Phoenix vs Shield Sunderer

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  1. Campagne

    Confirmed biatches! At or near maximum range the DPS of a Phoenix is too low to remove the shield of a sunderer.

    Don't know about other ranges since I didn't bother to run all the way back again. As range decreases DPS increases. Subsquently, exposure time decreases while risk increases as range decreases.

    If given the opportunity, maintain some distance for personal safety still while remaining close enough to deal a lethal damage output. Inversely, an adequate passive sundy defense against enemy Phoenixes is to merely equip and preferably upgrade a shield on one's sundy if range is required for deployment. Now you know™.
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  2. entity009

    The nix has been both one of the most rewarding and frustrating weapons for me since ps1. Shooting it solo is garbage unless you are kill stealing. When 3 or so people start shooting them it becomes a true terror due to the bastardly nature of guided projectiles.

    When playing NC firing firing the thing can just seem really unproductive. When playing against NC the nix is easily one of the most annoying things in the game to go up against.
  3. Liewec123

    there was a single week a short while ago in-which phoenix would reload while the missile was still in flight,
    finally it had dps that was more than a mere tickle!
    but it was soon "fixed" so now we're back to several phoneix's being unable to outdps a single engies repairs XD
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