Phoenix to be buffed against vehicles again, loses OHK on infantry

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by St0mpy, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. St0mpy

    Im speechless.

    As if this thing isnt powerful enough (1SK all ESF, 2SK rear MBT/Lightning) its getting MOAR damage, as if taking away infantry OSK needs to be replaced with something.

    Infantry OSK was wrong and it shouldnt get yet another compensatory buff for what was an unfair advantage to begin.

    They still have plenty of unique abilities with it:

    UAV mode to create a stale area around all NC skirmishes is huge, especially in small squad situations but in any, not only can it spot where you hid your sunderer 450m away (and thats far for a sunderer) it can pick off the approaching troops one by one, alert their team to the sunderer presence to be dispatched in due course (or take an engi/La/tank loadout out yourself to kill it, or just walk 150m) and when its parked within 300m (still a long way off to be terribly useful) its byebye sunderer and death to the ones who could spawn, all without leaving the base. Huge advantage right there.

    In battle its a guidable payload allowing no lock no warning hits on vehicles at exactly at the right spot,not just a tracked target hitting the side somewhere, no the missile can be delivered directly on top, to the rear, whatever, with no warning, and this deserves to be more powerful? The Striker cant even acquire a vehicle without it going beep-beep-beep yet Phoenix get their silent killer buffed so per shot they hit harder than a whole Striker salvo. Yeah thats fair. Not.

    And its still able to kill infantry behind rocks or far away running in the field (just not OSK from full health) and its still a supreme camping weapon from towers etc. I bet itll be a good inf killer even after the nerf, you watch, I bet 1 rocket takes at least 80% of your health off after the buff and will still be more than good vs troops running in the field who dont always have full health clips. I cant wait to see.
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  2. HadesR

    And it starts before the patch is even out ...
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  3. ShayeUK

    NC will ***** too much otherwise, can't go nerfing something without adding a little... I heard when they're nerfing the shotties NC max will get doubled HP...
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  4. Eclipson

    These are anit-vehicle weapons. I'm sure they won't over due the damage to vehicles. Heck, this thing could never kill a vehicle faster than the Striker could. Ive taken out so many vehicles with my striker, more than I have with any other launcher. I'm just glad I won't be sniped by invisible missiles anymore.
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  5. HadesR

    And a jet pack :)
  6. Radec594

    Can we condense these threads into 1-2 instead of 34 please?

    Also, as much as it's out of place for me to defend NC, the Phoenix deals just as much rear damage as the default launcher does.
    So blame the over-amplification of MBT's rear weakness for that, not the RL.
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  7. XRIST0

    Good news .
  8. Shaolungbao

    Fix the render issue and allow it to be hit by flak AA.

    And where's the lancer pre-fire aiming lazer?

    How about that striker intercept flight pathing and pathing to turrets for NO damage?

    This is beyond funny at this point.

    Next round of weapons will have a bug where they fire backwards but you continue to try and "balance" them patch after patch without a fix anyways?
  9. HadesR

    All lock on's suffer that not just the striker
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  10. St0mpy

    Thats all the striker is for, ofc it kills vehicles, you wouldnt ready it otherwise.

    No ones arguing the others flat dont work, they just arent multi use, have very limited firing modes in comparison and they arent equipped with UAVs and in some cases arent even that powerful.

    Each faction was supposed to play to 1 skill, however the Phoenix seems to have all three. Invisibility comes from no lock no warning kill abiliy on vehicles and inf, Power comes from 1SK all ESF and 2SK Tank rears and Range, since it now can dumbfire off into the boonies and not fizzle out at 300m, and using the m1,m2,e dumbfire trick it doesnt even have to be ADS to fire.

    With the next updates its ALSO getting a night vision buff to the camera making even easier to spot your hidden sunderer. This is supposed to be to obscure infantry a bit more, we'll see if it makes any difference, I doubt it. Just will light up all vehicles for them too.

    Starting to think the Phoenix needs one last buff, you know, one of those big red WIN buttons on them and call it good.
  11. Marked4Death

    The NC can never be nerfed, you know this OP.
    NC nerfs are really buffs, things like "flies a little bit slower - so it's now far more easy to fly around corners"

    It's not only the clear faction bias, it's also the fact that may higher BR players have moved to NC because of their OPness, so the crying is twice as much if they were to ever take a nerf.
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  12. Shaolungbao

    that's even more embarrassing.
  13. Pat Cleburne

    Been playing tonight on Mattherson Esamir. Pulling tanks is completely pointless as NC platoons are spamming the hell out of phoenix rockets. You can't even get close to a point without being hit by 5000 rockets.

    BF4 is looking better every day.
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  14. St0mpy

    Which is why im making this game about VS vs TR, if im in a platoon or on my own and find myself engaging NC forces im simply leaving the area before they can start to farm me like this.

    All I want is a fair fight and the UAV part is a deal breaker. How the hell is MLG ever going to sanction such an unbalanced weapon? They couldnt in their right minds so why do we have to deal with it. Well, I dont now, frack the NC, and the sooner I can move my NC alt off to a different server account the better.
  15. Spartan3123

    I still think the bellow 1hk dmg to infantry is stupid and unrealistic...
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  16. Pikachu

    A 2nd thread about this?
  17. HadesR

    People don't want it used vs infantry that's fine ... Seem's people don't want it used vs tank's either .. Can we shoot tree's ?

    And I'm sure TR squad's are spamming the hell out of the striker as well .. Hence all the vehicles kills it has got
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  18. St0mpy

    Its a new day buddy, this thread is a PSA of Higbys most recent tweet from less than an hour ago. Yes, another buff, not yesterdays buff.
  19. Shubniggurath

    Couldn't they at least see how they perform against vehicles first? NC have been too busy spamming the Phoenix against infantry to see how effective they are AV wise.

    SOE are hopeless at balancing. They don't do anything incrementally. I'm not interested in BF4, but when that releases it will be PS2s death nail.
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  20. St0mpy

    No ones arguing the others flat dont work, they just arent multi use, have very limited firing modes in comparison and they arent equipped with UAVs and in some cases arent even that powerful.

    Each faction was supposed to play to 1 skill, however the Phoenix seems to have all three.

    Strikers are only replacing other launchers which would have been used instead of Strikers, thus the figures are skewed without seeing how much less all the others are being used, or if its 'new' spamming as you suggest.

    Phoenix has several new abilities allowing it to kill not just vehicles but entirely new types of use disallowed to the other sides. Are we not allowed to use ours at all just to prove yours is OP? LoL thats too much to expect pal, youre on cloud cuckooland.