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  1. JibbaJabba

    Cross posting just a bit.

    Would very much appreciate some extra eyes, feedback, possibly thumbs up if you agree over here on a PTS post...

    I really, really do not want this change to hit the live servers. Each patch we have something game breaking added that makes people leave. I think this is another one...

    Feedback on Capture Mechanics. | PlanetSide 2 Forums (
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  2. FLHuk


    ty, that's nuts.

    I wonder.... These updates are having little or no effect on player retention.

    I would love to know what would happen if the staff currently exerting huge effort on updates were to just do QoL / GM work....

    You know, kick and ban cheats, respond to game breaking prime time antics, etc.
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  3. JibbaJabba

    Big changes to core mechanics of a 10 year old game won't bring new players. But they will make old players leave. No lessons learned from Esamir, CTF, CAI, quickpull ,etc..
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  4. OSruinedPS1

    "It allows a nimble force to flank a larger force, to nip at it's heels, to slow it's momentum."

    So exploiting a game mechanic is called "flanking". ookay. I'm not defending zergits, zerging itself is an exploit, the solution to exploits isn't more exploits or else we all might as well by hack-flying prowlers or upsidedown flying bombers. Hey, a flying hack prowler can easily take out a bastion, a bastion is nothing but a zergfit stat padding, therefore flying hack prowlers combat zergs so it's good.
  5. AdaptOrDie

    I am a fairly new player, started In October. I am already thinking of never playing again. Don't get me wrong, I think planetside is unparalleled in scope, and depth. Unique is the word I would use. However the reason for my my departure is its fun only 50% of the time.

    This is what needs to be fixed, for Ps2 to survive another 10 years.

    Better new player orientation, help make the learning curve less steep, as people in general have less time to play video games, at least those with a job. Make an in depth tutorial on how to counter specific classes and Vehicles, sort of how the army Trains their soldiers. For example, KEEP MOVING OR RISK A HEAD SHOT. NEVER STAND BEHIND A TANK. NEVER RUN IN A STRIAT LINE, ZIG ZAG. Empower the new player with veteran tactics and strategies.

    Make weapons cheaper, maybe 600 certs. 1000 is way to much. To much grind.

    Fix the zerging problem. Getting massacred, constantly with one hit kills, is a huge turn off

    Fix the spawn camping issue, give the spawning area multiple outs, and not just a choke point, where zergs and overpowered vets can farm.

    Vehicle kills are the worst, especially if a team mate runs you over. Should only depleat your shield.

    Low population on a Mmo Fps is a turn off, kind of like eating at an empty restaurant.

    More advertising, remember there is no competition for PS2.
  6. JibbaJabba

    I think this is a bad change. If you think it's a good change then I would like to understand where you're coming from ... to a point.

    Nobody is talking about a flying prowlers here. Your views on what an exploit is are unique. Possibly worthy of their own thread.

    I'm not gonna say you're trolling. I'm not positive it was a productive post either.