Phoenix = Most ridiculous weapon, ever.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by OneRedBlock, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. OneRedBlock

    Sniping infantry and tanks all day long! I love you so much, Phoenix.

    This thing is amazing. How are the Striker and Lancer?
  2. DoctorWhose

    Sniping Infantry? I cant even damage infantry with it.

    The Striker is probably the best of the bunch, the Lancer deals not enough damage for its charge time.
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  3. Doctor?

    Lancer is ****. Striker isn't as bad as many TR were complaining about... it actually makes for a decent trade from an Annihilator.

    By my own opinion the ESRL's go = Striker > Pheonix > Lancer
  4. GSZenith

    and then someone moved :(
  5. DragonV2

    love how above this thread there is a "pheonix is ****" thread :p

    guess folks are divided on this one
  6. Poacher

    Even in PS1 the Phoenix was used to snipe soldiers using cover. Line of sight not needed. It got so bad the damage to infantry had to be reduced. And that AMS behind the big rock or over the longer safe as a myriad of NC damage them with 1000 cuts from afar. I hated that weapon. The NC loved it.
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  7. Lepalose

    Yup, really hated it back then because of the 'cheapness' factor.
  8. Chiss

    My missiles keep going through vehicles/players....
  9. Charlychop

    VR has no impact on those little bots i belive... have you tried it outside the VR?
  10. Chiss

    No point using it outside of VR, its useless. Back to dumbfire.
  11. Raizure

    I just got the lancer, it's decent at best. It's horribly inaccurate at range though(which you would think a sniper launcher would be good for) At about 200 meters my shots had a cone of fire larger than the broad side of a sunderer(quite literally i could hit it 1/3 shots aiming at its center). The striker seems really good actually, i flew a lib and lasted about 5 minutes with flares. Got killed by two heavies using that thing, while they were being bombed. Currently we just lost a magrider column of about 20 tanks in about 10 minutes, and we don't have any air support that can last more than a minute. So i'd say the striker is quite nice.
  12. Aegie

    Seems ridiculous that the Pheonix vanishes if the user is shot or the max controllable distance is reached- is the rocket some kind of mental projection?

    Moreover, there are tons of rockets in the game and the only one that you can shoot is the one that vanishes at 300m or if the user (who must remain stationary) is shot? Seems silly to me, IMO either all the rockets should be vulnerable to small arms or none should be.
  13. zappy

    looks like a lot of people have mixed views, I find the striker totally useless as every other faction has an annihilator and i don't see the reason getting the striker over the annihilator.

    not really impressed with the short distance of the phoenix, and it does little damage

    You can't compare the lancer to the other 2 as they have a form of lock on, i thought the damage the lancer did was good but then again to have to wait that long each time for max damage when you can shoot straight away with the default.
  14. SuBs

    The phoenix has the best reloading animation of any weapon they've put into the game, which on the one hand isn't saying much since the reloading animations in this game are AWFUL, but it's still cool to see one weapon where the reloading sounds aren't completely out of sync with the animation.

    Shame about the fact that the Phoenix, save for a few details, looks just like the other non-NS launchers. SOE is so f*cking cheap.

    Why couldn't they have built the ESRLs from the ground up instead of modifying the default ones?
  15. TerroDragon23

    only in VR
  16. Poacher

    I don't care if the reloading animation shows it coming out of my butt as long as the darned things work well.
  17. SuBs

    That's a bit worrying. The game looks and feels ropey and cheap with these half-baked animations. It's a big deal.
  18. SinerAthin

    I believe most people tried it out in VR first.
  19. Drax

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  20. Brickwalker

    The Phoenix is no doubt the winner of the 3...

    its so much more useful.You can sit inside a building all day and go vehicle/infantry hunting with the rocket during defense.