piston OR pump-action ?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ArcKnight, May 4, 2013.

  1. ArcKnight

    which is really more worthwhile ?

    off topic: why is there no weapons discussion sub-forum
  2. Zaik

    PA is better in every situation that doesn't involve extremely low FPS or warpers

    specifically the claw, not the bruiser
  3. Oreo202

  4. HmmOkay

    depends.. I like PA better, but you won't have range on it. Your playstyle is the determining factor here:
    all-round spam on close-mid range or CQC dominance without range.
  5. Dramma Lamma

    Wait, what was the subject again?

    I got sidetracked watching the OP's signature.:oops:
  6. The King

    I die to Piston way more than PAs. (with no slugs)
    Piston seems to have quite a bit of range to it. I don't really die to them in CQC, but mostly, at 10-20m away...
  7. FnkyTwn

    It comes down to your particular play style.

    Hop into VR and try them all out a lot.

    Then Trial them live and THEN decide. Or try to decide. I didn't
    find it an easy choice, and I somewhat regret the one I went with.

    The one thing i'll say for the Auto-Shotties is that, if you're going
    to load them with Slugs, then the Autos are still good in CQC.

    All the Shotties have the exact same stats across all the factions
    except in the case of Vanu, which have no bullet drop, so you can
    Trial them live on all your accounts if just 30 minutes isn't enough.
  8. Armchair

    Piston slugs are superior to PA slugs.
  9. SinerAthin

    There's also the question:

    Automatic shottie with Slugs or an SMG?
  10. ArcKnight

    so whats the max range for both PA & piston slugs
  11. Mastachief

    Piston.... pumpactions are for noobs.
  12. ArcKnight

    my playstyle is to dish out a lot of damage quickly then run away to reload, and from a safe distance
  13. SinerAthin

    Piston with Slugs then.

    The Pump Action is for in-your-face kind of play.
  14. DashRendar

    They've made basically all auto shotguns next to useless. Pump.
  15. gigastar

    Depends on how well you can aim.

    If you can aim, get that Claw, not the Brusier. I consider all the second generation PA's to be for advanced users. I still dont know how to define "advanced" though.

    If you cant aim, and just like to make more dakka, then the Piston is for you.
  16. Zar

    not sure PA and "advanced user" should be in the same sentence. makes it sound like you need skill to use shotguns xD which is funny don't get me wrong I am laughing, but just untrue. the only thing that seems to stop the vastly overpowered shot gun users is that hit detection seems to be hit or miss or if the server ping gods are on your side or theirs. so fix that lower shotgun dmg but mmmm 10% be looking good.
  17. Armchair

    I haven't measured it. The big problem with slugs is the slow velocity and tremendous projectile drop (Unless you're VS. then slugs are AMAZING).

    The reason the piston slugs are superior is because they kill with approximately the same number of slugs at most ranges, but the ROF is much higher on the piston. You can place multiple slugs on target before the enemy can react.

    Once you're accustomed to the drop (or playing VS), you can usually tap of a headshot and then nail them with a bodyshot or two for the kill.

    PA buckshot is definitely superior in a knife fight though.
  18. gigastar

    The second gen PA's have a much lower RoF (enough for it to matter) and a spread wide enough that to gaurantee the kill you need to be in fisticuffs distance of your prospective victim.

    This makes it much harder to take on groups, and generally anyone youre not sneaking upon than if you had a first gen PA.

    Hey, i think i got that "advanced user" thing sorted now.
  19. Llaf

  20. Nocturnal7x

    The piston is damn near worthless now. Up against a pump you will lose. >10m you will lose. Pumps have more range and the potential to OHK.

    I got a piston before the pumps existed, it was good back then, they nerfed it into the ground. The pumps remain supreme.