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  1. MasterDk78

    Pull out an esf, get blasted down instant, or getting killed by really skilled esf. fully upgraded esf with stealth, armor, and nannite.. tried all nothing works, even have all weapons for it.

    lightning tank.. i can aim for sure! but other people can to, and good.

    Fully upgraded nanno armor on my soldier, but people kill me with 1 or two shots in the head!
    whats the point? i cant do stuff like that!

    my prowler allways seems to get outgunned by vanguard shield, coz i cant snipe with that thing, so i prefer close combat. forget about magrider, it will tear you apart with saron even before you get close.

    valkrie.. i got no words.. used it as scout radar on biolap, was fun.

    Hit detection is so bad!!
    Bugs are everywhere crawling on our tanks and weapons jamming em!

    Zerg after god darn zerg! people cant play there, mostly only me from my outfit, and where else to fight in prime time.? oh right no where! so they log off.

    I would love some good ideas what to do.
    i know i am decent as support, but late night, its no point playing tr, vanu is very strong at that time.

    i know i am ranting, and for god sake, your still reading it to this point? maybe you can see some of the same issues? maybe not? how do you play this game?

    honestly on my part, i miss the old good days where the where not so much zerg, where you could find smaller fights 1-12 / 12-24 that was fun for me and my team. with zerg, all options above is just a no go, not to mention i rarly use my fully upgraded lib as well now.
    i seriusly think they should remove those links, and let platoons deciede how to attack.
  2. Morti

    fun is subjective

    I like to dumbfire aircraft for fun

    i also ***** flash for lols
  3. TheRunDown

    My complaints about this stupid game at the moment are the,

    Under Powered Prowler
    Players Stuttering over 10 Meters (can't snipe them when their twitching all over the place)
    Headless people and
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  4. DatVanuMan

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  5. TheRunDown

    Your joking right?
    The prowler is the most useless MBT as a front line tank.
    VS AP does over 1800 damage
    NC AP does 2075 for the Van.. TR's does 1250

    VS HE does 1175
    NC HE does 1300
    TRs... 725..

    We have Anchor, it's completely useless unless we happen to be on the high ground that favours TR.. but Mags can simply dodge around it and Snipe with the Saron.
    NC have that shield, and not only the shield, but a Secondary Gun that does more damage than both the combined damage of TRs AP + G30 Vulcan over 100 meters!

    We have NO LONG RANGE WEAPONS! The only weapon we have is a anchored Prowlers, and that's if we can hit the moving target.. When we need to shoot camping PPAs or HE Tanks over 200 from a base, we're screwed.. can't counter Long range Spam, as all other Long range weapon that fire slower, can kill a power 3 or 4 hits combined with Saron or Enforcer.. it's quite a joke when you go up against other MBTs..

    Fractures do nothing compared to NC and VS, a NC or VS can half health a MAX with 1 shot, and TR need 4 or 5 to do that..
    Not to mention TR have no Insta Gib weapon!

    The Marauder AI weapon we have for our Harasser was Nerfed in the second patch after the Harasser came out, we it doesn't even do it's job of being a AI weapon.. It has no Splash damage along with the rest of out underpowered weapons.

    Out Empire MAX ability is basical a useless version of ZoE, the two abilities are so similar.. it's kind of a insult to TR giving VS "OUR PlanetSide 1" ability.. We Were GIVEN OVERDRIVE!!! because ANCHOR MODE DIDN'T WORK! Yet we still ended up with it..

    Anchor mode for the Prowler gives a better CoF.. doesn't exist on MAX..

    So the majority of TR that don't use Anchor mode, because being a Static target for both side to be able to kill us in less than 3 seconds.. we have to resort to using Fire Extinguisher.. as our Empire Ability..

    Also, before I forget, the G30 Vulcan on TR isn't being used as a AV weapon, it's being used as a close range AI weapon.. go figure...

    All our weapons have been balanced based on Stats on Paper, which has made Anchor mode no different than a non-anchor mode MBTs on VS or NC.. because people whined and whined about it. so the Prowler got nerfed in the wrong way..
  6. Schizomatic

    Trying to do my part to combat the VS scourge on Emerald, and facing Magriders on inaccessible-by-foot cliffs and hills raining fire on our spawn points just ruins whatever fun I'm trying to have. You're so distracted trying to get out of the spawn point and not get blasted by a Magrider on your way to the objective, the infantry that ride under the Mag's protective sphere pick you off.
  7. DatVanuMan

    You must be very loyal to the TR, knowing that your underpowered MBT:
    1. Is the HIGHEST scoring tank of the game.
    2. Has TWO CANNONS, which is why each one deals less damage.
    3. Has a higher RoF AND a faster reload.
    4. Has the protection of a Magrider and is still faster.
    5. Has higher velocity than the Magrider's cannon.
    6. You do realize that the Marauder will become the new Prowler AV weapon, right? It is going to be a FRACTURE, which performs better than the Vortex.
    7. The Vulcan is becoming a Banshee for AI roles. The Mossie has access to it, and the Banshee has a MUCH higher K/D than the PPA, and a horrifyingly short TTK.
    8. You have the best ARs in the game, coupled with the best pistols in the game.
    9. Your MAX looks like a spider.
    10. You have the best music.
    Now tell me, how many nerfs have the VS been receiving lately? Because the Spiker buff is the ONLY ONE I've seen in ages.
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  8. SeanFree

    I didn't read the rest but I'm going to pull out some very advanced math here, prepare your butts.

