PhysX vs PhysX GPU Particles

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by codeForge, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. BenYeeHua

    So let us waiting for OpenGL version of PlanetSide 2, which having more feature than DX11.1? but more time to coding it.
  2. v1zor

    iam really disappointed. Physx look great but PS2.exe crashes on the new beta driver 313.96 after about 10-15 seconds.

    GTX 580 SLI and one card dedicated to Physx

    can this solved by any setting or does the driver + physx + planetside doesnt work properly?
  3. DonkeyDoodah

    I believe there are third party tools for bullet which make the physics modelling much easier. e.g. Blender

  4. Hydragarium

    There's a reason why you have to force the eye candy features - they are incredibly unstable. Proceed at your own peril and so on.
  5. mindbomb

    are you also mad at the game for using directx, thus forcing you to use a microsoft operating system?
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  6. Hyperz

    FYI, you can check Bullets GPU implementation performance by running 3DMark 11 or that new one (the "Combined test" in 2011 and the last test in the 2013 version). However, I think it's using the Direct Compute backend.
  7. Hyperz

    No because unlike GPU PhysX there are ways around that little problem. How mad are you tho?
  8. UnrealGaz

    im running on an iyy 3770k @ 4.6ghz
    sli gtx 580's in sli mode
    313.96 drivers.

    they also crash for me after 10-15 seconds or my fps spikes up and down fanticly when theres nothing going on.
    I assume we need to wait for the Nvidia official ones for the 580 series cards because the 6xxx series seem to have no issues at all.
  9. Hydragarium

    No there aren't - you cannot switch out DirectX at the clap of a hand. Neither can you switch out PhysX with a snap of a finger. You can emulate all that you want though - applies to both. And both are incredibly slow.
  10. DonkeyDoodah

    No, it runs particle effects too on BL2, just like PS2.

    No but there is a free physics engine in the form of bullet/blender they could use for ALL graphics cards, instead of the NV option only.

    Check out for the rate at which they update.

    Which makes it a CPU only solution for most players.

    Only once every 1-3 months when they release a new driver. The same would be true of anything. Why would anything suddenly decide not to work? Surely it is better not to update when something is stable?

    it is not produced by a company, it is like linux, open source. If the company goes away PS2 still has access to all the source code and can use it freely.
    Nothing, It is free.
    No they do not. I spec PCs for people for game use and a consisten problem is that the CPU is an i7 and the GPU is a crappy nVidia 550ti or something.

    It is already given more tasks under physx for non-mvidia players. Good reason not to use Physx.

    And piss off everyone else! Bravo SoE!

    no but there is a free proven alternative which has offered GPU acceleration for almost 4 years now.

    Proven in games such as GTA IV and Red Dead Redeption (both used Bullet).

    nVidia does not have a product that works for most PC users. Physx is CPU only for non-NV card owners. Physx is CPU only for most PC users. How many other ways can I say this to get the message across?
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  11. BenYeeHua

    Thank for that, time to subscribe it.:)
    I think it is CPU?
  12. Gaff

    AMD had the choice of licensing PhysX from Nvidia (after Nvidia bought Aegis who developed the technology) and declined. Nvidia even gave them the option of re-writing their own drivers to support it and ATi / AMD declined to do that too, and they wouldn't have needed a license for that.

    Let's be real here, Nvidia are probably paying a decent amount of cash to SOE to have PhysX GPU effects in the game so they can market off it (as they recently started with the free station cash deal). GPU PhysX are pretty and look cool; if you want to have them you can buy an Nvidia card, or you can have an AMD card and not have them. At the end of the day it's up to you.
  13. Hyperz

    Yes, there are. Wine being one of them. Valve is using a similer techique where they translate DX API calls to OpenGL ones on the fly. And even with the overhead of doing that their OpenGL render path is faster than the DirectX one. Get your facts right.
  14. Hydragarium

    Oh boy... how can you be so fundamentally wrong. *chuckle*
  15. Hyperz

    It's understandable why AMD declined though. They would've been at nV's mercy when it comes to performance and support. Seeing how they sabotaged the CPU performance I think it was an easy choice. Ageia CEO also proposed to have PhysX ported to OpenCL so it would run on other hardware and stated that it would've been easy to do so but nV declined. I believe the guy works at AMD now.
  16. BenYeeHua

    Yup, the part of DirectX is completely(?) rewrite to OpenGL, and they optimize it with the help of open source graphic driver, which they can see where is the bottleneck on the GPU.;)
  17. BenYeeHua

    The CEO name please?
    So we can Google it and know who he is working for.:)
  18. Gaff

    I would say it's more "dumb" than "understandable", but to each their own.

    I think ATi believed that PhysX would just fade into the sunset as a short-lived fad, and granted while it's taken some time for GPU PhysX to get off the ground, when it's done extremely well (Batman Arkham Asylum for example) it really does showcase the technology nicely.
  19. DaninTexas

    Truth right here. I actually test video cards for a living and my current rig runs a 7950 in it. Running at a consistent 100 FPS in even the largest fights with everything on max is more important to me then extra swirlies on my lift gates. In general in my day to day work I find the AMD hardware to be a better bang for the buck with NVIIDA software being better.

    But to each their own. The only thing disappointing is Sony playing favorites - which is what this is. But again - when it gets down to brass tax - it is all about $$ and if NVD is paying $$ I can't fault them. When a NVIDIA card becomes mandatory is when I will scream.
  20. UnrealGaz

    can we all just agree too this.. its personal preference you either buy NVidia or you buy amd. case closed.