a developer - he was a gamer.
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  19. DarkJackal

    I think people get hopping angry at a game they're frustrated because they're not doing different things to try to get better results. In fact, too much emphasis was given to heavies which quite honestly nerfing them too much is going to ruin infantry on infantry balance a bit since the ebb and flow of open battles is going to be a lot more of hiding behind vehicles and advancing to the terrible building combat rooms.

    Do you know how many shots it take me to drop someone with, for example, a Cyclone? It's 3 on average. If it's a heavy tanked with over shield it's 4-5 which isn't much more than a second or two of consistent patient and some practice at firing. How hard is it to aim for the head when all you need is three shots and you earned your meal for the day? Practically nothing! It gets even better with a Blitz!

    I wonder if I play the same game as everyone else.
  20. Taemien

    I think its time to destroy those nostalgia covered glasses. Here's my stance.. and I will be honest and give credit where it is due:


    For me, this isn't actually a big deal. PS1 doesn't actually look -that- bad. Dated, but not bad. Cosmetics are really limited.. and very much so. Soldiers in the same empire all look the same. That's compounded by the lack of classes. This applies to vehicles too.


    Doesn't exist in PS1. You have a zoom feature which you 'can' map to right click, but its a toggle, not hold. To hit anything past 10m, you need to tap shot everything. You can mitigate this by carrying a sniper rifle. Overall the gunplay is terribad.. and I mean really really bad. Being a First Person Shooter, I think this is the nail on the coffin.


    One good point is these can't be spammed. The bad news is, unless you're BR 20ish.. don't bother. You can use a flash.. and then get ran over by a Vanguard or Magrider. In PS2 newbies are disadvantaged because of certs spent.. but at least they can do SOME damage WITH a MBT. Not so in PS1. You can get a Flash and get shot off of it. That's it. You can't get a MBT until you cert into 'lesser' tier'd vehicles.


    You unlock these the same way you do with Vehicles.. but if you unlock a weapon, thats a vehicle you can't unlock. You have to choose one or the other. Choose wisely, because if you go the vehicle route and end up having to get out and assault the inside of a base. You're screwed. In PS2 you can switch from Engie to HA and wreck face. Or even stay as an Engie.


    The customization in PS1 is unparalleled. But that is a double edged sword. Specialize too much and you'll find yourself lacking. Generalize too much and you will get stomped by a specialist. Classes in PS2 (which I wish had more customization, as least slightly more), at least ensure you will not dig yourself into a hole you can't get out. PS1 can and does do this.


    One feature I like about PS1 is the Looking For Squad function. They ripped off the LFG tool from EQ. Nice idea. THAT should have transfered over to PS2. That's one good thing PS1 has over its sequel.


    I didn't get enough points to get a CR. But one thing I've noticed is the ability to Orbital Strike. Sounds like a neat feature. But it is frequently abused. Players who've played a ton of PS1 have access and they use it on cooldown. Wouldn't be a problem if it was one at a time. But you can't go from one base to another without everyone unleashing these things. Imagine an invisible/invincible lib with a Dalton round that has a 50m splash. That's PS1 midfield. Stay indoors.


    Too damn many of these. They're small, probably the size of half a dozen bases in PS2. And they have continental lattice. Battles stagnate because its one faction vs another. Without three way fights stalemates are common and fighting at the same base gets boring. If you think its bad on PS2. Its way worse on PS1. I'm sure three way fights do happen, but because the action is split between 8 continents, who knows?


    I've seen these lauded as being bastions of grouping up forces. I don't understand what the difference is between one and a PS2 warpgate. Anyway, I see forces form up at warpgates, I don't see it happen in PS1 sanctuaries. And lets face it.. no one has any recordings of this sort of epicness (aka not zerging) in a PS1 Sanctuary:

    nuff said there.


    PS1 had potential. Anyone who plays it and sees everything you can do can see that. But it didn't reach it. That's why the server is one server, and a ghost town at best. Players left in droves.. doesn't matter about BFR update or whatever.. if one vehicle, one patch can destroy a game.. it didn't have much behind it to begin with.

    My biggest complaints was the inventory system and the cert specialization.. as well as the BR40 perk.

    First the inventory system. As I said before its a double edged sword. When last I played I cheap'd out the system on a NC character by carrying a Guass Rifle and a Bolt Driver in Heavy Armor. In PS2 terms.. thats a HA with the Assault Rifle and Bolt Action Sniper Rifle. Yes it was as OP as it sounds.

    "But you can't take out a vehicle like that!"

    Like PS2, you don't need to worry about vehicles. They have cloak sundies that can get you respawned near enough to the base to get in and assault it. Don't need rockets too often.

    Cert Specialization was another crappy thing about the game. Sure it curbs spamming whatever. But if you can't deal with it, it rolls over you. At least in PS2 you're 1000 certs or 700DBC away from a counter. Any newbie can pull a sundy in PS2, not so much in PS1. In fact if you took a platoon into PS1 RIGHT now.. anyone that dies has a long run due to NO transport capability unless you have a vet there.

    And that leads to the last part. Apparently once you reach max BR, which is 40.. you get everything unlocked. Outstanding if you can make it that far.

    Horrible for those of us who aren't and have to face that. They have a full catalog of spitfires (they can deploy more than one), vehicles, mines, and grenade types, as well as other shenanigans. You're down to a flash and a set of 3-4 default weapons. That does NOT include sniper rifles (gotta cert into it), shotguns, and so on.

    New Players and Lone Wolves.. you guys have no clue how GOOD you have it in PS2. In PS1.. just forget it. You need to specialize too much, and as a new player you are nearly obsolete to higher BR's.

    And at the end of the day. Planetside 1's numbers speak for themselves. Its a novelty at best. Like I said, anyone in this thread can prove me wrong by going back to it. But they won't. Not even for a full month. They can't do it. They'll get frustrated, bored, and have a desire to come back to reality, aka PS2.

    But they're welcome to try it. Its Free to Play currently.