Piston with slug ammo

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by chrollo, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. chrollo

    Been rolling for a couple hours with the piston slug ammo extend mag and night vision. So far its pretty good all around. Theres been a lot of lag for me on connery this weekend so i can't attest to its lethality since most of my hits arent registering and when they do the person takes a while to actually die. My only real complaint is I think the automatic feature of the piston is pointless with slug ammo cause I find the vertical recoil unmanageable. I wish I had gotten the sweeper instead.
  2. Iridar51

    Erm. Okay?
  3. Lavalampe

    cool story bro.
    just save your certs and buy the other one
  4. Ghoest

    Now buy the semi-auto(its good that you tested the automatic because its not like countless threads here havent mentioned that the semi is better with slugs.)
    And then you will realize that slugs are pretty bad up close but kind of fun.
  5. chrollo

    thought it was worth mentioning cause I had a better time using the vanu automatic shotgun with the same setup
  6. ShumaKun

    I use Nova with laser, slugs and 4x scope for my second loudout. Laser helps a lot for cqc with slugs, after recent shotguns buff I enjoy even more.
  7. Trenyt

    In my haste I thought the thread said 'Pistol with slug ammo', my interetsed peaked until I rubbed my eyes :confused:
  8. HeadshotVictim

    only unmanly people use slugs... what do you want them for anyway?
    I made Aurax on the Sweeper... with 4 Slug-Ammo kills.
    The Slugs were even a bigger waste of certs than SoftPoints or the Gauss Compact Burst...

    Slugs: one bullet, slower firing rate, higher range

    Buckshot: omgwtf?-dmg at close ranges, normal rate of fire

    there are SO many Threads about Shotguns with Slugs.... how about using the search function?

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