planet side 2 fun?

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  1. SeanFree

    Nah I ran a TR character to about BR 30 but then I deleted it because it wasn't my main so I don't particularly care. I wouldn't call myself a tanker but out of the 3, I performed best with the Prowler. Certain bases were just point and click farm sessions and most Magriders aren't good enough to magburn past and hit the rear armor. Vanguard is a little different but it was designed as a brawler and excels at it.
  2. TheRunDown

    Prowler at CQC with AP and G30 Vulcan and Fire Exstinguisher will 99% of the time win..
    However, a Mag would never put himself in the position to be in a face to face fight with a Prowler of that type, and a Prowler with that specific layout isn't very common as most fresh soldier will use Anchor mode because it's our thing..

    I dunno about anyone else, but I don't think Prowler's roll should be "Sneaking", when the other empire are using there's to crush the foot zerg and any armour that we may have..

    Saying but TR have Anchor mode doesn't make us over powered, it makes us a kill free..
    TR don't use ESFs as much and at the best of time stuggle to pull Bursters or Skyguards, so our Anchor mode is easily crushed by Air or even Hasasser.

    The most common way I see Anchor mode Prowlers die these days, is to a Wraith Flash with Fury equipped and their new 360 degree seat.. One LA Rocket up the wazzoo and finish it off with a round of Fury. There are just too many cons than Pros to Anchor mode, that why we had Overdrive in PlanetSide 1..
  3. Sixstring

    I generally have fun when I'm playing with a group of people who are paying attention and just focused on pushing the objectives,unfortunately for the last few days especially everytime I log on I go to bases where there might be a fight but NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING. I got so PO the other day I actually started yelling at people which I never do "Go towards the ******* enemy." "Move to the next base,keep pushing." But people just get mad that you're telling them what to and say that they are playing "their way"(which usually doesn't move the fight whatsover and can pretty much break the game if the majority won't make a push from certain bases) The Mission system needs to be be implemented NOW let that tell them what to do so they they can argue with the game itself when it encourages them to be productive. I've tried squads off and on but half the time the SL's don't know what they're doing,are too worried about thier own K/D and only pick boring,easy fights. The last 3 or 4 days I've logged on realized no one else was putting any effort in and logged off. Another problem is PC players need to be conditioned and weened off of their entitled,self-centered slacker attitudes. Some things I have seen people asking for (both nerfs and game mechanics) are ridiculous and kind of puts into perspective the playerbase we are dealing with.
  4. SeanFree

    Who the hell runs the Vulcan anymore? It's a piss poor joke of a weapon, almost all prowlers go halberd nowadays. If people can't aim for center mass and hit a magrider, sorry but you deserve to lose. Simple as that. Lockdown is situationally amazing too, I've seen guys lock down and use for AA duties from another hex. Velocity and reload speed massively increased is very good, therefore it SHOULD have a big downside.
  5. Kidou

    I'm surprised everyone here is downing the Vulcan when it has the highest close range DPS of all the secondaries. Yeah it falters at long range but I think it's got its niche too.
  6. FateJH

    Are you talking about MAXes or Prowlers now?
  7. a-koo-chee-moya

    Hmm, permanent 300% buff to DPS?
    Plus gaining best BV of any Tank Primary in the game?
    Yes, you can't move, but I don't see Vanguard circle strafing, do I? Prowler is also faster and more maneuverable than Vanguard.
  8. Rogueghost

    I have an ungodly amount of hours as TR in this game, our faction is fine.
  9. BadAsElite

    As someone who has both a upgraded Prowler and a upgraded Vanguard, both are I would say on par within different parameters.
    Prowler can deal with infantry threats even with AP equiped really well. The Vanguard on the other hands gets it's **** handed to it by infantry.
    Vanguard is a good 1-1 tank at -250 meters against Prowlers being that Vanguards has a shield and can more reliably hit a Prowler from these ranges.

    Magriders on the other hand.... Theres a reason it's got the most MBT kills out of all of them.
  10. Halo572

    Apart from this whole thread being hijacked by tankers trying to justify why they can/can't 1 hit kill infantry, you are making the same mistake that just about every player of this title makes.

    Being that your perception and expectations of said title are not aligned with the actual experience.

    Therefore you are - quite normally - trying to reconcile what is in your head with what you see on the screen, which is impossible.

    It is not totally your fault, the PR and hype have relayed what is in your head while the development of the title has actually followed a 'path' to absolutely nowhere.

    a) Basically you are expecting a deep, meaningful, skilled, tactical, large scale MMO FPS, maybe like Arma but without the realism, which is not unreasonable based on 2 years of undelivered hype.

    b) What you get is a skilless 1hk instagib zerg fest 300 vs 300 vs 300 (but actually 298 vs 10 in most fights) at peak team death match on a map with tiny bases and masses of space inbetween.

    And that is ignoring the technical problems that convince you that you are not playing the same title as everyone else.

    The path to enlightenment entails seeing past a) no matter what you are told and understanding that you are actually experiencing b) and that is your reality benchmark.

    Once you have attained that - as I and many others already have - not logging in becomes second nature UNLESS b) is actually what you are looking for.

    If so, fill your boots, you are home and are unlikely to find any other home like it for the rest of your life.
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  11. Bankrotas

    Well. Your maxes could do with some loving. Would be great to see a 125 dmg lmg too. And 0.04 bloom for 125 dmg tier :)
    But then again, all factions could do some small tweaks here and there.
  12. Pikachu

    Love these rant threads by TR players.
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  15. Diilicious

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  16. TriumphantJelly

    Hopefully no.2 is satire.... o_O
  17. andy_m

    I know my limitations, and work within them, therefore fully enjoying the Planetside 2 gaming experience.
  18. Targanwolf

    Op the problem is you come in as a noob...less well equipped., you know how the Christians felt when facing the lions in the Collosseum.
    The game is not welcoming to new players. I suggest you play an engineer...or medic to get your bearings .Then experiment from there. If you are a twitch player...this game was made for you.
    If you are not (like me) you have to find what works for you(my answer was an engineer)....or move on to other games that have a war element.(ESO has alliance vs alliance for example..)
  19. Champagon

    I laugh every time i see threads of people complaining about the "under powered" Prowler or vanguard. Simply because when i see one i turn and run away as fast as I can. Magrider can NOT win a 1v1 head on situation against either of these tanks. MAYBE if you have maxed out front armor and you get the first shot, MAYBE but you will be on fire once the engagement is over.

    You ever run headlong into a highly certed vangaurd with shield and enforcer? Ever fight 2 tanks at once? Yep it's the same thing

    You ever run into a prowler in a CQC situation. Yep, you are screwed. I have actually told my gunners on numerous occasions to "jump out" and redeploy because the fight is futile and not worth the frustration of trying to win that kind of engagement.

    You people complain about the magrider using "cheap" tactics to kill you then calling it over powered. Like we have any other choice.

    Give me a Prowler or a vanguard. I will show you the TRUE meaning of fear......
  20. DatVanuMan

    It's true! The face looks like the head, the body is the body, and the chain guns are the legs!
    Tell me you see it, Pika! TELL ME YOU SEE IT:eek: