Pilots looking for a home?

Discussion in 'Connery (US West)' started by Magnifiscent, Feb 10, 2014.

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  1. Magnifiscent

    Are you a pilot looking for a home? Are you willing to make the switch to Connery?

    Total Recoil [TxR] is looking to expand our pilot roster. We are a Terran Republic outfit on Connery and play in the west-coast time zone (but have members on just about all the time).

    We're a semi-casual outfit able to accommodate all kinds of players. We're actively preparing a group for competition in Community Clash Season 1 and the Professional Arena League. We have several outfit-wide operations a week and work closely with other TR outfits in the Terran Alliance.

    We've got a small, but effective air division and I'm looking to fill out some more slots with good, dedicated pilots. I prefer pilots interested in developing skills for competition, but anyone looking for a place to fly is welcome. We routinely fly against the best the Connery NC and VS have to offer. Anyone pilot looking for a good squadron that flies in support of a good outfit and wants to test themselves against the best opposition to be had on our server will find it here.

    If that sounds like something you are looking for, give us a look at www.totalrecoiloutfit.com or join our TS3 server and talk to me (preferably after 7:00pm pst).
  2. Herby20

    How dare you.....
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  3. VSDerp

    ^ya how dare you!
  4. ZeroErrorz

    dont take the noobs mossie i need those gank kills, also they are the only thing i can kill since all scythe is XxMLGDRUNKBLINDFOLDEDHANDOFFACEPILOTxX
  5. Ryker

    Ahhh, sorry I would love to but im in Iron Fist with my tr connery :( And they are a great group of dudes that i wont leave.

    How a boot you add me to your friends list and we can fly some time ;D? TerranCommanderRyker
  6. TheBand1t

    Still walking funny after that TGWW/NNG match huh
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  7. Experiment43

    To be honest, I'm offended. To trying to poach pilots from another server is fairly tasteless IMO.
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    no need to worry, anyone that leaves mattherson to play on connery with this trashfit isnt worthy.
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  9. Herby20

    And it isn't like Mattherson doesn't have plenty of outfits on every side that pilots don't migrate towards. Overall, it is a pretty ridiculous post. I would recommend working on making your own pilots better rather than trying to steal some from another server....
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  10. Magnifiscent

    Awww <3 you guys too.

    Offer still open for Matherson pilots.

    We'd even take you rudelord, assuming you'd agree to stop exploiting and were willing to learn to fly.
  11. Herby20

    The point remains: why in the hell would anyone want to switch servers to fly for an outfit that is desperate enough to try poaching pilots from another server?
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  12. Dead soldier

    GO WATERSON!!!!!!! AS VS, You can be killed by PREY, MITT, TIW, NUC, LIBZ, OAK, RDGD, and many zergfits that fly in groups. And as VS, We have OPTR, ZAPS, and most scary, XOO's Eska with his ESF killing floating machine.
  13. Hdgunnell

    The only pilots you're going to pull are 5 year olds that just started flying lel

    get **** on rude.
  15. Krunkez

    Your so cute when your frustrated. :rolleyes:
  16. rguitar87

    Someone needs a juice box and nap, pronto.
  17. skifton

    The best thing that can happen to this topic is for someone from SOE to lock it. It's serving NO purpose for Mattherson recruiting.

    Sadly I'm going to "bump" this post by replying...but it's already near the top I might as well say this then:

    I'd recommend to stop posting here. The OP (and supporters) are trying to rile up a "hot" forum topic with useless slander and flaming. They want this forum post to stay at the top of the PS2 official Mattherson recruiting forums.

    Don't reply to anything they say, is my suggestion. Let this topic die like it should.

    It's ridiculous to poach from other servers. People already think pilots are ****** enough people as is, we don't need you doing crap like this to solidify that notion. Go recruit on your own server's forum, please.

    The best thing that can happen to this topic is for someone from SOE to lock it. It's serving NO purpose for Mattherson recruiting.
  18. DG-MOD-02

    Cross server league recruitment is not permitted on these forums.
  19. Krunkez

    We in QRY dont claim to know the perspectives of casual ground focused players. So please do not try and dismiss TxR's valid and real concern with their own pilots roster. TxR, unlike the zerg and casual outfits have registered for a grass-roots 24v24 SoE endorsed outfit competition. Who are you or SMG to say he cannot try and fulfill his ideal roster for the event or their live play.

    On the note of Matherson...This thread has shown Matherson's pilots opinions are true to our motherland.
  20. skifton

    SMG didn't say anything. Not sure why you brought that up. (also not sure of the seriousness of your post...so apologies if I misconstrued it) :p

    I do think it's a good practice to stay within the guidelines of SOE Forums though. As well as (and more importantly) common courtesy. :)

    To each their own, though. I'm done posting here. Happy hunting, all.
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