Pistol Buffs

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  1. Hegeteus

    Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Planetside/comments/46lnit/current_pistol_buffs/

    These will likely hit PTS at some point, before the next "big patch" comes out.
    • Removed single-shot firing mode
    • Vertical recoil to 0.45, from 0.65
    • Hipfire CoF bloom to 0.15, from 0.2
    • Magazine size to 25, from 21
    • Ammo capacity to 150, from 126
    Notes: A big part of the problem with the AMP in the first place is that it overlaps the same role as the repeater, and it's mostly a difference in comfort level, burst versus automatic. So you have to be careful with this one, as much as it felt like crap before, it's easy to make it borderline better-Repeater, which it's closing in on.
    • Magazine size to 5, from 4
    • Ammo capacity to 30, from 28
    • Can now equip Extended Magazines, increases magazine size by 1
    • Rate of fire to 150rpm, from 120rpm (450ms refire, from 500ms)
    Notes: Remember the "Infiltrators with a shotgun" apocalypse that happened when this thing came out? What we were left with was a weapon that didn't perform all that well for fear that it'd perform too well. These changes should make the weapon more enjoyable for non-masochists without bringing it to "the end is neigh" power levels that I'm sure will be talked about regardless.
    • Ammo capacity to 96, from 84
    • Ammo packs now correctly restore 16 ammo per tick
    • Charge-up mode now has three levels of power
    • 0 sec. charge
    • 100 direct damage, 50 AoE damage
    • 100 projectile velocity
    • Consumes 2 ammo per shot
    • 1 sec. charge (same as Live)
    • 350 direct damage, 150 AoE damage
    • 150 projectile velocity
    • Consumes 4 ammo per shot
    • 2 sec. charge
    • 350 direct damage, 150 AoE damage
    • 350 projectile velocity
    • Consumes 4 ammo per shot
    Notes: Spiker is a good burst pistol. It's basically a Desperado with some benefits and detriments to shake things up, and because of that, there isn't a whole lot of room to maneuver with the secondary charge-mode. In short, no one really cares about using the charge-up, because it carried too many downsides for a modest reward. After these changes, there won't be a huge shift there, but there will at least be a purpose for it to exist.
    We added a spammable low-damage AoE that consumes two rounds per mag, basically letting you have access to a Pocket Lasher for 8 rounds. That'll be good for harassment, checking for explosives, and finishing off targets you land a charged-strike on. Speaking of, the charge-up for 1 second is the same as it was on Live, and the 2-second charge just gives you improved velocity. Since you now have access to a charged attack, as well as a spammable one in the same firemode, you should be able to two-click someone at a distance, provided you land a headshot (350x2[headshot]=700+150[splash]+150[second hit]=1000damage.) So for Stalkers, it should give you a suppressable alternative to the Blackhand for sniping, but at the cost of sitting out in the open to charge, and a slower projectile velocity.
    Okay. That was a lot.
    • Now has access to 2-round burst firing mode
    Note: Probably the most no-brainer change of any. Inquisitor is a great weapon on paper, but most people can't click fast enough to actually take advantage of the rate of fire in a stand-up fight. Adding a two round burst (the single shot is still there if you want to punish yourself) cuts the speed at which you have to click in half.
    Hunter QCX (and all variations of it)
    • Rechamber time to 0.85 sec., from 1 sec.
    • Explosive Bolts attachment no longer reduces magazine size
    • Explosive Bolts attachment no longer reduces ammo capacity
    • Explosive Bolts attachment no longer increases rechamber time
    Note: Hunter isn't a bad weapon, but it's also a liiiiittle bit too punishing to use. So shortening up on the rechamber should help that. Explosive Bolts should be more common than they are, but there was a whole host of downsides that kept people from wanting to use them. Cutting back on some of these downsides (it still has slower velocity and more drop than a standard bolt) should make them more lovable.

