Planet side 2 Lagg on the gtx 1070???

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by CanadianPawn, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. CanadianPawn

    So i've bought my new gtx 1070 gigabyte and i have i5 6660k 4.3ghz OC And on ultra i'm getting 48 frames. Why is that? I've installed all of my drivers and what not no viruses and did everything. Can someone help? i'm only getting that frames in big battles...
  2. Gutseen

    try the prev ver of the Nvidia Driver, cuz they say the latest one bugs out memory clocks
  3. CanadianPawn

    When are they going to fix this issue?
  4. DeadlyOmen

    Your CPU may be the bottleneck.

    I'm running a 1070 STRIX with i7 6700 1440x3440 on X34 monitor and CPU is the weak link.
  5. Inzababa

    think that's what the CPU or GPU letters mean when you're showing FPS

    ie if it says "CPU" then it's telling you the CPU is not performing enough at that time.
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  6. CanadianPawn

    How can it bottleneck? i5 6660k and i7 6700k doesn't make a difference in performance only 1 frames but thats about it
  7. Pikachu

    PS2 is all about das CPU. I noticed no difference when I changed graphics card.
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  8. CanadianPawn

    So if i changed it to an i7 6700k it would make a difference maker?
  9. DeadlyOmen

    Press /fps while you're playing. What does i indicate? GPU or CPU?
  10. DeadlyOmen

    Also, depending on resolution, most people would kill for 48 frames in Ultra.
  11. CanadianPawn

    It indicates GBU but it's in Yellow
  12. DeadlyOmen

    A quick look on the internet says yellow indicates something bad.

    I suggest talking to people on a tech site.
  13. CanadianPawn

    What am i supposed to say? and why is it bad? it's brand new??
  14. Inzababa

    well first a quick disclaimer : "I am not at all a techie and also a total noob with regards to computer hardware and software and any related to that".

    However, I've been reading these forums since 2013 (appart from a long break), and this question has been asked a trillion billion million times.

    So just by reading what some "techies" replied in the trillion billion million threads previously, I can sort of paraphrase what I learned :

    Basically, PS2 (back in 2013) wasn't coded / programmed for hyper threading. Simplisticly, that meant that if you had a almost 2,000 Dollar I7-6950X which has a base frequency of 3 GHZ but 10 cores (and 20 threads), the game would perform less well (with regards to CPU) than if you had a almost 200 Dollar (I did the math, it's TEN TIMES CHEAPER :p) i5-650 wth 2 cores and a bese frequency of 3.2 GHZ.

    Because the game only uses one thread (or is it one core?) and because the i5-650 cores are running faster than the i7-6950X, then that old 2 core 200 bucks PC will make your game run faster.

    Now, since 2013, I've never seen this question adressed "officialy" by someone from SOE or DB. Amongst other things, I can't prove that it was true let alone that it's still true.

    But it's what has consistently been said by "techies" in these kind of threads for the past 3 years or 4.

    Also, it's possible that even if this was true, it may not be true anymore, because for instance, maybe DB improved the coding.

    Since (AFAIK) over the years, graphic cards have improved a lot more than CPUs (as manufacturers resort to increasing the number of cores to improve performance but with the speed of each core hardly moving), normally, you should be seeing your Gcard doing its job, and your CPU being the bottleneck.

    Except for one thing, and this is my last point, if it's possible that SOE or DB improved the coding so the game would support hyperthreading, it's also likely that they worked on the graphics and, for example, improved on their quality, the lighting, the shadow and so on, which may also mean that PS2 of 2017 doesn't use the same ressources as PS2 2013.

    Anyway, that's all I know, and it's probably not even true! :D
  15. CanadianPawn

    I don't know what you're talking about so you're saying that i should upgrade To an i7?
  16. Gutseen

    u mad?
    any I5 will 100% HF-uck 1070 card
    its the drivers
    go to the Nvidia forums

    jezz, tech noobz deez dayz
  17. CanadianPawn

    How is it the drivers? i've checked and it's still the same performance?
  18. BattGuano

    I build all my own gaming rigs and have been for years - and i can tell you that it's NOT your drivers causing the FPS issue. It's true the game is not coded ideally to take advantage of multiple cores and such but the problem is your video settings. Turn off bloom and shadows and i guarantee you your FPS will shoot up. Bloom doesn't matter anyway, you'll end up hiding in bushes that aren't really there so it's best to leave it off. Try that and let me know.
  19. CanadianPawn

    Yup i turned off shadows it increase ALOT. So i don't have to replace my i5 6660k?
  20. ObiVanuKenobi

    If nothing has changed lately the game ALWAYS shows [CPU] or [GPU], it simply shows what limits you most, you can't make that message disappear even with a gpu and cpu from 2117.