[Suggestion] Picking up Mines After Deployed

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by vesku, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. vesku

    ever found yourself wanting to pick up your mines after you found them to be in not so useful place?
    for example you put mines in some place, that area was captured and you just had to leave your mines there for no use.
    i think that it would be great to have deployed mines to be picked up (own mines of course).
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  2. vesku

    i think this could also be applied to c4.
  3. Spookydodger

    I so wish this was doable. Hate blowing 68-75 points because I can't redeploy my mines.
  4. disky00

    +1. Been wanting to do this with my C4 for ages.
  5. Uzii

    Especially in a game where these things actually cost resources. Other games mostly allow it, and the C4/Mines are free.
  6. Fyrel

    This would be a nice feature.

    I would miss that warm glowing feeling I always get when I get random kills from forgotten mines though.
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  7. FrothyMug

    Yeah, I don't know if more balancing in favor of AT mines and the such is necessary. There's already enough crying about AT mines being OP. I would like to be able to pick up AT mines and AP mines, but I can live with not being able to. :)
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  8. vesku

    it's a scifi game, of course imo the explosions from mines could be frickin' powerful.
    i think it wouldn't be wrong even if 1 mine would blow up a heavy tank or at least left it burning.
    i just want to be able to pick 'em up if i put them in a useless place by accident or wrong judgement of how things would go.
  9. Dytch

    Yeah they should definitely make this doable, just look down and hit E to pick up mine/C4 and re-apply. At the very least make it an Engineer only thing, but all classes should really be able to do it. If you know how to set it, you know how to deactivate it.
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  10. DataLight

    ^ this pls
  11. PopeUrban

    Totally agree. its silly that I can't disarm my own mines and collect them if the battlefield position changes. Often I've wanted to move my mine position and avoid doing so simply because I don't want to waste mines that could possibly still kill something. Engineers specifically should be able to disarm enemy AT mines and C4, and infiltrators should be able to stealth-disarm enemy prox if they crouch and sneak up to it.
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  12. Xeenos

    Well, i dont much want or care about other peoples mines and c4, as far as im concerned there is a retinal scan for disarming or that thing blows up in your face. I just want to be able to set up my def while caping a point.. Mines at 2 doors and guarding the 3rd, then load up my def and move out when done. With AT mines it would be great to set up some AT mines in an ambush location, and if **** dosnt work out, you can pick them back up and move out, same with the c4. I mean as it is i can just get 2 more and its no big deal, letting me pick them back up is just a matter of convince.
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  13. RynoManiac

    Wow. Yeah I just bought AT mines and fully assumed you would be able to pick them up. NOPE! Just wasted resources.

    I mean really, pretty much any game I can think of that has mines, you can pick them up and redeploy them.
  14. Pyldrvr

    all deployables. bouncing bettys, claymores, mines, c4, you name it.
  15. Talizzar

    The ability to only deploy two or three mines is really limiting. I just learned about the 5 mine "exploit" . The game talks about laying down a minefield....with 2? Seriously?
  16. Pyldrvr

    I can lay down 4 and will be up to 5 before long.
  17. Priam

    I completely agree with this idea ! But, this should not be too simple and It must add a 5 sec timer (like the timer to hack stations or gen) and so discourage players to go pick them up in combat
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  18. OceanicTR

    This bugs the hell out of me all the time, they have to let us do this for the amount they cost.
  19. vesku

  20. FateJH

    Should the mines "go away" back into resource costs? or should they go back into our local pool of mines, temporarily becoming an "over-max" until we use them again / die / re-supply?

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