Pistol or Lumine Edge?

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  1. Zherot

    I already have the best sniper for the Vanu and a Sirius for playing midrange which honestly i don't use much but i would like to start playing as a Stalker infiltrator and i was wondering what weapon would be best a pistol or the lumine edge?

    I tested all pistols but they don't seem to be accurate and the ones that are more accurate do ****** damage, honestly i was looking for something like McCree revolver from Overwatch but i have found no weapon similar to that, the Comissioner is kind of similar but it is pretty inaccurate, not to mention the sound gives you away immediately.

    I have seen people doing crazy kill streaks with the lumine edge so maybe that?, i have also seen the crosbow is great but i don't know great thing is that it can be silenced i think.
  2. Corezer

    if u hipfire, the commissioner is fine. it's not inaccurate, but the muzzle rise makes ADS prohibitive.

    if you like to ADS, the Manticore and Cerberus are your best bets, barring the spiker.

    A pistol is undoubtedly more useful than a power knife. People can get vids streaking with it but it's still a novelty weapon.
  3. Campagne


    Might as well cover every angle. Silenced Cerberus with Lumine Edge would be best, in my opinion.

    Back to Topic:

    If you want to go as Stalker, you may should watch some of CuteBeavers Guides.

    VS has only two usable Pistols, which are Beamer and the Spiker (only use burst) which are in fact the most accurate sidesarms.

    Cerberus and Manticore are much worser sidegrades of the Beamer.

    When it Comes to NS pistols you should try:

    Commissioner (oneshot infils in head within 8m)
    Blackhand (headshot infils within 4m)
    Crossbow (silenced outside of 10m)

    And maybe underboss. (Faster rate of fire and with that...DPS)

    I with every Pistol you have to play kind of another playstyle.

    If you want to go silenced:


    "Long" Range:

    There are playstyles which include a loud weapon to attract the people and lure for them

    If you want to go loud:


    MAYBE Emissary...

    And for long range:

    I don't know why you wsnt to go with a Power Knife...The "classy" knifes do swipe faster (which let's you spam more) and have more range...there are still some arguments for the power knife.
  5. Zherot

    Actually i dont like to aim downsights because i despise it... i think i don't know it is boring i prefer to just gun and run, i don't know if any of you guys have played Overwatch but i just love McCree revolver... is just AMAZING, if that game weren't so dog**** in terms of balance...

    About the powerknife well i had been impresed by people that play it really well and kill with it a lot of people.
  6. Zherot

    I just saw this video and im sold, the comissioner it is:

  7. Eternaloptimist

    Personally, I like to stay silent and so I run suppressed burst pistol on my stalkers. I've only ever used the default knife myself (heard about hit box problems with the power knives and was put off trying one).
  8. Zagareth

    As a Stalker:

    Crossbow against stationary targets upto 100m. It's silent, but the 2nd death shot is possible to dodge. Hard to hit moving targets beyond 30m.

    Blackhand = the mini BSAR. Directly target the head upto 100m and you get 2 shot kills easily. But it's loud and you have to keep moving. Not really good for a shootout at short distance, due to only 4 bullets and long reload.

    Commissioner is too loud and you need to get too close - good for single targets, bad against crowds

    Emmissary, silenced - good to kill other snipers and infiltrators w/o getting much attention. Also good to kill slow other proffesions, but it is inferior in a shootout.
    Unsilenced you need 1 bullet less to kill - but is is loud and you get more attention

    Lumine edge, activated - very good for silent OHKs, but you get a lot "running" on the field if you want to kill only by the knife. Its very rewarding when you kill an inattentive sniper- or AV-Engie group. But doesnt happen much, though...

    Your personal choice depends on your playstyle and what you wanna do in specific situations
  9. Hegeteus

    Don't bother with guides, just dive head in and yell "whooopppeeeee.."
  10. Campagne

    You cannot ignore the silenced two-headshot-kill, lest you become a victim. :p

    Also power knives are great for when ya' run out of ammo and there are still people to kill.
  11. Zherot

    I think the biggest problem this game has is that jumping screws your aim, i don't like that specially on a pistol overall this just makes the run and gun style non existant in the game everyone is aiming downsights even with pistols...
  12. DIGGSAN0

    Silenced two headshot kill? With what? Cerberus? XDD

    Dude the Max DMG range is 8m and wkth silencer it is 4m....so better stick with knife then anyway
  13. Campagne

    Oh, forgive me. I forgot I was referring to the technologically inferior Vanu Sovereignty whom posses the dramatically substandard Rebel "clone." :p

    In that case a three-headshot-kill beyond four meters, or a Commissioner, Blackhand, or Emissary, if not a silenced Manticore for its three-headshot-kill.
  14. oracle617

    Blackhand/Lumine Edge for camping vehicle terminals/ engie turrets. Crossbow for mid range silence attacks if in enemy territory.
    silenced emissary/ crossbow with grenade bandolier emp is a good loadout for taking out heavies. If you are good with headshots at close range and liek playing aggressive- Underboss/ commissioner.
  15. DIGGSAN0

    Yeah sure you can go with manticore...but even that pistol is a lowgrade compared to beamer (dps trough firerate) and the dpiker is just a beamer with burst:/

    So yeah the VS really has the short straw when it comes to pistols.....so we stick with NS
  16. Eternaloptimist

    I find the Spiker to be eqivalent to the NC Desperado myself. Both very decent burst pistols for stalking if, like me, you're not too great a shot.
  17. Campagne

    Only if one can click fast enough to achieve the top DPS though.

    Spiker is often considered to be an upgrade to the Desperado, as it has higher accuracy and two more "bullets."

    I won't argue that the VS has the worst pistols, but they're really not that bad. Generally speaking the NS pistols are better for most uses over any ES sidearm.
  18. Hegeteus

    I actually liked the Cerberus... maybe it's because I'm used to 8m range and loud noises :rolleyes:

    It just somehow seems to handle better for me, but maybe I've gone with a slow firerate for far too long
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