Phoenix must not OHK an ESF

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Tar, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. Tar

    It makes no sense for a guided weapon to kill in 1 shot. Not against infantry, and not against aircraft.

    It might be situational, it might be avoidable, but the fact remains that there's no warning and there's no skill to pull it off.

    Not to mention that no other guided or high velocity launchers (Lancer) have that ability.

    Give it the damage of the AA lockon launcher, i.e. something over a half of ESF health.
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  2. Mythicrose12

    I don't have the phoenix on my NC character but am completely fine with it one shotting an ESF.

    This can be said to any dumb fire rocket. No warning. You get hit in ESF because of luck, or the ESF is moving very slow (or hovering), or flying straight at the rocket user for an easy shot. If the phoenix blew up your Scythe, the default Striker would've done it as well without warning.
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  3. ColdCheezePizza

    It's damn near impossible to hit an ESF with the Phoenix unless they are in default launcher range and in that case the default would have killed you without warning and faster.
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  4. D-Spirith

    It is in fact very hard to hit an ESF unless the pilot hovers right above your head. And you can not "stalk" even a liberator because the missile is very slow.
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  5. McCainSmaashh

    This is how the Phoenix lost it's 1 shot kill on infantry. QQ and less effort in figuring out how to counter it or asking for better implementation to see/hear the projectile.
  6. Tar

    The default Striker, right. I see I'm talking to a pro.

    Yes, default can kill you as well, but it's dumbfire. Phoenix is not. It's maneuverability might not be great, but it's still FAR from dumbfire.
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  7. Tar

    Or maybe it should never have had the ability to OHK infantry in f the first place. Applies to all launchers by the way, if you ask me, they're supposed to be AV weapons.

    As for better implementation of this or anything else, feel free to suggest, but I'll still remain firmly against OHKs in any situation and configuration, and that's what this thread is about.
  8. Avlaen

    Except that the projectile is buggy as hell and dosent render properly or have proper hit boxes and when it does render it just goes in a straight line.....
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  9. McCainSmaashh

    Well, most dumbfire capable launchers still do. You don't see anyone crying about it though. People will move (to alter it's course, lessen impact) or take cover when someone with a dumbfire launcher is about to fire.

    If people could see/hear the rocket, they can either move out of the way or shoot it. Yes the rendering is bad ATM but higby said they are working on it.
  10. Purg

    The slightest flinch (even inadvertently) in any direction and the Phoenix will miss - if you're in a Scythe, it's even harder to hit. You would have had to have been lolpodding for an inordinate amount of time to be killed by a Phoenix or you just got unlucky and ran into one - I suppose that's possible. If I could kill you with a Phoenix, I could have done it much quicker with a Decimator. The guided part doesn't come into play when taking on ESF's. Trial one and see how futile it is.
  11. MisterBond

    Stop hovering with your ESF as you ROFLPOD things

    Fly at your target full speed, get off your missiles, fly away.

    Entirely your fault for not moving constantly while in the air. Whats next, nerf MAX bursters because they can knock off 50% of your health in 1 second if you are staying still?
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  12. Guadoc

    The only thing that the Phoenix is OP against is stupid pilots who hover and have no situational awareness, anyone else won't get hit by it (unless in the most freak of circumstances, it is nigh on impossible to hit an ESF travelling at even moderate speeds).

    I don't see why there is a problem with that.
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  13. manny0

    the Phoenix is not that great anymore, its too slow to efectively kill ESF, I understand that it would seem that being camara guided is powerful against ESF , but like the above posters said , you would be better off with a dumbfire rocket most of the time. As soon as the phoenix hype fades you will probably never die to it again.
  14. Barana

    Pretty much this. The only ESFs I've been able to hit were the ones hovering trying to farm Sundies. Only exception to that was when a Mossy literally ran into my missile.
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  15. RHINO_Mk.II

    It doesn't kill in 1 hit. If you had Fire Suppression you could easily take the hit and live.
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  16. Armchair

    ESFs are actually FASTER than phoenixes. Just keep moving and you have almost nothing to fear from the phoenix.

    The only aircraft it is good against are idiots who bring their aircraft to a complete standstill so they can spam their lolpods. I suppose phalanx AT turrets and AP cannons shouldn't one-shot ESFs either? Reflect a bit on how to become a better pilot while you're waiting for your ESF to come off cooldown.
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  17. Hosp

    If a Phoenix downs an ESF either that ESF was asking for it, or it was a fluke where the ESF flew into the intended flight path.
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  18. StormFrog

    Losing your ESF to a Phoenix is just like losing it to a dumfire launcher, it's a combination of flying poorly and the other person getting lucky.
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  19. vilehydra

    Unfortunately phalanx AV turrets don't one shot ESFs :( I really wish they did because it's difficult as hell to do so.
  20. Bill Hicks

    if you got hit by a phoenix while in you're ESF you:

    1. went to the bathroom while hovering
    2. currently suffering from a heart attack or stroke
    3. first time playing video games, ever
    4. A person named TAR
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