Pilots and Gunners

Discussion in 'Cobalt (EU)' started by LiquidGG, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. LiquidGG

    Hello dear Vanu,

    I am looking for people with certed (!!!) libs AND piloting skills to team up as pilot/gunner.

    The intention for this thread is following: I for myself certed out a lib and ended up being the pilot for people who are too lazy to learn how to fly and spend certs and enjoy my certed lib for farming kills and xp. Thats not a bad thing since I get XP too, but first I cant fly the whole day (need some breaks) and second i cant stand people yelling at me at the warpgate I should spawn them a damn lib to gain xp.

    SO I would suggest to group up as a team of dedicated pilots and gunners for both tasks: piloting and gunning.

    Ingamename: liquidsuperstar