[Guide] Planetside 1 failed - we should learn from our mistakes

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by user101, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. user101

    If I wanted to play with LEGO's I would buy them. FPS systems & people want nothing to do with LEGO type systems. LEGO system people want LEGO's.... people that want to build things.

    I did not sign up to build PS2 buildings and walls and harvest mindless things. Not only is this poor planning by the DEV's. It is inconsistant with what the game was built around.

    Most of the old timers will be gone in 90 days. You can't have both... you have to pick one DEV's

    You either like LEGO's or you don't. I am out...!
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  2. Gundem

    PS1 died because of a horrible expansion called the BFR update.

    Cry me a river, kiddoes. I'll use your tears to power my new base.

    When your tear ducts dry up, man up and learn to enjoy the dynamic metagame that was just given to us.
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  3. DooDooBreff

    here we goooooooooooooooooooo!
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  4. Diggsano

    I also wasted 300€ for Stuff in PS2 to support the Devs but since 1 Year they constantly nerf VS and put bullsh!t in like that Construction System.

    Also they just buff TR and NC things!


    Cerberus is a sh!tty Rebel

    Manticore a Plastic Mag-Shot

    I just want to enjoy the game, F#ck me right?
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  5. oTec

    And we have kickoff.

    A quick dash trough the midfield, what will the defence do to stop this attack???
  6. BamaRage

    Agreed, Not what I signed up for and I have been an extremely devoted NC player. I have spent a good bit of money promoting the outfit, giving out MVP Daybreak Cash Rewards and so on. Built website and have done a ton of work outside of the game. A game that I currently view as ******.
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  7. UberNoob1337101

    Hey look, more doomsay and drama...

    Like I haven't seen this before *yawn*

    So wait, when the game gets neglected, everyone whines, but when we actually get something big and good, everyone complains about it?
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  8. FateJH

    Technically, PlanetSide Classic didn't have a fully-fledged construction system and their core facility management was intrinsically tied to amenities, continent control, and the Lattice. It was also much less dynamic. The only thing you really had were small road blocks (TRAPs). You couldn't even place those bunkers outside the base gates or the sandbags or dividers that sometimes populated the courtyards.

    (That's not to say that the developers of Classic didn't want it to have a fully-fledged construction system at some point. Early on, they realized that was a bit more ambitious than they could chew on.)

    What PlanetSide 2 now has is much closer to a traditional RTS base.
  9. FieldMarshall

    If anything is to be learned from PS1 mistakes, its that leaving something broken for over a year and neglecting your game kills it.
    Yes im looking at you, BFRs.

    PS1 didnt really have anything comparable to the PS2 constructable system though.
  10. WTSherman

    What I'm wondering is why the haters compare the construction system to legos/minecraft when it's clearly closer to Command & Conquer.

    Though they do seem to pretty much be the same infantryside players who basically want vehicles to be removed, view everything in terms of 1v1 honor duels, and who don't want to ever see the area outside of a base.

    But hey, just for fun let's just roll all the things they've asked for over the years into one package to take a look at what could be a complete vision for Infantryside 2:

    *All vehicles removed entirely, both ground and air.
    *MAXes removed
    *Nanites removed, consumables now free and supplied by ammo packs.
    *Continents removed, all bases are now instanced maps with two spawn rooms.
    *Population caps as follows:
    Small/Outpost: 12 (6v6)
    Medium: 24
    Towers: 36
    Major facilities: 48

    *Faction assigned at random when match starts
    *Gamemodes are TDM, CTF, and FFA DM.

    Hey, if we really want to give it the EA touch, we could remove Vanu, rename NC and TR to "America" and "Russia", and call it something like Call of Honor: Modern Frontline. :p
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  11. Gundem

    And then we'd see how fast the game would die out because in reality, PS2's core mechanics are poor at best when compared to Arena Shooters like TF2/Doom or Traditional FPS games like BF4 or even CoD.
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  12. FateJH

    Hey, at least you'd be able to render everyone on the map at the same time. That's gotta count for something.
  13. Scr1nRusher

    The forums are going full Flaregun.
  14. TeknoBug

    BFR is why Planetside 1 failed, you can blame John Smedley on that.
  15. Diilicious

    Lego does not have an S on the end FFS, it is itself a plural word, like sheep. stop adding an S to the end.

    thats the real tragedy here.
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  16. DeadAlive99

    You don't have to play with the legos.... You can still play the regular game; a LOT of people still are.
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  17. DeadAlive99

    Well, at least nobody's made the, "Leggo my Eggo" joke yet.............oops....
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  18. Eternaloptimist

    I must have missed all those posts before it was launched saying "Nooooo we don't want construction!"

    And what's wrong with LEGO anyway? It makes perfectly good NC armour cosmetics.
  19. ArcKnight

    you don't have to play with lego's and build stuff you know, you could just to a place where people are fighting and play without building anything yourself............... so whats stopping you ?

    and remember folks, pick up your lego bricks after playing with them for they are the most destructive force known to human feet :D
  20. BamaRage

    Well nothings stopping anyone but I prefer to play in platoons and so on. I find now I end up lone wolf or having to play bob the builder meets battlefield. I dont believe its the death of the game, just not the game I signed up for, spent money on and so forth. Its now set up for an entirely different type of player that's just not me. So I dont know what that means for me going forward here. But if not for the investment I would just walk away without issue.
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