Planetman out of the loop- Implant revamp

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  1. The Shady Engineer

    How's it going forumside?

    Have been away from Auraxis for a little over 3 months now so I'm kinda out of the loop as to what has changed in the meantime. Biggest change I'm guessing are the new implants. Sooo, were the gloom and doom people right about catlike and minor cloak being game breaking? Also what are the 'meta' implants in general and for engies in particular. I'm thinking of fishing for a battle hardened/regen combo but am open to suggestion.

    Quick edit: Also how bad is the RNG for implants? Will 2500 or so certs be enough to unlock a full set?
  2. Demigan

    Minor cloak is worth less than the ISO4 when breaking it down. Every player who got it so far found it too niche and with too many downsides to use.
    Catlike no one talks about. Its a rare so assuming on average everyone buys 3 deluxe packs, 1 in 200 players has one. Personally I have seen two people use it but none were really special or had a benefit. There might have been more people who had it equipped while they killed me but so far no one killed me in a way that made me think "oh my God did an implant do that?".

    Battle hardened is highly overrated. You'll probably get more out of enhanced targetting. You dont need to upgrade that one at all and seeing enemy health is incredibly important in any fight regardless of you shooting mans or machines. Or you pick one of the other solid implants. Of you get BH, by alleans equip it, but theres too many people pining away for it and ignoring all the things they did get.

    My meta for engies: ammo print and enhanced target for vehicle combat
    Regen and enhanced for infantry combat.
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  3. Nintyuk

    2500 might get you a good chunk of the basic ones but it's unlikely you will get any of the rare ones or even get all the basic ones.
  4. Pat22

    The uh.. jumping boost on the final tier of catlike might actually be more useful overall than the crouch movement bonus. Mostly as a way to climb onto things you're not supposed to without a jetpack.

    That and giving jetpacks an initial boost. I actually wouldn't mind using it on my LA just to go up faster.
  5. Demigan

    Ok here's a correction: No one talks about Catlike any more.
    But you do hit the right point: The jumping is what Catlike is most useful for according to most people that have used it. This is a far cry from the complaints that even with it's nerfed crouchspeed it would be super-OP.
  6. Tankalishious

    For engis in vehicle, sweeper hud 5 is a must, and it works really well
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  7. Cymric

    I dropped 7500 certs for 90 implants for each of my 3 characters. 1 of them managed to get all the non-rare implants (rare implant = counter intelligent and minor cloak). The other 2 got 80% of basic implants + 1 rare implant. So the answer is no, 2500 cert will most likely not unlock a full set.

    Bear in mind that new implants are in the works, so it might be worth it for you to wait for them to be released before inventing heavily in implants.
  8. Dethonlegs

    If you drive ground vehicles, sweeper 5 is awesome. With a 35m detection radius (10 more than EOD 4), death from mines is waaaay down. It's especially good for magriders where magburning towards an unseen mine is deadly. Now you get enough notice to move to one side and just hit one or avoid altogether.

    Ammo printer is also really good. (Almost) never need to head back for ammo means more time spent in the fight. Vehicle owner must equip however. It will supply both main and secondary weapons. Only downside is that on a resupply tick it will interrupt your reload and make you wait. It may not seem much, but if you tank often you will notice it screwing with your game (missing shots, not getting a critical shot in, etc). Still worth it however.