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  1. MichaelS

    on respawn at stillwater watch you get stuck
  2. notyourbuddy

    Recent Patch 6/13:

    Lightning Bug
    Getting lots of erroneous "You cannot exit the vehicle because all exits are blocked" warnings while in the Lightning despite no obstacles around the tank. It happens in both third and first person views and it occurs very frequently no matter your location. Whether or not the game lets me exit seems to be a flip of the coin. See pics:



    This bug seems to only be affecting the Lightning as I couldn't reproduce it with the Vanguard or Prowler main/secondary positions. Didn't try any other vehicles.

    ZOE VR
    ZOE when used in the VR seems to be permanent. Doesn't have the 8 second fuel limit.
  3. don

    - ZOE no 8 seconds timer (esamir)
    - Comet 3 shot animation/sound while flying (e.g. jumppads)

  4. Puppy

    ZOE isn't supposed to have a timer guys :3
    It asks me to cert into mines on the equipt page but I already have them certed for that class (Engie)
  5. SirChronus

    If you have no optics equipped for one ESF weapon and IRNV or Thermal equipped for the other weapon, it is still possible to have IRNV or Thermal on both.
    Switch to the ESF weapon you have the optics equipped for, hold down RMB continuously, switch weapons three times. Now you are able to use the optics on both weapons as long as you hold down RMB.

  6. UnrealGaz

    the reticle on the mini chain gun (and infact all shotguns for this matter) cause an fps drop still it happens randomly after you've been running/jumping after the reticle blooms outwards or after zooming in and out,its completely random I cannot reproduce it in a way that's consistant

    .this bug has been around for months and its still not fixed.
  7. Ztiller

    The Scopes are bugged on the Infiltrator.

    When zooming in, you first press your face up against the scope, then you pull it back again, before finally zooming in.

    It looks pretty ugly, and is very annoying. It gets all twitchy to zoom in.
  8. TothAval

    The Domeshields and Warpgate shields are bugged. I bought a scythe beneath a domeshield at a n amp station and when
    it started there was a crash sound, afterwards it flipped upside down and went down on the outside of the domeshield,
    the scythe took constantly damage, because it was laying on the topside.

    Later i wanted to fly my liberator into the VS-Warpgate and crashed on the shields -> suicide.

    The teleporter at stillwater watch teleports you in an empty room with no windows and a closed door,
    once you teleport back you stuck in the ground and can'T move. Guess still wip there, cause of the
    spawnshields in the open.
  9. Deathcapt

    Composite Helmet no longer Applies the Camo to the face part of the helmet.

    current version with camos equipped looks like this, image is from the internet and is with no camo, but it's the same effect with camo applied.

    It used to be like this, much cooler, this is why I bought it.

  10. SpaceKing

    All the bases' entities are shifted in various directions (i.e - turrets floating in the middle of nowhere)
  11. Eclipson

    I can't even get on PTS. It just brings up a black screen with the hud layed over it, then I crash.
  12. AnotherNoob

    I got a CTD when trying to spawn a vanguard with one of the new cammos :S
  13. Van Dax

    Cerberus pistol deals splash damage when ADS-ing (this is not mentioned in its description so I assume its a bug)
    Vanu bolt-actions have no bullet drop when not suppressed (wasn't in patch notes so assumed a bug)
    numerous new camoes appear and are not preveiwable
  14. rhilir

    well esmier has no lattice at all in. so nobody gets any resources since it says everything not connected. The tower guns at esmier munitons air and ground cant be fixed when they are destroyed. And also for no reason now with this .The fps drop throu the floor at times. I been running around 60+ in battles then for no reason it goes down to 17 for a bit.
  15. Calder

    The enemy infiltrator decloak animation is bugged, at least when viewed on Ultra settings. When infiltrators decloak, they appear to be completely cloaked until the animation sequence ends, when they suddenly become visible. This causes them to instantly pop into view with no warning. They also appear to be able to start firing weapons just before this sequence ends, allowing them to attack while still completely cloaked for a short time.
  16. notyourbuddy

    There is a terrain bug near Andvari South Bank. Can go inside of terrain and shoot out. (also sent an in-game bug report but here is a screenshot)

    The spike/pillar on the far left.

  17. notyourbuddy

    Not a bug per-say... just a small aesthetic thing, "The Floating Bushes of Eisa Southern Camp"

  18. xArchAngelx

    I forgot to get screen shots, but:

    The Bulwark on Esamir (bottom right between the Amp station and Bio Lab) won't let another faction cap it. Its stuck on TR.

    I LOVE the new trees, but you have some located around platforms where the limbs hang over "catwalks". The bug is you can't run through the leaves. You have to run around the branches.


    Just make the trunk part of the tree damaging...let us pass through the leaves and branches.
  19. Commando235

    not sure if this was mentioned but when u put any laser dot on the the NS-7 PDW your hand sticks through it while holding it

    Also the VS light assault (not sure is any other classes) has access to the GD-66 Claw for 2000 SC
  20. DUMFUD

    VS Lasher is borked. When i RMB to aim down the sights and fire the view changes constantly back and for between RMB and LMB.