[Guide] Planetside 1 failed - we should learn from our mistakes

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  1. DeadAlive99

    I believe it's going to take a few months for this to fully settle in, get the bugs worked out, add and tweak features, and also attract new players and old ones back. This is still only day 3.

    Once things truly settle in, I think we will have a larger population, which means more action, including more action at the regular bases. So, some people may leave for awhile, but when they check back after awhile, I think they will find that they can still play the game they like.
  2. BamaRage

    You may be right but I doubt I will be here for it. Again its just not the game I signed up for. And its now a game I would never sign up for....
  3. Campagne

    Someone needs to build a waffle out of Lego and post it with the caption "Lego my Eggo." :D
  4. HadesR

    But what about Legos sheeps ?

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  5. SpeedFreakPS1

    Aye, BFRs did do massive damage but it was ultimately the plague of hackers that really was the final nail. The BFRs were gradually nerfed into fragile slowing moving constructs, the flight variants became almost useless their damage was so horrible
  6. SpeedFreakPS1

    lol I guess that is why I quickly ended up relying on the crossbow when I started the game :)
  7. Taemien

    This shows you how STUPID some PS2 players are. They b-tch and whine about building stuff.. that they don't want to do it.

    News flash dummies. You can go attack bases like Normal! Go do that. Go run up the lattice and take bases like you normally do. Its a TOTALLY viable way to play. In fact we still NEED people to take bases. You can't take continents with HIVE gens alone.

    But if you look at the VP system, you CAN take a continent easily with 2 alerts and some territory. In fact you can get 10 VP from taking alot of territory.
  8. Armcross

    I wouldn't call a game with 12 years run time a fail. You didn't sign for building base it's fine don't do it. But you have yo deal with them, and you can with playstile of your choosing. For me I signed up for the core game mechanicsthis game give. An opportunity for a different game style to clash each other. Stealth vs power fantasies, support vs killers, infantry vs vehicles, mobility vs firepower, and so on.
  9. BamaRage

    LOL, I love how everyone acts like there is no change in the way one has to play.
  10. BamaRage

    Like I said earlier

    "Well nothings stopping anyone but I prefer to play in platoons and so on. I find now I end up lone wolf or having to play bob the builder meets battlefield. I dont believe its the death of the game, just not the game I signed up for, spent money on and so forth. Its now set up for an entirely different type of player that's just not me. So I dont know what that means for me going forward here. But if not for the investment I would just walk away without issue.
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  11. Diilicious

  12. Ronin Oni


    (PS, you don't have to build a goddamn thing, you can make your game all about shooting other peoples things, you know, the vaunted "FPS" you crave)
  13. ridicOne

    Really? Man everyone see's things differently just because you see it one way doesn't mean the way other people view it makes it wrong either. I have lost all respect in a single post.
  14. EPIC389

    Eats popcorn.

    NC are too easy to steal from
  15. Movoza

    You don't have to build. You can choose to resume "normal" fighting and occasionally destroy a fortress.

    But if you really don't want to stay I'll say farewell and good luck in the next game. No sarcasm or anything intended. There is no pleasing everyone and change will foster enemies of that change. Going away or adept are your best solutions.