    The Prowler has 2 barrels. Each deals 1250. 2 times 1250 is....wait for it....let me go get a super computer to do this....almost there....2500!

    So it looks like....VS 1800<NC 2075<TR 2500. See how that works? Logic and math working together is a wonderful thing.
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  9. Schizomatic

    Prowlers may have two cannons, but good luck consistently popping an ADADing Magrider consistently to make that math work.
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  10. SeanFree

    So a Magrider driver outskilled the Prowler and beat them at a DPS disadvantage?

    I'm down with that.
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  11. Schizomatic

    Prowler has to sit still to effectively engage a moving Magrider that has the advantage of being able to strafe and fade while maintaining their aimpoint. Shooting Magriders on the move while you're on the move in a Prowler is just hitting yourself in the balls, all the good it does you.
  12. SeanFree

    Again, if the Magrider is using their inherent advantages then they SHOULD have a good chance at winning. If the Prowler sneaks up and turns it into a CQC DPS race then they'll win almost every time if the tankers are equally skilled.
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  13. TheRunDown

    I'll give you number 10.. but until the rest happens, it's quite a joke how fast a prowler can die and having two cannons doesn't mean squat against a Mag..

    If you played PlanetSide 1, you'd know that the PlanetSide 2 mag is ridiculously over-powered in the hovering stability department..
    The Mag on PlanetSide 1 would rock and sway like a canoe if you over strafed.. I believe this mechanic should be in PlanetSide 2.
    Shouldn't be able to shoot, dodge and not suffer any counter balance issues from suddenly changing direction..

    Every single game with a hovering tank has canoe like strafing.. BF2142, BF4 (BF2143 Proto-type map), Battlefront, Battlezone 1 & 2, Unreal all verions.. so on and so on.. The Mag in PlanetSide 2 is like it's permanently glued to the floor with invisible 3D wheels..

    Also, I dunno about your server, but on Miller the PPA is grossly over used, and I'm quite sure any number of kills accumulated by the Banshee, the PPA is even or even great now.. We have outfits that farm with nothing but PPA Mags, ESF and Harasser all at once..
  14. Leftconsin

    Stealth, Armor, and Nanites are all in the same slot. No ESF can even have two of those.
    Yes. Some players have good aim. I'm not one of them.
    You are correct. Head shots are critical hits and are not reduced by armor.
    Prowler is more of an artillery piece. It has the highest DPS. Vanguards have high survivability, Maggliders have high mobility and can get into funky places.
    Valks are flying coffins. NEVER EVER EVER get into one.
    This I'll disagree on. I don't believe in bad hit detection. It is all just an excuse people are trying to use for dying.
    Bugs are everywhere. Always been true.
    The lattice system, missions, and platoons all encourage zergs. Some people argue that zerging is THE one and only appeal of the game.
    The only thing I can suggest is try to hang back a little more and shoot while the enemy is distracted by your rushing cohorts.
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  15. DatVanuMan

    I remember the Magrider of PS1...
    If only we had that tank and not the poor excuse of a man coffin we have right now.
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  16. Schizomatic

    Chances of a CQC battle between anything and a Magrider is really small. The Mag's best range is about 100-200m out from everyone, so they can have a wide field of vision, present a smaller target, and have time to strafe away from incoming. A Mag can float around a Prowler or Vanguard to the weaker back armor without revealing its own back armor, too, if it comes down to CQC. The Prowler or Vanguard is going to maneuver to defend its back, but that's going to hinder their aimpoint while trying to lead a Magrider that's circle-strafing it. Magrider still keeps the other tank in it's sights while circling, too.
  17. TheRunDown

    Assuming SeanFreeTR is your only TR, I can only assume with your zero Prowler kills, you haven't actually experience the Prowler with or without Anchor mode..
  18. DatVanuMan

    I do love me a bit of math.
    Do remember to include the faster reload speed!
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  19. MasterDk78

  20. FireclawX

    Anchor mode Prowlers are just SOOO good at taking out enemy armor from far away, and for farming infantry from far away, that I'd say it's almost as OP as the PPA...
    Seriously, Prowler + Anchor + HE is really farmy...

    And well, the van has it's iWinShield...

    Overall, I'd say that all the MBT's are actually well balanced right now (after the PPA nerf goes live that is).
    The only thing that bothers me is how the Halberd is the only good AV secondary... They might need to buff the Faction Specific ones if they want people to use anything other than the Halberd...