Piston shotgun spec

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by copywrite85, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. copywrite85

    I got my night vision scope already and extended mags are a must. What do you guys think about slug rounds though?
  2. Zaik

    don't bother
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  3. copywrite85

    Is there a real detriment to speccing it? Or is it just not worth it?
  4. Zaik

    Both. It's worse at close range, and not good enough at long range to be worth using over other weapons. In particular, you can't just fire it full auto with the piston, the recoil throws it all over the place. You just have to tap individual shots out, and that makes the piston entirely pointless.
  5. copywrite85

    wow, thx again Zaik.
  6. Nocturnal7x

    the detriment is they suck imo. Just use the shotty indoors and coax people into following you around corners to blow their faces off :D
  7. copywrite85

    Yeh im going to stay away from them. Thx for input.
  8. ovakin

    got 30/4 KD in half an hour today with Piston + 3x scope + slug, sniping people in the biolab
  9. Zaik

    Would've done better with a real gun.
  10. ovakin

    yeah, it's good at med range but if enemies got up close u have a big trouble

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