    TL;DR: Stalker buff.
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  2. Reclaimer77

    I like the Hunter QCX stuff. Carrying it is a big compromise, so it needs to be better at what it does.

    I would also buff Explosive Bolts armor damage a tad.
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  3. Scr1nRusher

    Praise Based Wrel so far.
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  4. Hegeteus

    I love the mag-scatter buff, but damn it could have come earlier :p I'm willing to bet whoever had the equal time with AMP is thinking the same thing
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  5. Cyrek

    My Heartstring will spread some more love.
  6. asmodraxus

    So the VS get 1 functional empire specific pistol and a load of garbage still.

    Guess the devs haven't learned that VS = common pool empire

    Beamer, Cereberus and Manticore < NS Pistols, but then that's true too some extent for NC

    Hint fix the starter pistols so that 2 aren't complete garbage compared to the other.
  7. Liewec123

    6 shot magscatter? BOOYAH! :D:D
  8. Hegeteus

    5 shot actually, which means that mag-scatter's extended magazine holds just one additional round(but who am I to complain) :p

    I'm not sure if I want to open this can of worms again though:






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  9. Maljas23

    I love these changes... BUT...


    That is all ty.
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  10. asmodraxus

    Why bother the VS has sights on their empire specific NS pistols...
  11. Liewec123

    which NS pistol is beamer? which NS pistol is spiker?
    haha i love those rage tells about mag-scatter XD
    also its 6 rounds with extended right? thats probably what i'll be running on mine,
    i'm not sure if lazer sight on shotguns really does too much, one extra shot will be very handy though! :p
  12. thebigbortishbort

    finally give me a reason to buy the inquisitor , burst / look of it reminds me of robocops pistol , yeeeees.
  13. asmodraxus

    I was merely pointing out that the VS Commie nets higher kills and KPH/KPU then the beamer unlike the NC and TR starter pistols, which kind of underlines how bad the flashlight aka beamer really is.

    So why bother crying abouth adding sights to ES pistols seeing as the VS main pistol is the Commie?

    Fix the pathetic nature of the Beamer and make it a competitive weapon choice first!
  14. Liewec123

    i was under the impression that commie was simply better than all of the ES pistols, not just VS ones. ;)
  15. Hegeteus

    I think people ought to chill down on pistols(and many other things in the game). I wish more players would take bigger notice in positive things in weapons/vehicles etc. instead of just negative ones
    Also, It's more fun to overcome balance issues than complain about them and it makes it more sweeter when the buffs finally come in. I remember when canister was considered about as bad as mag-scatter while I was it's #1 advocate like I am now mag-scatter's. After all that time, it's sort of frustrating and boring to see so many weapons collecting dust because people won't settle for anything but the best
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  16. Pfundi

    I dont know if it was really necessary to buff the Spiker. It seemed competitive. The VS-hate (lets be honest, we all dislike the buffs to the guns that arent from our primary faction) should have been used to buff the other ones.
    But thats just my opinion.
  17. Liewec123

    it does feel good when you kill someone with something sub-par :)
    i like using mag-scatter for some stalker fun but always end up going back to using stronger options, who knows maybe these changes could actually make it get used more than just as a troll weapon :D
  18. Corezer

    Cerberus and Manticore are fine, but beamer and Cerberus aren't, they need max damage range increases to be like their emperor/rebel counterparts, but tbh it doesn't matter much cause even their counterparts are crap, the emperor suited no purpose but to give some sustainability which 99% of players didn't need and the 1% were smart enough to redeploy or find an ammo box, the rebel even with its impressive damage range just pushes too far into revolver territory and doesn't compete with them.
  19. Hegeteus

    Funny, I try using regular weapons and then end up going back to NC's shotgun options. Made it to BR100 without auraxiuming any non-shotguns thanks to NC ingenuity
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  20. SienTa

    They are buffing the bad parts of the Spiker. How often do you see people using the charge?