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  1. silent wave

    Once you supply a new character name, it should check to see if the character's name is available, then allow you to proceed.
  2. Clipped!

    The NS operative auraxium guns have no aim sights what so ever (other than kraken). No iron sights or applied scopes are visible, although the magnification from scoping is still there. this prevents you from knowing where your crosshair is when aiming.

    NS Operatives also don't benefit from shield beacons or Friendly Fire immunity in warpgates or from spitfire turrets. NS operatives also cannot change class or loadout from the deployment screen as equipment doesn't change on spawn even if the UI does before respawning.

    Prowler main guns and Siegebreaker (both on Prowler and harasser) are erroneously built angled downward and to the left at a 45 and 90 degree angles respectively preventing ether from engaging targets above eye level, and the main guns cannot be aimed above the prowler itself without going into third person by viewing the sky at max angle. Reverting to first person afterward doesn't fix. Would post a screen shot but no keybinds are working for that function.
  3. MichaelS

  4. MichaelS

  5. Mr. Thoughtful

    Kindred has a weird sound glitch at the end of its reloading.
    Black Ops helmet doesn't have the right fit(can see the jaw.)
  6. Døc_

    I fired the Thumper for a minute on PTS and it seems like the projectile when focus aiming (ADS) isn't quite centered, and the grenade projectile always seems to shoot off right from the center of the crosshair (which I think needs have a longer down the center but thinner crosshair). I got a screenshot of me firing the Thumper, as it sorta illustrates what I'm talking about. Do note that this is when you ADS with the Thumper, which (I think) makes it slightly more accurate.


    There is also no fire effect for the incendiary ammunition type to show that you are damaging enemies with the DOT.
  7. MichaelS

    NSO still has a wrong gun when equipping an M40 Fury on Sunderer. All other vehicles are fine. This happens on front and rear gun.
  8. Painwhore

    Hi all, any idea WTF is going on here? Have tried re installations ( multiple ) and driver updates, changing settings etc its strange as.. Only does it on the NS 61, all the rest work as normal.
  9. FunkFest

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