Pissed with ZOE new Nerfs on 2/25 update

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Nemetis, Feb 25, 2015.

  1. Nemetis

    Now, the only good thing about ZOE is nerfed, the hability to do increased damage at long range weapons, like comet and AA.

    Why someone will be stupid to actvate zoe at small distances if the increase of the damage received make the Vanu Max a Piñata ???

    Congrats team.. now ZOE is tottaly useless! :mad:
  2. Paulus

    Oh please, come and play TR where your whole weapon arsenal is like this. At least your Max was OP for a while, ours has always been mediocre.
  3. Prudentia

    ZOE didn't increase damage at long range before...

    ever heard of the release fracture?
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  4. Nemetis

    They increase overall damage, but on the other hand increased damage received.
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  5. Nemetis

    now they nerfed!

    A ZOE max can't compete with a nc scat max! not even a chance..
  6. Nemetis

    unballanced as hell
  7. gartho33

    As true as that is... it now reduces ranged damage.... and moved that to closer (more like butt slapping) range for a faster ttk in an attempt to put the VS max in a more competitive bio lab position.....

    To be honest... I can sympathies.... what little reason to pull a ZOE there was has now been removed.... it was great for plinking away at tanks with an added movement bonus that made you a royal pain to hit... but now comes with the cost of up to 30% reduced damage output.... on top of the 30% increased damage income...
  8. Vivel

    I strongly engage you to think ahead of all this !

    What's happenning on ZOE is actually a buff on close range on the first part. You will be (for ex) able to charge in a room with a zoe buff , and instantly destroy anybody inside.

    On the meantime, it is a nerf on long range, but since you should use vortex , and SINCE THE VORTEX GOT A SIGNIFICANT BUFF , i will say I AM HIGBY HAPPY.

    Now we can use a big burst with our kinetic op maxes on nc scums.
    AND our vortex start to be usefull.

    For us , infiltrators , and for all Raven Haters : i say Thank You DAYBREAK :)

    <3 this patch <3 <3 <3 <3
  9. Ballto21

    How to fix zoe:
    Decrease the incoming damage by 4% across all ranks.
    Make it possible to prematurely turn off but unable to turn on until fully charged to help prevent spamming.

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  10. Nemetis

    You forget the fact you become a "firefly" shining all over the place drawning the attention to you!

    2 infantry can easily kill a ZOE max.. happens all the time.
  11. ElastaPlast

    I wasn't aware anyone pulled the glowing disco diva any more. Charge FTW! ;)
  12. Jarwy

    I would take more speed instead of decreased incoming damage anyday. ZOE is quite useful for chasing people who want to get away from you indoors.
  13. Nemetis

    The speed is also nerfed in old updates..
  14. zombielores

    UM WHAT?

    ZOE now turns you max into a CQC slaughter machine, it's almost at shotgun level CQC effectiveness but still with a bit of range and magazine size. The only complaint you can really possible have is that it doesn't last long enough.

    For those that don't know, ZOE now changes the damage model drastically, they went the shotgun route and increased maximum damage with decreasing minimum damage while it's active.

    So new damage models per arm are below when ZOE is active.

    Blueshift. 167 @ 10m to 125 @ 25m.
    Quasar VM1. 200 @ 10m to 125 @ 25m.
    Nebulas. 167 @ 10m to 100 @ 20m.
    Cosmos. 200 @ 10m to 125 @ 25m.