Phaseshift is "buffed" very very bad

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Diggsano, Oct 29, 2016.

  1. Diggsano

    The Phaseshift didn't receive a is literally a nerf...

    Reload animation is taken out.

    You can switch fire via the toggle key...

    One Shot with bolt Action does overheat the Phaseshift and you have to wait 5.5 seconds until you can shoot again...
  2. Irlogia

    In exchange for removing the charge requirement for the bolt action fire, the compensation is, as far as I've seen:

    Bolt action "magazine" reduced by half.
    Semi auto "magazine" reduced by one third.
    Reload time for bolt action increased by ~35%
    Bolt action recoil increased so much, you loose sight of the target altogether, so you can't tell why you missed if you did.
    Semi auto mode is the only one with scope sway now.
    Bolt action completely useless beyond 200m for anything but infiltrators (they seriously reduced the OHK range for bolt action by 15-17m it seems) Infiltrators at least seem to die to at least 300m in one shot, but i can't test any further ranges due to VR render range. (Former range was 315m)

    TL: DR, Huge nerf, to make the highly unique and versatile Phaseshift an inferior joke of a gun in all aspects in order to make it less unique and more like other snipers.
  3. Stormsinger

    Really, all the phaseshift needed (In my opinion, at least) is a close / midrange scope without sway. The ability to hold a charge for 1.5-2 seconds would be nice as well.

    For a QOL change, I wouldn't mind more firing modes...
    Firing mode 1: Exactly as it is now.
    Firing mode 2: Semi auto only, with slightly expanded magazine size (subsequent hits without going into cooldown)
    Firing mode 3: Bolt Action only, but with a slight firing delay on trigger pull, similar to the railjack.

    Alternately, integrated suppression in semi auto mode would be nice, with BA shots still emitting full-volume without the suppressor attachment.
  4. EmeraldShadow

    I think Wrel gets off on destroying the entire vanu arsenal.
  5. ISKNausicaa

    im guessing its been updated since that time, in short its a bloody good weapon right now

    6 shots in semi before, 2 shots in bolt action mode before cooldown

    semi mode: the recoil is much lower than it used to be and with the charge lag gone semi mode is has a much faster fire rate than it used to:

    headshot in bolt action mode = 240m with silencer on, 259m without

    2 body shot kill 142 m wo silencer, refire time is about a second, large recoil

    in essence its now a combination of the spectre and t1 bolt action rolled into one but with heat ammo and no bullet drop

    its a really nice versatile weapon, love it :)
  6. Pikachu

    He is a vanu player.
  7. zaspacer

    Spectre has no bullet drop.
  8. Daigons

    All that I ever wanted was access to a 4x scope and now the Devs gives us this steaming pile. They can at least throw in a targeting computer.
  9. BartasRS

    While I agree that it could use at least 6x scope it is far from being a steaming pile of whatever. It is actually a very good weapon (on PTS). It may lack tha ability to OHS at extreme ranges but up to 250m it may be considered OP be some people.

    Large recoil in bolt action mode nicely balances its OPness with no bullet drop, unlimited ammo and no tracers. Add to it that silencer now works with bolt action mode and you have perfect vehicle terminal ganking weapon. I imagine myself in Hossin (yeah I know, everybody hates it), sitting in nice sniping spot and sniping people. Semi-auto mode works wayyy better on PTS, you can easily accurately shoot 2 rounds in very quick succession, feels almost like good semi-auto scout rifle.

    All in all, I would love to give it a try on live servers.