Pilots who bail are made of big fat fail!

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  1. CoreDave

    See this just displayed a total lack of understanding of the air game. Rocket pods which are primarily an anti land weapon (and only big cert earners if used against groups of infantry).

    The issue I'm talking about affects air to air pilots and ground based AA, ground based AA a really hard done by in their cert gain and air to air pilots are better off but still no where near as well off as your standard infantry man. Not to mention that the Air to Air pilots are tirelessly working to try and keep rocket spam down by blowing up the Rocket spamming ESFs.

    It takes a lot longer to kill an aircraft than to kill a person and air units have to return to rearm often and repairing takes a lot longer than a land vehicle because you have to actually land first.
  2. CoreDave

    Yeah apparently the game needs to force people to behave in a sportsman like way, so yeah a lock on the plane if you are over a certain speed and/or height above the ground would neatly fix the issue.
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  3. CheeseN!P

    if it helps any I read it because it rhymed.
  4. Skullash

    This makes me want to bail even more because people get mad and make threads about it lol
  5. ErrantPilot34

    Darwin's Parachute...
  6. Nakor

    I've been spending some time rolling dedicated AA lately and I can testify that pilots ramming into the ground to deny people a kill is pretty damn common. Frankly, there is no reason to suicide like this other than to be a dick to another player. You can talk about "domination" and act like its a strategy, its not. Its simply vindictive nerd rage/hate.
    The person who did the most damage should get full credit for the kill if their opponent suicides after doing enough damage to get a critical kill assist. The current system promotes bad game play.
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  7. absolofdoom

    I bail because I'm not a pilot. I use air to get somewhere fast and when you get on my *** I just jump out. Why the hell would I just let you kill me?
  8. CoreDave

    Thanks man! :)
  9. Cifer7

    Seems like someone failed at taking down an enemy in time and is now whining lol
  10. Hibbe

    Just because the plane is going down it does not mean the pilot is dead, I see no fault in their behavior, is it honorable, maybe not? But why would the pilot care?
  11. DFDelta

    If I get shot until I am burning or am followed by a missile that will kill me without the possibility to shake/flare it, then I will fly low and slow down and jump out.
    50% of the time I survive and redeploy (or just walk to the next battle if it is close enough), 50% I don't and earn a suicide. A 50/50 chance to not die is worth the few suicide for me.
    I am not doing that to annoy the one shooting me, but for the chance of survival.
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  12. Riftmaster

    Quite often if my plane is damaged, I attempt to land and repair in some random location.

    About half the time the enemy plane takes out mine while I'm trying to repair it, and about 75% of those times I manage to escape on foot.

    And then of course there are the times I accidently hit E while trying to hit R or just accidently bump the key...that is always irritating. Had my squad's galaxy pilot do that last night while I was flying escort. Luckily the Galaxy is fairly sturdy and we were operating at a low altitude at the time, so the rest of the galaxy crew repaired the thing while the pilot and the passengers who had bailed in fear ran back…

    Of course in a galaxy, you have a built in system that keeps you from dying when you bail.

    Speaking of the fighter (or liberator?) eject system, IMO it’s a waste of space – much rather have the flares, fire suppression, or scout radar installed, as they increase the aircraft’s survivability or utility rather than just the pilot’s survivability…which let’s face it doesn’t matter so much since he has to go back to an air spawn anyway if he wants to keep flying. Just die and respawn at the warpgate or at the nearest air spawn…
  13. Riftmaster

    Seriously though, someone is ******** about this? So you don't get that little bit of extra XP. Go kill some more fighters and you'll get more anyway.
  14. Creedom

    LA will survive
    Ejection seat pilots will survive

    The feature has been well implemented in the game. Get used to it.

    You should be a real pilot and go down there and finish your kill.

    P.S. You're not a real pilot if you use A2A missiles... :cool:
  15. Riftmaster

    I used the default gun on my Reaver until i got pissed at getting hit by air-to-air missiles with really no defense and bought them for myself.

    I still use the gun to finish off enemy aircraft damaged by missiles...or for Liberators/Galaxies - I mean it takes so long to reload the basic nearly uncerted missiles I could go through like half a clip of ammo in that time, plus they're such nice big inviting targets OH **** THEY HAVE GUNNERS...

    But yeah...if you ONLY can shoot down fighters/aircraft with missiles, you are not that good a pilot.
  16. Rokuzachi

    I fly my scythe as LA, and I frequently survive bailouts from pretty high up and go on to get several kills with my noobtoob after I touch down. So... I'll probably keep bailing.
  17. Valeriu

    Light assault....who says I cant survive the fall?
  18. Riftmaster

    I almost always fly as an engie, since I can retreat or hide and land somewhere to repair, then get back into the fight. Granted I usually run with a squad/platoon from my Outfit, so I usually have support in the area to distract somewhat while I do this.
  19. Seyr

    I'd rather be "fail" and alive than successful and dead.
  20. Apollo

    It's hopeless to argue against bailing pilots. I made the same thread back in beta and received just as much hate from pilots who absolutely adore smashing into the ground to avoid giving the enemy points. I can see where they're coming from with their side of the argument, but it promotes awful gameplay and makes pilots in general look like scum. If you're a light assault or have the ejection system certed, I have no problem with you bailing out since it's the sensible thing to do. I also have no problem if you're trying to quickly land and make repairs. However, I'd like to stop seeing engineers bailing out 500m up in the air once they realize they've lost. I'd also like to receive points for that reaver I spent 5 minutes chasing until he pointed his nose down and hit the afterburners into the ground as soon as he caught on fire. Sometimes I get points for killing his aircraft, sometimes I don't. I never receive points for his suicide, though. I'd at least like to receive a little bit of xp for the amount of time and ammunition I spent for him to simply give me the finger and kill himself.