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Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Freeze74, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. DmC187


    I spawn an ANT, harvest some ants and try to spawn a generator.
    I get an error sound and nothing happens. Same procedure after relogging and also tried it on different days. =(
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  2. Lilly Noodle

    No matter what folder I try to install the test server on I always get the error of "Unable to install to documents folder". I have tried adjusting setting on folders and running the installer as Admin. Nothing works. I am on Win 10 with a SSD as my primary drive.

    It is trying to default into a folder "C:\Users\Public\Daybreak Game Company\Installed Games\PlanetSide 2 Test"
  3. SpaceKing

    I too get this - no matter what I try to spawn I just get the 'error' buzz
  4. jstrecu

    you need to create a new character every time you launch the test server for the construction system to work.
    That's how it is right now until they fix it...
  5. Whiteagle

    I hope they fix this soon then, that's going to get real old for testing...
  6. Brogan9001

    If you upgrade the ANT nanite auto-repair to tier 5 without equipping it, it disappears entirely from the defense slot selections. I wasn't able to mess around with this to see if it comes back after restarting the game or if it happens if you have it equipped prior to upgrading to autorepair 5.

    I'll have more after I properly explore the parameters of this bug.
  7. o.Solei.o

    This actually does not work for me. I get the error sound every time I make a new character and attempt to buy from the ANT console now.
  8. o.Solei.o

    Relogging hasn't made it come back for me. Was logged in when I read this and upgraded the final tier on the one I have equipped, and it too vanished.
  9. Tormentos

    I was testing the building with a friend over the weekend and all of a sudden, he was "Holy... I'm Battlerank 120 all of a sudden!" He was repairing a rampart wall he had built and which was shot and gained millions upon millions of XP. I did as well and all of a sudden, I got negative XP amounts, getting me around 3 to 4 million and more XP at once. Insta-BR120. Can someone confirm this?
  10. TommyXXX

    - Sometimes the ANT mining laser beam will not go away, and stays there connecting the gun to the crystal no matter where I go.
    - ANT gunner mining laser should have resource capacity display just like the driver's.
  11. Whiteagle

    It now does last I checked.

    -Structure Shield Generators put Shields on Walls, but not Bunkers
  12. DarkTexas Volunteer Quality Assurance Assistant

    tracked, thanks
  13. velie12

    turret AI is too dumb, it fires at player created allied structures when there is an enemy behind it.
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  14. Mavdog

    Not sure if this is already reported or not, but the ns gorgon variants do not seem to have access to extended mags.
  15. Pat22

    I seem to be unable to place Turret AI modules and Structure shield modules anywhere at all, everything is "too close to other deployables" even when I'm 500m away from anything.

    On the same note, MANA turrets cannot be placed inside bunkers anymore, not sure if intentional or a bug.
  16. IndianaJens

    I tried to place a Skywall Shield multiple times under a bridge on Esamir. The blueprint turned green, but the module disappeared a second later with the message „Deployable cannot be placed because it is too close to another deployable."

    Also, when I placed more than 3 Walls, the 1st wall I placed disappeared in exchange for the new one (guess thats an intended limit). After that I placed a wall at the same spot where I just lost the wall, but this time the wall didn't appear at all + the 2nd wall I placed disappeared too.
    Then I noticed the Shields applied to the windows were still floating in the air, even though the rest of the wall disappeared.
  17. syveen

    If you lock a ant to other players it causes the ant to be unable to harvest resources.
  18. IndianaJens

  19. Pat22

    Unless it's just me, this may screw with today's playtest, but it seems that pulling an ANT results in immediate disconnection from the server.
    That's kind of an important bug.
  20. Arcturusstahl

    When I was on the Test Server during the live event, I had noticed that my ANT was severely damaged, as I begun to repair it to full health, it still was showing that it was about to be destroyed. Only cosmetically though. It was smoking and on fire even though it was at full health. I did submit a bug report in game, but I will post it here also.

    The A.I. Anti Air Turrets could not look up to fire on Enemy Aircraft, they just seemed to shoot in a straight line. A few friends of mine tested this out, and for some reason, our Aircraft still took damage even though the turrets were not actually looking in the direction of the Aircraft. The Anti Aircraft Turrets would fire in a completely different direction, but we would still take damage.

    Apart from that, the only other bug was with the Generators, because of this they could only be placed by Developers.

    These were all the bugs that I had experienced personally, but overall it was a really fun experience testing out the Construction Mechanics, and getting to look at the revamped Indar.

    I can not wait for the next live event.