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  1. Darhsiddes

    against whom we fight ?, with human opponents or against a program?
  2. ParakeetLord88

    [BUG] Spitfire turrets immune to ram damage

    They can stop a sundy or turbo'ing harasser cold (no damage to either). Since other turrets take ram damage, this seems like a clear bug.

    Recommendation: make them vulnerable to ram damage like other turrets are.
  3. ParakeetLord88

    [BUG] Repair grenades and shield generators

    Tonight the TR were trying to take a VS amp station, and the TR repeatedly found that the VS was throwing repair grenades onto the generator, causing it to be repaired (repeatedly) with no way to stop it. It made tanking the amp station impossible while the VS kept doing this.

    Note: It is my understanding that repair grenade stacking was disabled some time ago. I don't know if that isn't working on generators or if serial repair grenades are doing this; I only know that the end result is completely unworkable.
    Recommendation: disable repair grenades on generators, and for good measure also SCU's.
  4. nasus

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