Pitch of NC missile weapons

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  1. Zan_Aus

    Its good that the Phoenix and Raven have a distinctive sound, its gives a quick audio cue as to which weapon is firing at/near you.

    However, could we just lower the sound's pitch a tad? They are real screamers at the moment and given the number of users (and the Raven's ROF) the air is just constantly filled with the drone.

    After an hour of solid droning it can seriously give one a headache and this is from the Vanu end of the barrel, I can only imagine the hearing impairment on the NC end.

    Yes yes, its a trivial issue but I would assume one that was also trivial to adjust.
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  2. Purg

    I quite like the howling. Been both ends of it and it's not as pronounced being the giver rather than the receiver. Doesn't particularly bother me but can see how it could be irritating for prolonged periods of time to others.
  3. St0mpy

    lol I noticed this too in NC VR yesterday, place was so full of screeching from all the max suits testing the new launcher I was glad when I finished my carbine comparison and could leave.

    Perhaps its a secret trick to get NC to turn their sound down so they dont hear our mentally challenged woodpeckers and pew pew guns firing at them?
  4. Udnknome

    I have some TR friends at work that say they have nightmares and daymares (sleeping at work) about that sound. I believe this is a good thing.
  5. hansgrosse

    So the Raven and Phoenix whistles work kind of like the sirens the ***** put on their Stuka bombers then. Psychological warfare ftw! XD

    Wait... what's this say about the NC? >.>

    *EDIT*- Seriously? This forum edits the word ****? It's a historical political party, not a curse word, for God's sake! >.<
  6. Pikachu

    The sound of phoenix and raven is so wonderful when you're playing NC. :D But yes the raven could have it's pitch lowered a little.
  7. Czuuk

    Your opinion has been noted.