Ping/Latency Limit.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Wampa, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Wampa

    Above anything else needed by the game right now, I think there needs to be a high ping autokick feature. There's always that one random soldier that warps around the room and I'm under the impression that it's usually caused by lag on his connection. All the other soldiers in the general vicinity are stable and moving normally.

    I realize that this could be problematic before other regional servers are introduced.
  2. Wampa

    Wow. Already off the front page and not a single person thinks this way too?
  3. talmaru

    IF your ping is over 200ms you do not belong on the server
    TBH if your ping is over 100ms you should really find a better server to play on or get a better isp
    If your ping is over 300ms.. for god's sake unplug the phone line from your 56kbps dinosaur and join the 21st century
  4. NicoM

    I have 200-400 ping depending on the server, because I play from South America.

    It would be nice to have a server in South America so that I can truely appreciate Planetside with a 50ms ping.
  5. DCWarHound

    You can have a 900ms ping and you still won't warp around,been proven.

    Ping isn't determined by ISP but by location,not everyone lives in the US and EU areas.

    I'm from SouthAfrica btw and i get a 250-300ms ping.

    Also this has been posted countless times on the forum and is usually irrelevant.
  6. talmaru

    hmm 900ms = .9 seconds so almost 1 second and your NOT warping around?
    I have been playing online fps games for 15+ years and I can guarantee you the difference between a 60 ping and 150 ping player is noticeable, 200-300ms is when they start to seriously desync and anything over that you get a nice lag warping effect as your computer is over 1/3rd of a second behind the simulation.
  7. DCWarHound

    Well i haven't seen people having problems killing me and they aren't shooting all over the place,i have no packet loss and very little jitter on my line.

    Our Game hosts here in SouthAfrica would have no problem hosting some PS2 servers but just like League of Legends and Tribes:Ascend it will never happen.
  8. Badname3529.

    Clientside hit detection gives you .9 seconds LOS after someone who isn't a laggy **** has gotten behind cover on their end. Greater than 300ms ping should be kicked. Broken connections should be outright dumped back to the login screen.